Chapter 217 shows confession

    The charity crowdfunding project for the rescue of Meng Meng (leukemia patients) ended on the 26th.

    A total of 4.7 million+ charity funds were raised. Because of the differences in individual illnesses, it is expected that 12 leukemia patients, including Meng Meng, who are in need of help, can be rescued.

    Specific fund arrangements, management supervision, and account disclosure are all handled by Muchen Crowdfunding.

    Lu Chen has stopped asking.

    Yan Yan charity will always send representatives to find him, and has little to do with this project.

    Charity will always come to the "Dedication of Love"!

    Yanhuang Charity Club was established in 1990. The national non-profit public welfare society, which is volunteered by citizens, legal persons and other social organizations of the charity business, has more than 500 member units in Domestic.

    Compared to the Red Cross Society, Yan Huang Charity always has a better reputation in the private sector.

    The representative of the charity organization was named Xu, whose name was Xu An, and charity was always a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    This Ms. Xu An is in her 40s this year. She is very gentle and has a good speech.

    She is the representative of Yanhuang Charity, and hopes to get the non-commercial authorization of the song "Dedication of Love" from Lu Chen, for the publicity and charity of charity.

    Lu Chen did not hesitate and agreed directly.

    He never thought about making money from this song, whether it is charity or Red Cross Society, as long as you are willing to use it, you can use it without paying any fees!

    In addition to seeking the authorization of "Dedication of Love", Yan Huang also hopes that Lu Chen can participate in the shooting of a public welfare advertisement.

    This charity will be the core theme of "Dedication of Love", inviting many Celebrity to participate in and perform together, including Li Xing, Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Liu Zongxi, Xi Rong…Wait for the big-name characters.

    Plus Lu Chen, there are currently 12 confirmed!

    It is unceremonious to say that in the invitation list provided by Xu An, any one of the names and cafés must surpass Lu Chen. If he is not the original creator of "Dedication of Love," I am afraid that it will not be ranked. .

    Xu An also faintly revealed that this is also related to Lu Chen’s interview with “China Youth Daily”.

    And of course this is a good thing, or a good thing.

    Lu Chen couldn't think of the reason for one's own refusal and decided on the spot.

    According to my sister's words, the more this kind of reproduction is brushed, the better!

    However, the filming of the "Dedication of Love" publicity film is not immediately available. For the behemoths of Yanhuang Charity, the preparatory work in the early stage will inevitably take a lot of time.

    However, Lu Chen’s participation has been nailed to the board.

    Therefore, after meeting with Xu An, Lu Chen soon left this matter behind him. Anyway, when there is a natural notice, and as an independent artist, the time arrangement is very free.

    At present, Lu Chen is most concerned about the debut album "The Lover is not full" by the flying stone record MSN girl!

    In this brand new album, Lu Chen created three songs, including the main "Lover's Unhappy."

    And he is also responsible for the production, and starred in the "lovers not full" MV.

    On the last day of October, as the pre-heating of MSN's debut album, "Lover's Unhappy" MV and single started a large-scale publicity on major TV stations, radio stations and networks!

    As the first women's group launched by Fei Shi Records in recent years, the company has high hopes for MSN's album. The cost of inviting Lu Chen to write songs and producers is more than one million. On the important publicity, naturally, it will not Drop the chain.

    It is said that Fei Shi records opened the publicity budget of Gundam 5 million!

    Therefore, Lu Chen has brought a lot of pressure.

    The three works he wrote to MSN, including the main "Lover's Unsatisfied" are all outstanding works, but the market's popular trends and fans' tastes are hard to grasp accurately.

    Some songs are very good, but life and death can't get up, and some saliva songs can be popular all over the country.

    Although Lu Chen is very confident, Fei Shi records smashed tens of millions on the album of SN. Once it fails, the impact on him is actually very big.

    After all, his current work, the external price of Gundam 350,000 to 400,000, is completely top-notch.

    The top price has not achieved the desired effect, and the reputation accumulated in the front will be hit hard!

    The speed of Lu Chen’s rise is too fast. I don’t know how many people envy in the circle.

    Naturally, there are people who are wide-eyed and want to see his jokes!

    And these words are Chen Feier told Lu Chen.


Time Entering November, the autumn is getting stronger.

    After returning to Hangzhou from Hangzhou, Lu Chen met Chen Feier for the first time in a Western restaurant in Beijing.

    This restaurant is very famous and has a Michelin restaurant qualification, which is usually not available.

    But for Chen Feier, this is obviously not a problem.

    On the surface, the meeting between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is to discuss the latter's new album, but both of them understand that this is actually a real date.

    Only no one has the meaning of breaking.

    "I am reminding you, don't be forgotten!"

    Chen Feier, after eating the dessert after dinner, a Xiaoxiao cream cake, said very seriously to Lu Chen: "A lot of new people in the circle are because they are held too high, and then fell very badly. ”

    Lu Chen nodded.

    In the recent time, his limelight is really a bit big.

    First, he saved people in Hangzhou, and then engaged in charity crowdfunding. Then he was interviewed by "China Youth Daily"…

    Any new person, as long as he has one of them, will certainly be able to brush his face in front of the public.

    Lu Chen had three heads of limelight, which can be said to be both fame and fortune.

    Up to now, the number of his wave blog fans has officially exceeded the 10 million mark!

    The surge in fame has brought tangible benefits.

    The first is that [Whale TV] is negotiating with Lu Xi, and is preparing to re-sign a contract with Lu Chen.

    The cooperation between Lu Chen and [Whale TV] began half a year ago. The contract time signed by the two parties was two years. In addition to the income, there is an additional 500,000 contract money each year.

    At the time, the contract made both parties very satisfied, but now it has become out of date.

    Because this contract has been completely incompatible with Lu Chen’s fame and worth!

    It is not Lu Chen who initiated the breach of contract, but [Whale TV] feels the need to re-sign the contract.

    Lu Chen started from [Whale TV] and became famous through "Singing China". Although [Whale TV] gave him a good treatment, Lu Chen’s return to [Whale TV] was amazing.

    Not to mention the popularity of Lu Fei live broadcast, just his success experience, let [Whale TV] borrowed a lot of excellent anchor talents, the number of registered members rose.

    Although the [Whale TV] can be pretending to be dumb, waiting for Lu Chen to complete the two-year contract, but since then, the possibility of Lu Chen's renewal is almost non-existent.

    Most importantly, this contract has been blasted out, making [Whale TV] very passive.

    500,000 signing gold?

    This joke is a bit big!

    Therefore, in order to better cooperate with each other in the future, and in order to retain Lu Jin’s gold sign, [Whale TV] provided a new contract to Lu Chen studio.

    At present, Lu Xizheng is negotiating on behalf of Lu Chen and [Whale TV]. It is estimated that the signing fee is at least 3 million yuan!

    Lu Chen also intends to continue to cooperate with [Whale TV] for a period of time, but he will not give up the benefits.

    In addition to [Whale TV], there are still a lot of contracts to sign up with Lu Chen, including several famous foreign brands, and many performers and Manager Corporation come to the door to make Lu Xi busy. It’s a dizzy turn.

    As for other kinds of invitations, there are countless others.

    Entertainment Circle is a big fame and fortune. Many artists who have become famous overnight can easily fall into the whirlpool of vanity and interest, and gradually lose their heart of one's own. As a result, the scandal has frequently caused the future to be destroyed.

    Chen Feier does not want Lu Chen to be one of them.

    She deeply understands how complicated the Entertainment Circle is. Lu Chen is still an independent artist. If he is in a large entertainment manager Corporation, he does not know how many shots to face!

    For Chen Feier’s kindness reminder, Lu Chen nodded and said: “I know, Philippine sister.”

    To be honest, he has been a bit fluttering in the recent time.

    Luck's is that there are always good men and friends around him!

    At the same time as the answer, the ghost made a difference, and Lu Chen’s take action wiped off the cream left by Chen Fei’s mouth.

    Chen Feier suddenly stunned, and the face suddenly appeared red, and the beauty of the moment could not be square!

    She did not think that Lu Chen was so bold.

    Lu Chen one's own did not expect.

    Just a finger stroking over the skin, the kind of soft and jade-like feeling, so that his guts increased sharply.

    Lu Chen’s hand fell down and was pressed against Chen Fei’s little hand.

    He looked at each other and his eyes were bright.

    Chen Feier first widened her eyes and immediately lowered her head in shame under the gaze of Lu Chenxi.

    After a while, she probably came back to God and raised her head again and slammed Lu Chen.

    It seems as if "you are too courageous!"

    Lu Chen was not willing to let go, bluntly said: "Philippine sister, I like you."

    He is not the first brother of love, and he does not want to continue to hide his inner feelings for Chen Feier, so he simply took the opportunity to express his confession.

    Chen Feier’s face was red again, but she was not a teenage girl after all. Instead, she sighed softly and said, “Lu Chen, do you want me to consider it?”

    She does not deny that one's own has a good impression on Lu Chen, but now she is not ready to start a sister-in-law.

    Lu Chen nodded and retracted his hand and said, "Okay."

    Chen Feier was a little guilty, and said that she was holding the hand of Lu Chen softly: "Thank you."

    Lu Chen’s hand did not retract.

    The two were speechless, but there was a pulse of warmth between them.

    The night outside the window is as soft as it is.


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