Chapter 91—Wang Jing

    When Lu Chen first saw Wang Jing, his feeling was…

    This kid is so handsome!

    Then he immediately realized that one's own had an oolong, the other is not a boy, but a girl.

    A handsome girl.

    At a height of about 1.75 meters, a pair of straight, straight legs are wrapped in aqua blue thin jeans. The upper part is covered with a homemade silk-printed cotton T-shirt. Her hair is cut very short, so it looks very clean.

    The girl is very beautiful, whether it is the eyes, nose or lips, chin is in line with the usual aesthetic standards, but she is not the kind of glamorous or gorgeous, there is a kind of heroic language that is difficult to express in words.

    The most impressive impression of Lu Chen is her eyes, bright and bright as a morning star.

    "This is my daughter Wang Jing…"

    Wang Changsheng introduced to both parties: "This is the new customer of our studio, Mr. Lu Chen."

    "Hello there!"

    Wang Jing laid down his hand to Lu Chen in a generous manner: "Welcome to Nirvana studio."

    Lu Chen shook her with her: "Hello."

    After re-settling, Lu Chen handed the previously printed score to the other party and asked: "I want to ask your studio to help me complete the arrangement and accompaniment recording of this song. Can I do it in two days?"

    Wang Jing frowned and took the paper and looked up.

    She looked very seriously and sang softly according to the score, and the tone of the sing was very accurate.

    The frowning brows gradually spread out, and her face was amazed.

    After a moment, the handsome girl looked up and asked, "Mr. Lu, is this song written by you one's own?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    The songwriter above the score is labeled with his name.

    Wang Jing asked in confusion: "This song is very well written. Why are you looking for me to arrange music?"

    "Wang Jing!"

    Lu Chen had not answered yet. Wang Changsheng gave her a sigh of relief and said: "Mr. Lu asked if you can finish the two-day time? What do you ask about unrelated questions? ”

    Wang Changsheng knows her daughter's temper too much, for fear that she will scare Lu Chen, a customer who is hard to find.

    Wang Jing licked her lips. She did not refute one's own father, but her silence and her stubborn expression on her face made the atmosphere in Xiaoxiao's reception room a bit embarrassing.

    Lu Chen coughed and wanted to explain two sentences. Wang Jing suddenly said: "Two days are too fast, I can't guarantee to make the best quality, can you give more time for a few days?"

    Lu Chen said: "Things are like this. On the 10th, I want to participate in the Beijing Satellite TV draft program, because the accompaniment of the song has to be sent in advance, so time can no longer be delayed, but I do not ask for the best quality."

    "Singing China?"

    Wang Jing’s brow wrinkled again: “Since it’s such an important thing, why not come a few days earlier?”

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    He finally understood why Wang Changsheng had to rush to the Delong Building to pull the business. Wang Jing’s temper is too easy to offend the customer. Where can the studio business be better?

    Lu Chen is not pissed off, and many powerful people tend to be different in character from ordinary people.

    Jingyin graduates should be trustworthy.

    But her old prince Wang Changsheng is about to cry: "Wang Jing…"

    Wang Jing began to look up and said: "Two days can be, but the production fee costs 20,000 yuan!"

    20,000 pieces?

    Lu Chen’s look has become weird – Miss, I’m a good talker, you can’t take me as a big head!

    A song of 20,000 yuan is just a arranger and accompaniment. Why should he go to Nirvana studio to make it?

    Lu Chen could not help but look at Wang Changsheng sitting on the side.

    At this time, Wang Changsheng was finally the emotional intelligence of a qualified studio manager. He calmly said to Wang Jing: "You go to work, the production cost, I will talk to Mr. Lu."

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||The latter is obviously not reconciled, but Wang Changsheng’s gaze in her eyes made her silent, or she took the score,

Wang Changsheng finally sighed, and then I was embarrassed to say to Lu Chen. “Mr. Lu, my daughter’s temper is not very good, please don’t mind, but her ability you can rest assured that this song we work overtime in the studio will also help you!”|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    "As for the price, how about watching 10,000?"

    He took the initiative to cut the price to half, obviously it is very hopeful to win the Lu Chen business.

    Although Lu Chen knows that one's own insists on persisting, maybe he can cut down thousands of dollars, but after all, this is an expedited business, the price is high, and it is too bad to be made.

    After thinking about it, he said: "One thousand can, if this song can satisfy me, then my first album can also be handed over to your studio."

    "Okay good!"

    Wang Changsheng suddenly rejoiced: "I also hope that you can cooperate with Mr. Lu for a long time!"

    Making a complete album is different from making a single single, the former is more demanding.

    So for any Music studio, making an album is a challenge and a chance.

    If the album sells well, it is easy to be famous in the industry, and the business will naturally come.

    Since the establishment of Nirvana Studio, no real album has been produced yet.

    Therefore, Wang Changsheng became more and more determined to firmly grasp Lu Chen, the customer. He said sincerely: "Mr. Lu, since you are here, let’s take a look at the studio of our studio. I will invite you to dinner at night. !"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The studio needs to see, eat or talk later."

    Under the leadership of the other party, he came to the recording studio of Nirvana studio.

    This recording studio accounts for more than half of the entire studio area. The condenser microphones, microphone amplifiers, monitor speakers, vocal effects, mixers, VOD karaoke machines, etc. are basically complete, and they are quite professional. .

    The interior is very clean and tidy. The installation and arrangement of pipelines, air conditioners, sound insulation walls and soundproof doors are all in place. Although the space inside is not very large, it gives people a feeling of not being cramped, which is in stark contrast with the outside office area.

    Wang Hui, the son of Wang Changsheng, who is in charge of the recording studio, is a handsome young man with glasses. His sister's appearance is similar to that of his sixty-seven points. He has few words but talks about the head of the recording.

    Wang Changsheng is very proud of the son of one's own. He invites him diligently: "Mr. Lu, do you want Xiaohui to help you record your first song?" Don't want money! ”

    Lu Chen suddenly came to the interest and asked: "Do you have a guitar here?"

    Nirvana studio not only has a guitar, but also a small nirvana band.

    Following the guitar came four members including Wang Jing, and the other three were young people in their twenties. They stood in the control room and watched Lu Chen's singing through a vacuum glass window.

    Lu Chen was the first time in the studio to work in the studio, but in the dream world, Xu Bo is a frequent visitor to the studio.

    However, most of Xu Bo's recordings in the studio are other people's songs. In order to make a living, he often accompanies others, sings and even sings harmonies. There is no album that really belongs to one's own.

    When the memory rises, Lu Chen holds the guitar and closes his eyes in the face of the microphone. He has not opened it for a long time.

    In the outside control room, a long-haired young man sneered softly: "Cute, not filming…"

    The man wearing a black T-shirt next to him said seriously: "You don't understand, this is the brewing mood."

    The young man, who is between the two, shook his shoulders, and he couldn’t help himself.

    And Wang Jing did not speak with her arms, her eyes stared at Lu Chen, a slight smile on her lips.

    Fortunately, Wang Changsheng just went out, otherwise he would really be mad at the lives of several of them.

    Wang Hui frowned, and he stopped talking.

    Several band members still know how to measure, no jokes, and they all put up a smile.

    As for the thoughts in my heart, then only they are one's own clear.

    In the recording room, Lu Chen certainly couldn't hear the conversation outside. He felt that his mood had been adjusted to the best condition. He opened his eyes and nodded at Wang Hui, indicating that he could start.

    Wang Hui immediately pressed the button and gave Lu Chen a thumbs up – keep it up!

    Lu Chen plucked the strings, moving clouds and flowing water to play the prelude of high-spirited upwards.

    The song he wants to sing is exactly "You Once!"


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