Chapter 29 Invitation

    "what? What are you doing? ”

    At this time, the back door was pushed open, and Chen Jianhao strode in.

    When I saw the room, the owner of the Forgetting Grass Bar was very surprised. I didn't understand what happened. I don't know why Na is holding Lu Chen crying!


    Ms. Na opened her morning, and her face was crying and laughing. She walked over and said to Chen Jianhao: "Xiaolu wrote a song for me. Can you look at it?"

    Chen Jianhao took the paper handed by Najie in amazement and looked at the music printed on it very seriously.

    He saw a full 5 minutes of time, his look changed, his dignity, his movements, his admiration, his feelings…

    After reading it, Chen Jianhao was silent.

    "Boss, how are you saying?"

    Sister Na asked uneasily, she was like a primary school student waiting for Teacher to ask questions, rather than an old Jiang Hu who had been in the Singer circle for more than 20 years, eager to praise and fear criticism.

    "Good song!"

    Chen Jianhao replied in a deep voice: "It is a really good song. I just can't believe it. This song is actually written by Xiao Lu, it is suitable for you!"

    Chen Jianhao was originally a circle insider. To talk about the literacy of Music, he wants to surpass Na's, so he can read the connotation of this song from a higher level.

    So he really can hardly believe that this song actually came from Lu Chen’s hand.

    Na sister reached out and wiped her tears from her face and smiled. "Yes, I just sang a bit and cried."

    Among the people present, including Chen Jianhao, she was not older, but she did not feel a little embarrassed.

    Her heart is only excited and moved.

    "This song must be done well!"

    Chen Jianhao did not continue to entangle the problem of Lu Chen. He shook his hand in the score and said: "As the title song of an album record, it is enough. As long as it works well, there is a potential for red!"

    Album? The title song?

    Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshuai were both stunned and wondered if one's own was wrong.

    They now know that the reason why Na sister is excited is that Lu Chen wrote her the first good song, but how good this song is, Chen Jianhao gave the answer on the spot!

    Any single Singer, unless it is without the slightest initiative, will regard an album as one of the most important goals in life, even if it is not enough money to make a record.

    An album, a record, represents Singer's qualifications and identity, and forced!

    Na sister smiled bitterly: "I don't dare to think about the album record. I can satisfy the first single, no regrets!"

    Now that Singer wants to make a record, most of them are losing money. In addition to those popular singers and idols, ordinary Singer really dare not expect.

    In contrast, it is much easier to get the first single, and it is also very popular in the circle.

    Chen Jianhao did not object: "Single is also good, need help to just say, I still have a relationship to use."

    Sister Na is grateful: "Thank you boss!"

    Chen Jianhao has always appreciated her and she is also very caring for her, and Chen Jianhao has a wide network of contacts. He has helped him to get the first single, which is not a problem at all.

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "You should thank Xiao Lu, his song is really written…Absolutely! ”

    Na sister nodded: "That is for sure!"

    She thought about it, took the action machine, and lit the screen quickly.

    After a while, Lu Chen’s pocket rang the sound of the cell phone receiving the text message.

    Lu Chen stunned, and quickly took one's own cell phone out. It turned out to be a text message sent by Yi Fubao, reminding him that his account had changed, and he was just transferred to 30,000 yuan.

    Needless to say, these 30,000 pieces are 100% given by Na!

    Easy PayPal transfer is very convenient, as long as you know the other party's cell phone number can be transferred, and real-time account.

    Lu Chen was shocked: "Ner sister, 30,000 is too much!"

    He gave this song to Na, in order to repay the other's care, and because this song is really suitable for her.

    As for the cost of writing songs, Lu Chen did not think about it.

    Ms. Na’s thoughts are completely different: “Small land, I’m giving you 30,000 less, and adding a zero is also worth it, but I don’t have that much money now, I will replenish you in the future!”

    She is very aware of the true value of a good song. Since the popular music in the 1980s and 1990s, many Singers have relied on a classic work to go through the rivers and north and north, eating old books and eating them, and the songs cost hundreds of thousands. It is considered to be small.

    Of course, the real money to buy songs is not the case, whether a song can be red, there are many other factors, especially in the current Internet age, fame often requires a lot of hype and behind-the-scenes push.

    Even so, Na sister still feels one's own to 30,000, still greatly ill to Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen couldn't help but scratch his head and said, "Mr. Na, you said so, I am embarrassed!"


    Ye Zhenyang and others are secretly concealed in their hearts, and at the same time they are envious and hateful to Lu Chen.

    Writing a song is 30,000. If you write a ten heads and eight outs, can you sell hundreds of thousands? When Lu Chen became so capable, one's own wrote one's own and sang, and can write songs to others!

    Li Hong’s mood is the most complicated. However, she also envied Lu Chen, and she even bought a good song, and hated one’s own why there is no such way.

    Li Hong also wants to buy songs from Lu Chen, but the price of 30,000 yuan is really too high. It is enough to invite songs to famous artists, and she really can't afford it, can't bear it!

    The income of the bar Singer is not bad, but the cost of mixing Beijing is too high, rent, living expenses, daily expenses, clothing makeup, maintenance beauty…There is not much savings left in a year.

    So she can only watch, secretly envy.

    In fact, Li Hong really wants more, even if she can come up with 30,000 yuan, Lu Chen will not sell songs to her.

    The two have no such friendship!

    "Okay, everyone is going to perform…"

    Chen Jianhao took a clap and said: "Xiaolu, come over, I have something to tell you."

    So Lu Chen followed the past, and the two chatted privately in the corner of the room.

    Chen Jianhao said in a long story: "The boss of Blue Lotus has come over, and there are a few people in the circle who may invite you to participate in the Music Night held this Saturday night."

    Lu Chen was surprised: "Invite me?"

    The Blue Lotus Bar is the largest and most powerful bar in Houhai. The opening time is very early. The boss Chang Wei is famous in the circle and is a very powerful person.

    Lu Chen once went to the Blue Lotus Bar to see that the parking lot is much larger than the forgetful grass. It is often used to hold the open-air Music night, often attracting thousands of guests or fans.

    Blue Lotus's Music Night has the tradition of inviting its peers Singer. Of course, the objects they invite are very powerful. There is no point to go to stage, it will be smashed.

    The invited Singer is also very happy to participate. In addition to the reward, the key is that there will be many entertainment media companies running over to see the fun, maybe they will be signed and signed on the road to fame!

    Lu Chen certainly knows the blue lotus Music night, but just did not expect Chang Wei to come over and invite one's own.

    Chen Jianhao said: "Yes, but you have to look at your performance. You can't come to work last night. I can't let me face this evening!"

    Although it is a joke, I can see Chen Jianhao’s solemn attitude.

    Lu Chen nodded and suddenly moved: "Boss, is this related to the Su Director?"

    He is just a small Singer in the bar. Even if he created two good songs, Chang Wei has no reason to pay so much attention. There must be other reasons.

    Lu Chen thought of Su Guangmei, who had just met at the bar, so he asked him out.


    Chen Jianhao coughed two times and said: "This Blue Lotus Music Night was sponsored by Light Rain Media. The owner of Light Rain Media has a good relationship with Chang Wei, so…"

    it is as expected!

    Lu Chen suddenly realized that he did not understand why Su Xiaomei had to stare at one's own and not let the thief not die?

    Chen Jianhao patted his shoulder and said: "You don't have to think too much, just good performance, this is also a good opportunity. As for other things, you just insist on one's own idea, others can barely force you."

    Lu Chen’s face showed a smile: “I understand, thank you boss.”

    Now, he really doesn't care too much!

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