Chapter 218 is jealous

    At the back of the Houhai Lake, there are crowds of people.

    Among the crowds, Lu Chen and Chen Feier walked side by side, taking a cool evening breeze and strolling along the bank of the lake.

    Both of them have been properly dressed, especially Chen Feier is very different from the usual image, so no one can identify her by the rushing pedestrians.

    For Celebrity artists, it is not easy to walk and walk like ordinary people.

    There are a lot of couples on the shore of the lake, paired or holding hands, or sitting on the grass and benches, the air seems to have a sweet taste.

    In contrast, Lu Chen and Chen Feier, who are half a foot away, are a bit different.

    Chen Feier did not speak and seemed to be thinking about something.

    Lu Chen is looking for a topic, but he doesn't know what to say.

    After all, in the restaurant, he took the initiative to confess to the day behind him, and there is still a bit of awkwardness.

    At this time, Chen Feier suddenly stopped.

    She stood in front of an advertisement screen.

    This two-meter-wide LED advertisement screen is common in parks and commercial areas, mainly to broadcast daily life information, such as traffic, weather, etc., as well as commercial and public welfare advertisements.

    The advertisement screen, standing on the edge of the lakeside boulevard, has just switched to the screen. The colorful screen shows the pictures of three beautiful girls. They wear white school uniforms and convert each other to show a sweet smile to everyone.

    In the middle of the picture, use the oil brush to outline the eye-catching title – MSN.The lover is not full!

    This is the first MV of the MSN girl, the female group of Fei Shi Records. It is also the publicity promotion film of the debut album. From the day before yesterday, she first landed in various media in Beijing and launched a huge warm-up activity.

    Their songs fluttered from the speakers hidden in the pillars of the advertisement screen and were introduced into people's ears!

    "Why can you only talk to you all night, why do you want to meet again after you say goodbye, and in your friends, you count the most special, always make me feel very close."

    "Why do you care who is accompanying me to go shopping, why do you worry about who is discharging me? You say that you are more to me than others, but not to say how much."

    "You are above the AUO, the lover is not full, sweet and upset, happy and chaotic, how will we become in the future…

    "I can't wait to know the answer~"

The effects of the speakers attached to the advertisement screen are very common, and they can be heard in the jargon.

    But the beautiful melody, the sweetness with a little sad song, coupled with the exquisite and beautiful picture, let many passing pedestrians stop like Chen Feier, listen to and watch the MV of "Lover's Unsatisfied".

    In the picture, three girls studied, lived, ran, and frolic on campus, and then Mu Xiaochu, the heroine, ran into Lu Chen, who was a senior, and then a beautiful and pure love began.

    MV's Director Fang Hui's processing of the picture is exquisite, and the scenes that are constantly switching make people seem to return to the youth campus. She has the subtle feelings between the hero and the hero to be just right.

    Especially the heroine's pursuit of good love and embarrassment, people feel uneasy.

    Lu Chen is okay, as the leading actor, he has seen it several times.

    But Chen Feier is obsessed.

    I don't know how, Lu Chen, standing next to Chen Fei'er, seems to feel the instigation of the heart.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but stretch the take action and took her hand.

    Chen Feier's hand is a bit cold, like a spring-like finger flesh even and delicate as jade.

    When Lu Chen took it, her hand could not help but tremble, but did not struggle.

    The two watched the video together.

    The scene ending with the MV is the scene that Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu are deeply gazing at.

    Mu Xiaochu's pure and lovely, Lu Chen's English is very handsome, completely unfolded in this scene!

    Chen Feier blinked and said, "Let's go…"

    The two continued on, but the hand they held did not let go.

    Walking and walking, Chen Feier suddenly asked: "This MV is a good shoot. Do you have frequent contact with Xiaochu?"

    She turned to look at Lu Chen, and the crystal light was shining in the eyelids buried behind the glasses, as if it were bright stars!

    Lu Chen said: "Few, I am her sister."

    Chen Feier bit his lip and said, "Do you know? In fact, I am 28 years old this year. In order to be able to debut in advance, the manager helped me to change my household registration and reported it to two years old. ”

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"


    Chen Feier was ashamed: "I knew I wouldn't tell you, I don't know a few people!"

    She tried hard to break the hand of Lu Chen.

    "Philippine sister, I am wrong!"

    Lu Chen quickly grasped the prison and stopped to gaze at her and said: "Actually, I think that age is not a problem. Whether you are 30 or 28, I like you the same!"

    Lu Chen’s eyes are gentle and sincere.

    He knows that Chen Feier has a heart on the issue of age. After all, there is a gap between the two.

    But he's one's own never thought that age would be a problem.

    And Lu Chen also knows that Chen Feier never bothered to talk about the age of one's own. She took the initiative to tell him this secret, which is undoubtedly trust, and…

    Now it’s hard to break the relationship between the two sides. Lu Chen doesn’t want to let go and go back to the past!

    He really likes Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier struggled for a few times without fruit, and her face was shy and faint.

    There was a touch of softness in her eyes, and she said in her mouth: "You are quite nice, I am an old woman. Now I like it, I will regret it."

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "How can you be an old woman? Then what do I have to do, Philippine sister can you believe me? ”

    Seriously, Chen Feier does not say 30 or 28, saying that she will not be suspected when she is 22 years old.

    In the eyes of many fans, Chen Feier, who has been debuting for more than ten years, is not a jade girl!

    Lu Chen thought, Chen Feier will not eat Mu Xiaochu's vinegar, right?

    This idea made him a little bit smug, and he refused to let go.

    Narcissism + shame!

    Chen Feier gave up her struggle and seriously thought about it: "You let me go first, let's take it slowly."

    She is not a teenage girl, she will not be easily touched by sweet words, even if she touches the heartstrings, she still insists on not completely opening one's own heart.

    Lu Chen said: "Well then…"

    He reluctantly let go of Chen Fei's hand as if it were a child who lost his beloved toy.

    Of course, the ingredients of the intentionally performed are a bit heavy.

    Chen Feier couldn't help but smile and reached out and grabbed Lu Chen's arm: "Let's go."

    Lu Chen asked: "Where are we going?"

    Chen Feier stunned her head and said: "Is it close to the pedestrian street? Let's go forget the grass. ”

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    Chen Feier glanced at him: "Can't you?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course there is no problem, I invite you to drink Burning, that is David's signature."

    Chen Feier nodded and said: "If there is no one else in the future, you should stop calling me a sister."

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately smiled: "Know, Mayfair."

    Chen Feier bit her lip and smiled.

    Although not directly clarified, both of them know that the relationship between them has broken through.

    I will never return to the past.

    When I came to the Forgetting Grass Bar, it was already 9 o'clock in the evening.

    Although it is not a weekend, the business of forgetting the grass is still very hot. There is basically no seat at the bottom, and even a lot of guests are in front of the bar.

    Everyone drinking and chatting, listening to the singing of Singer on the stage, is still the familiar atmosphere of Lu Chen.

    He took Chen Feier to the bar and said to David, who was busy with his feet: "David brother, give me two cups of Burning!"

    David looked at Lu Chen and suddenly groaned – this product is a bit familiar, Voice is more familiar!


    He still recognized Lu Chen soon: "Lu Chen, how come you? Hahaha! ”

    The fake foreign devil laughed and said to the guests in the bar: "Tell everyone good news, our small land boss Lu Chen is here, everyone welcomes!"

    Lu Chen has a 5% stake in the Forgetting Grass Bar, which is the last embarrassment for him and his worries.

    To talk about it, Lu Chen has not been back for a long time.

    "Lu Chen?"

    When I heard David’s cry, the old customers who were present could not help but smile. They stood up.

    "It’s been a long time!"

    "What day is it today, what is the wind?"

    "Lu Chen, we miss you very much!"

    "Sing a song, new song!"

    Lu Chen quickly turned around and waved and said: "Hello, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

    The quality of the customers in the grass is very high. Whether it is an old customer or a new guest, there is a lot of friendly greetings with Lu Chen. There is not a lot of onlookers. Only a few guests come to ask for a signature and a photo.

    He met the requirements of these guests.

    Now Lu Chen is already a Foreged Grass Bar and a Legendary character in the Houhai Circle.

    But no one knows, the woman wearing a long skirt next to Lu Chen is the real superstar big coffee!

    Only David looked at Chen Feier and cautiously asked: "Lu Chen, this beautiful lady will not be your sister?"

    The last time Lu Chen took Lu Xi for the first time to forget the grass, and David was the girlfriend of Lu Chen.

    He still remembers the lesson.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This is also my sister!"

    David couldn't help but rolled his eyes: "Excuse me, Mr. Lu Chen, how many sisters do you have?"

    He whispered with Lu Chen, and he prepared a cup of burning with great skill and sent it to Chen Feier.

    “Beautiful and charming lady, please allow me to invite you to have a cup of Burning that I personally prepared!”

    He said that he also pressed his left hand to his chest and performed an elegant gentleman's ceremony.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Thank you."

    She took a sip of the wine glass and looked at Lu Chen at the same time, smiling.

    As if to say – he can marry a woman more than you!

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.


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