Chapter 267 Supporters

    “The winner of the 2015 New Artist Award in the Chinese Music List is…”

    "Cui Zhengzhi!"

    “Congratulations Cui Zhengzhi!”

    When Liu Zongxi unveiled the mystery, [Whale TV] Lu Chen live broadcast suddenly exploded!

    Numerous fans who watched the live broadcast in front of the computer did not believe the facts just now. It felt like they were knocked out by a slap in the face, and many people were embarrassed.


    "How could it be Cui Zhengzhi? Have you made a mistake! ”

    "It’s too dark, it’s just a joke. Who is the best newcomer who is much stronger than Lu Chen?”

    "Who can tell me who is Cui Zhengzhi? Never heard of what song he sang? ”

    "Oh, Shonan Satellite TV is like this, I have already expected it."

    "I don't look at Shonan Satellite TV in the future, it's too irritating!"

    "Go, it’s boring!"

    Not only live broadcasts, but also blogs, forums, and flyers. Lu Chen’s fans are all in ridicule.

    It was widely believed that the best newcomer of the year in the list was the first Music Award that Lu Chen was most likely to get. He was optimistic that he could complete the double kill and win the best composition award.

    There are even many fans who are dissatisfied with Lu Chen’s only two nominations.

    As a result, even the most confident awards were not available!

    How can I not be angry?

    At this moment, in the Xiangjiang Grand Theatre, Cui Zhengzhi went to stage to take the crystal award from Liu Zongxi.

    It’s just that the newcomer’s look is a little bit awkward, because the reaction of the audience is a bit face-smacking, which makes this gold-plated honor eclipsed a lot.

    He held the award and said to the microphone: "Thanks to Shonan Satellite TV, thank you Xiangjiang TV…"

    A thank you word is said to be dry. Not much passion and excitement.

    The reaction of the audience was finally a bit warm, and after Cui Zhengzhi finished speaking, he also gave a lot of applause. Let him not be embarrassed to the point where he can't get off the stage.

    After all, everyone is disgusted with the practice of Shonan Satellite TV. There is not much opinion about Cui Zhengzhi himself.

    But in fact, Cui Zhengzhi knows that one's own will win this award. The Manager Corporation he signed is inextricably linked with Shonan Satellite TV. It is really a joke to say that he was kept in the dark beforehand.

    Cui Zhengzhi hurriedly left, and Xiang Fang, the host of Shonan Satellite TV, immediately announced the nomination of the next award.

    This moment of guilty, let's hurry up!

    Then the best composition, Lu Chen also lost, was picked up by the famous Music people.

    The Tiger is a top-ranking songwriter of the popular Musical World, with hundreds of songs. It covers emotions, folk songs, blues and even the main melody type. There are many classics that sing the north and south of the river and enjoy a high reputation in the circle.

    If you compare the tigers and Lu Chen alone, then Lu Chen, whether it is the number of works, the qualifications of the industry or the number of people in the circle, is certainly not comparable to the tiger.

    When the tiger took over the best composition award from the hands of Awards guest Tan Hong, he said: "I am very happy to be able to get this award here this evening, for the Chinese Music list. I am deeply honored and fearful."

    "But I feel very embarrassed again. Because in 2015 I did not create a commendable work, compared to several other candidates, it really has lost this love…"

    The Xiangjiang Grand Theatre, which can accommodate 2,000 spectators, has become very quiet. Everyone is quietly listening to the sincerity of this white-haired middle-aged man.

    “I have been working on Music for more than 20 years. I have won all the awards, and there are also some honors, so I hope these seniors in our industry. Can use more Strength for support and encouragement to newcomers. Because they are the hope of the original Chinese Music! ”

    "I have so much to say, thank you again. Thank you Shonan Satellite TV and Xiangjiang Satellite TV! ”

    After that, the tiger is deeply embarrassed to everyone.

    His voice just fell, the audience applauded, and many people even stood up and applauded.

    Among them is Lu Xi.

    Lu Xi was the representative of Lu Chen to participate in this Awards party. For such a result, she did not have any surprises, because it was expected that there would be no illusions about the Shunnan Satellite TV's festival.

    However, Lu Xi did not think that there are so many people in this circle who are willing to support Lu Chen.

    Although their support is very subtle, it is necessary to know that Lu Chen debuted only for more than half a year. The network in the circle is still in the initial stage of construction, and many people do not even know it.

    For example, the tiger.

    Anyone can hear that the tiger is implicitly expressing dissatisfaction with Shonan Satellite TV, dissatisfied with the latter’s deliberate suppression of newcomers such as Lu Chen.

    His criticism is not fierce, not a slam-like attack, just like Strength!

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||u Chen’s selection of the best composer is “You at the same table”, but in the circle, it is generally believed that Lu Chen’s best work is “In the Spring” or “I Love You China”, the two works are very sung High, classic,

Even if it is “You at the same table”, the first award-winning work “The Pencil Roll” of Xiaohu is also dwarfed. One tiger’s own does not deny this, it is not right. I am really happy to the awards.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    Strictly speaking, Shonan Satellite TV has the suspicion of taking him as a gun.

    Hey Tiger really does not care about the best composition award in the district. He has not seen Lu Chen, but he appreciates the latter.

    After the best composition, it is the best album of the heavyweight, the most popular Singer, the best men and women Singer and so on.

    However, the awards have been issued, but the feeling is like the end of the climax, even if the four hosts try to adjust the atmosphere, it is still tepid.

    That night, Chen Feier won the most popular female Singer Award, she went to the stage and said two sentences.

    In the [Chinese Music List] in 2015, the second day of the awards ceremony, many media entertainment editions were published on the winners and reviews. Among them, the doubts about Lu Chen’s selection of the best newcomers were the biggest.

    On the Internet, such a voice has been magnified at least 10 times. Many Lu Chen fans ran to Shonan Satellite TV's blogger V and Post Bar Forum, and they sneered at the latter's sneer. The result was triggered by the Shonan Satellite TV troll army. Slobber.

    On the Inspur blog, some people ridiculed that Shonan Satellite TV was lifting a stone and smashing one's own foot. It was too ugly to eat.

    Lu Chen, as the center of public opinion, remained calm. He regretted that one's own lost two awards. He did not comment on the practice of Shonan Satellite TV, and many people who wanted to watch the fun were disappointed.

    Because Lu Chen does not need to care about the [Chinese Music List], he has already received the invitation letter of the [Asia Chinese Gold Song List] and was nominated for four awards!


I wish you all 520 happy. (To be continued~^~)

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