Chapter 93—People’s Life

    On July 10th, at 6:10pm, the Beijing Satellite TV studio hall was backstage.

    In another hour and 20 minutes, Beijing Satellite TV's first entertainment-like reality show, "Singing China," will be live live broadcast in the large-scale studio.

    Beijing Satellite TV is the first TV station of Domestic, so it has a wide range of good influence in both Domestic and Asia. Based on the huge advantages of the local TV station in the capital, its comprehensive strength has always been at the forefront of major TVs. .

    However, in the past five years, with the increasing popularity of the variety entertainment program, local satellite TVs such as Shonan Satellite TV, East China Sea TV, and Jiangning Satellite TV have risen rapidly, taking up a large market share, and also seriously reducing the living space of Beijing Satellite TV.

    In particular, Shonan Satellite TV, which is known for its expertise in making Variety Programs, has been a great success since 2008, when Shonan Satellite TV launched the "Super Girl", "Super Boy" and "The New Idol". A number of well-known idols, Celebrity, have been launched, and Viewership Ratings is the first of all TV stations!

    The most difficult thing for Beijing Satellite TV to hang on is that all the programs of Shonan Satellite TV will set up a sub-division in Beijing. Every time the sea elections are gathered together, the scenes are so busy, the real scenery is at its peak.

    The home site has become a competitive opponent, and it is a face-smacking for Beijing Satellite TV!

    What makes Beijing Satellite TV even more annoying is that the latecomers such as the East China Sea TV, Jiangning Satellite TV, and so on are also learning and learning. They all use the capital of this Feng Shui treasure as fat, and they all eat their mouths full of oil.

    Under such a situation, the highly proud Beijing Satellite TV finally couldn't stand the decline of Viewership Ratings, and after six months of planning and preparation, it launched its own talent program, "Singing China" for the first time!

    The ambitious Beijing Satellite TV even hit the downfall with Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer."

    For this program, Beijing Satellite TV is also a bloody one. Not only has the studio been remodeled, but the back office has been expanded. It is much more spacious and comfortable than enough to accommodate hundreds of players and staff.

    The only players who participated in the first qualifying round of the Beijing Division this evening, only 35, plus the members of the on-site help group, are also about a hundred individuals.

    Lu Chen is one of the 35 players in the first qualifying round, and is still one of the few players who have no friends or relatives.

    He is not without friends in Beijing, but Li Feiyu wants to help him live broadcast this game on the Internet, while Na Jie and Qin Hanyang are busy because of the recent hot band, they have not performed in the forget-free grass bar. So Lu Chen did not bother them.

    As for most of the other people, it is not very suitable, such as the leaves. Although they have a good relationship with each other, they have not established a true relationship. They can’t be brought to the scene and appear in front of the people of the whole country.

    Lu Chen simply took a guitar and killed it alone.

    Relatively speaking, in the 35 players, Lu Chen's mentality is the most relaxed and peaceful. While resting on the bench, he waited for the other people.

    Sitting on the right side of Lu Chen is a middle-aged man with a beard and a slap in the face, messy hair, personalized T-shirts and worn jeans, a typical street Singer dress, holding a guitar and bowing his head.

    In front of him is a band combination, five members are very young, energetic and energetic, they talk and laugh and encourage each other, and the expression is full of expectations for participating in the draft competition.

    I'm free In the past row, the TV station staff and cameraman are interviewing a player.

    All contestants must pre-record a short video called the VCR. The content of the video mainly introduces one's own situation. When it is officially broadcast, the guide will select a few segments to be inserted in the live broadcast.

    Said to be live broadcast, in fact, not real-time delivery, recording and broadcast time difference of about 1 hour.

    The advantage of this is that it is convenient to control the program content and process the editing. It is not easy to have a broadcast accident. It is now very fast. The previous draft program is often completed a few days or even a week in advance, and then dare to play on the TV station. Known as live live broadcast.

    It’s a monkey!

    Although the production effect of recording in advance a few days is the best, but the majority of TV viewers are not fools, they want to see more realistic and more direct draft contest content, more and more disgusted with programmatic, routine programming The formal process has led to dramatic changes in the layout of the live broadcast of the draft.

    In the previous qualifiers and rematches, the hour is advanced, and the knockout and finals will be up to 30 minutes.

    Even real live broadcasts are available!

    Of course, this is a big test for any TV station. Without a strong enough strength and a good enough behind-the-scenes team, it is impossible to play this live reality draft program.

    The on-site VCR belonging to Lu Chen has just been recorded and it took a few minutes.

    It was a very simple thing, but the handsome man with eyes was very nervous when facing the scene and the microphone. The stuttering words were not satisfactory, and the friends and relatives next to him looked worried.

    However, compared to another female player sitting four or five meters away from Lu Chen’s left side, he is still quite good. The 18-year-old girl was so nervous that she cried out, and did not dare to cry out, just bowed her head. Sobbing.

    There are also two bosom friend friends around her, but they obviously don't know how to comfort their speech. Persuasion encourages them to have no effect for a long time, and it is a bit helpless.

    Seen by other players nearby, most of them feel funny, and even show the color of ridicule.

    The psychological quality is so bad, how dare you go to stage performance?

    Lu Chen heard a lot of words from them. I finally understood that the female player was probably very bad luck. Today’s important day is not going well. The result is a serious impact on the mood, and the VCR is recorded in front. The performance is not very good.

    All kinds of emotions have accumulated, so they have collapsed without going to stage.

    In addition to increasing the fun of Program, the role of the family and friends is mainly to support and encourage players on the spot.

    However, these two teammates are really unqualified!

    After thinking about it, Lu Chen stood up and walked over and walked over to the other side.

    He took a bottle of mint gum from his pocket and handed it to the crying girl. He said, "Don't be too nervous, come with a chewing gum. It will be better to chew both."

    The girl and her companions raised their heads in surprise.

    Lu Chen smiled slightly and reached out to open the bottle cap and said, "Try it!"

    Some scientific studies have shown that the sincere and friendly smile of handsome guys or beautiful women can often resolve people's nervous, fearful, anxious and restless emotions. It is equivalent to the milk and animal husbandry blessing BUFF, which effectively stimulates the secretion of dopamine and hormones!

    Although the above content is purely Hu Wei, Lu Chen's handsome warm smile did let the girl player relax. She was embarrassed to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, and the shy blush appeared on her pretty face.

    The girl hesitated for a moment, or raised a small white hand and said: "Thank you…"

    Her Voice is very light and sweet, and it sounds like a toffee that has just melted, and it is stunned in her mouth.

    Lu Chen poured a chewing gum in her palm.

    This is the privilege of being a handsome guy. If Lu Chen is a wretched fat man or a thin otaku, there is no expectation that there will be any candy that the girl is willing to ask for.

    Lu Chen asked her companion: "Which university are you from?"

    So young and young, and no relatives to accompany them, there are nine out of ten students who are studying in Beijing.

    The other party replied enthusiastically: "We are all foreign language schools, come with the small early to participate in the competition, handsome guys are you also players? Where did you study? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am also a player. I just graduated from Jianghai University this year."

    "It turned out to be the graduate of the school!"

    When the other person's eyes lit up, he immediately pushed the girl around him: "Xiaochu, ask the seniors to get a contact, maybe you both can reach the finals!"

    In fact, she is one's own and wants to be very embarrassed to say it directly.

    Lu Chen smiled and exchanged the flight signals with the three of them and added each other as friends.

    He also knew the name of the shy girl.

    Mu Xiaochu.


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    Note: Due to the circumstances of the plot, the process of the draft competition is a homemade setting, please do not compare reality.

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