Chapter 22—Whale TV

    Deep Sea City, 15th Floor, Building B3, High-tech Park, Whale Technology Company Headquarters.

    Whale Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a localized network technology company, mainly engaged in online games, video, animation and other projects. In June 2012, it officially launched [Whale TV] and became the first batch of domestic live broadcast. One of the platforms.

    At that time, the live broadcast of the network was still in a state of pioneering. With the strong support of whale technology, [Whale TV] developed extremely rapidly, especially in the main game live broadcast, through the three hotspots of CKG, Hero City State and Planet Overlord. Game, quickly occupied more than 70% of the market share, and cultivated a large number of excellent anchors.

    The cake with the live broadcast of the network has grown bigger and bigger, and more predators in the industry have been eyeing this fat. [Whale TV] has encountered fierce competition. Many popular anchors have been dug up with high salaries, and the popularity has been declining. .

    Under such a situation, the [Whale TV] executives still hold the game live broadcast, ignoring the importance of the entertainment and lifestyle live broadcast program, resulting in a continued decline in market share, even dubbed as [salted fish TV].

    [Whale TV] Of course, I don’t want to be really regarded as a salted fish, so the high-level painful thoughts, replaced a group of inferior middle- and lower-level managers, and worked hard to compete with [Starlight Show] and [sky live broadcast]. Grabbing resources, finally managed to hold back the tide.

    [Whale TV] accounts for more than 65% of Whale Technology's business, so the website Branch Office and its headquarters are all on the same floor, with more than 100 employees.

    Although the evening is approaching the afternoon time, dozens of employees in the Operations Management Department are still busy in front of the computer, and no one has got up and activities to drink bones or drink some water. The atmosphere is tense and orderly.


    Suddenly a woman in a white professional dress jumped on one's own seat. She raised her clenched fist and waved her hand. She was very excited and excited.

    The young colleague next to me noticed and curiously asked: "Sister Shanshan, what good things have you encountered?"

    The OL named Shanshan replied with a smile: "I have dug a new anchor with great potential!"

    Her Voice was very loud, and more colleagues around me heard it and asked them.

    “Congratulations Shanshan!”

    "Which digging? what's your name? ”

    “Is there really a red potential? Nowadays, many newcomers have a lot of water, don't just look at the surface data! ”

    "what type is it? Game ? Singing? Life show? ”

    "Shan Shan treats you!"

    Shanshan smiled and said: "There is no problem, please report to the supervisor first, and then sign the contract and tell you!"

    She ran to the innermost part of the Transportation Management Department in three steps and in two steps.

    It was the office of Wu Hongming, the head of the operation of [Whale TV]. When Shanshan rushed in like a whirlwind, the super-tube BOSS was still burying his head to check the work report.


    Shanshan exclaimed with excitement, and Wu Hongming had to put down the documents in his hand. He reluctantly pinched his brow and sank his face and shouted: "Wu Shanshan, how old are you, how are you still like children?" Fury! ”

    Wu Shanshan surnamed Wu, he is also surnamed Wu, the two have a relative relationship, because of this, Wu Hongming's request for Wu Shanshan is more strict, so as not to be said to be a crony.

    Wu Shanshan University has been graduating for three years, come to [Whale TV] and soon, her lively and exhilarating personality makes Wu Hongming a headache, and often has to learn a few words.

    Basically, there is no effect, and Wu Shanshan's popularity in colleagues is very good.

    In the face of his own uncle's swearing, Wu Shanshan quickly spit out his tongue and said with a low eyebrow: "Boss, I dug a new anchor with the potential of red, and now I want to talk about the contract!"

    Relatives to relatives, public and private must be clear, so in the company, her name for Wu Hongming and other colleagues do not have any difference, are the same "boss" and "boss" shouted.

    Wu Hongming is one of the founders of [Whale TV] and a senior element of whale technology.

    "You just shouted so loudly, my ears are not!"

    The veteran said with no anger: "Is this reliable? Don't be like that last time…"

    When Wu Hongming mentioned one's own anecdote, Wu Shanshan's face could not help but red.

    Last time she also dug a new anchor, the result looked away, the other party belongs to the parallel data of the data, but fortunately Wu Hongming audited the problem strictly, and finally did not cause losses to the company.

    As a veteran live broadcast platform, [Whale TV] is faced with tremendous pressure on business, but it is still very cautious in digging people, and always maintains a lack of style.

    She tried to argue: "Boss, the anchor is really good. He was blocked by the star show because of the contract. If I am not in his fans, I am afraid I can't dig him!"

    "Starlight show? Contract issue? ”

    Wu Hongming’s brow was screwed into the word “chuan” and he said: “Show me his information.”

    It is of course a good thing to be able to dig people from the old rivals [Starlight Show], but the premise is that people are reliable. If they are unruly or greedy and short-sighted, even if they have talent, Wu Hongming does not want it.

    Wu Shanshan quickly said: "I have already stored it in the folder, you can see it when you open it."

    Wu Hongming nodded and directly accessed the shared folder in Wushanshan's computer through the LAN. This is his authority as a supervisor, and others can't.

    Wu Shanshan has long been eyeing Lu Chen, so she is quite prepared, including Lu Chen’s live broadcast attention number, popularity number, and total rewards, star fans and Fetion group. complete.

    The most important thing is still two live broadcast video recordings!

    At the beginning, Wu Hongming saw the basic information of Lu Chen and frowned again.

    Because Lu Chen's data is very small, the live broadcast is only available for two or three days, and the number of attention is rising rapidly. However, this kind of data fraud is too simple to be used.

    As for the number of popularity, rewards, and fans, Wu Hongming does not see much red potential.

    The anchor of such a pure new person will be blocked by the [Starlight Show] because of the contract problem?

    He suspects that one's own prostitute is confused again!

    In a responsible attitude, Wu Hongming clicked on a live broadcast video.

    “…I will send you a one's own original song, the name is called the same table, I hope everyone likes it! ”

    Lu Chen's Voice, instantly passed out from the computer speakers.

    Original song?

    Wu Hongming's eyes lit up and suddenly had some interest. He raised the sound of the speakers in the computer.

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday,"

"Will you still remember tomorrow, the one who loved you the most."

    “Teachers can't think of it…”

    When the melody of "You at the Same Table" was accompanied by the clear and clean voice of the morning and the sentimental voice passed through the high-quality speakers of the speaker, the entire operation management office area suddenly quieted down.

    The click sound of the mouse disappeared, the knocking sound of the keyboard disappeared, and the singing sound seemed to carry magic power, which made people involuntarily attracted, listened to the feelings, and was brought into the past years.

    The staff of the Transportation Management Department are very young, and the memories of junior high school, high school and university are still very clear, so they instinctively resonate with this song, even if it is only the first time.

    Listening to the songs, those beautiful, worthy nostalgic emotions are in my heart, so that they all forget the work.

    A song ended, silent.

    Wu Hongming closed the video.

    Wu Shanshan was anxious: "Boss, there is still behind, you continue to watch!"

    "Having this song is enough!"

    The brow of Wu Hongming’s curse stretched out and asked: “You are sure this is..Well, this Lu Fei's original work? He and the Starlight show are specifically blocked because of the terms of the contract, you know? ”

    Just an original work, may not be able to make Wu Hongming make up his mind, but Lu Chen not only plays the water is very high, but also the appearance conditions are very good, talent, talent and strength are complete, there is really great potential !

    He dared to assert that [Starlight Show] missed a new star!


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