The 275th chapter borrows money

    The pace of time was in a hurry, and it was in February 2016.

    Because February 7th is New Year's Eve, the atmosphere of the New Year is getting more and more intense. The school has already put on the winter vacation. Enterprises, institutions and companies have also entered the rhythm of the New Year, and all kinds of year-end awards have exploded.

    On February 1, Lu Chen returned to Beijing.

    The first big thing after returning to Beijing was that he invited all the colleagues in the studio to have dinner together.

    Lu Chen discussed with Lu Xi, and officially took a holiday on February 2nd. Because studio employees are not locals in Beijing, they basically have to go home for the New Year and leave early to avoid going back to the road too crowded.

    So the New Year’s Eve was placed on the 1st night at the Regent Hotel in Beijing.

    Lu Chen studio has only been half a year since its establishment. Since it mainly focuses on Lu Chen service and does not involve other businesses, the number of employees has not increased much, and the original people have been kept.

    Li Feiyu, Chen Xin, Chen Xiang, Chen Xiaomei…Two or three kittens.

    There is also Chen Jianhao, who has been holding the studio reputation of Chief Advisor.

    Although Lu Chen would like to let Na sister come over to join in the fun, unfortunately, because of her sister's pregnancy, her body is a bit problematic. She is currently living in her home, so she can only let Chen Jianhao be the representative.

    All seven people, one small box all sat down.

    Small studio will not engage in the annual meeting or Lottery activities, but before the opening, Lu Chen sent the year-end award red envelope to everyone's hands, even her sister Lu Xi also has a copy.

    Don't look at Lu Chen's studio. The scale is very small, the time of establishment is short, and the ability to absorb gold is quite strong. Just investing in the filming of "Blue Life and Death", it is estimated that finally can bring 15 million + profit.

    Therefore, the New Year red envelope prepared by Lu Chen is very thick. Let everyone smile.

    After the red envelope is finished, it is easy to eat and eat, and the small number does not affect the lively atmosphere.

    Chen Jianhao sat next to Lu Chen. After the two had done a cup, he asked: "Are you going to Shacheng tomorrow to participate in the South China Satellite TV's Music Awards Awards Ceremony?"

    Chen Jianhao does not play blogs, so the news is a bit lagging, and I don’t know Lu Chen’s plan.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't go, let my sister go to the fun."

    Chen Jianhao stunned and immediately smiled: "I am still worried that you are being pitted. Shonan Satellite TV is not a good bird!"

    He was originally a circle insider, and he was clear about this set of tricks.

    叮 铃铃~

Just laughing, Lu Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang. He took a look and was a little surprised.

    Lu Xi, who was sitting on the other side, noticed his look and asked, "What is it?"

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Nothing, I will take a call."

    The box was a bit noisy, so he went out to the outside corridor and connected the phone: "Wang Jingjie, hello."

    Calling Lu Chen to call is Wang Jing of Nirvana studio.

    Lu Chen's earliest "You at the Same Table" album is in cooperation with Nirvana Studio. The arranger score is the completion of the Jingyin graduates, and the level is quite high.

    Later, Lu Chen and Nirvana studio also cooperated several times, but the equipment and staffing of Nirvana studio was still a little worse, so he gradually transferred the business to the Fei Shi record.

    Fei Shi records compared to Nirvana studio, it is completely crushed, Lu Chen is not bad at that point of production costs.

    Therefore, he had no contact with Wang Jing for a period of time.

    However, Lu Chen has always appreciated Wang Jing's professionalism and work attitude. It is a pity that she is nesting in her own Nirvana studio. It is limited to the ability to play and improve.

    I don't know why she suddenly called one's own.

    Wang Jing’s Voice on the phone seemed a little anxious: “Lu Chen. I am so sorry to bother you, I…I have a problem here. Can you lend me some money, I will find a way to return it to you as soon as possible! ”

    Lu Chen replied without thinking: "No problem, how much do you need?"

    Lu Chen knows that Wang Jing is not a day or two. When I made the album "You at the Same Table", the two worked together in Nirvana studio for a short time. Lu Chen learned a lot from her. know how.

    Therefore, Lu Chen has a good understanding of Wang Jing's personality. The other party is a very self-respecting girl. If it is not the end of the mountain, it will not borrow money from one's own.

    Just like he is one's own.

    Therefore, Lu Chen did not hesitate to agree.

    And his refreshment is obviously out of Wang Jing’s expectation. The latter said after a moment: "Thank you…I want to ask you to borrow 100,000, no, 50,000. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Just 100,000, you gave me the account of Yi Fubao, I will transfer it to you now."

    Wang Jing said: "Thank you, thank you!"

    Her Voice is a little choked.

    Lu Chen said: "You are welcome, we are friends, and Manager Wang is also a good person. If you have any difficulties, tell me directly, can you help me for sure, who will not have trouble?"

    Lu Chen knew that the operation of Nirvana Studio was not very good. At the beginning, Wang Changsheng took out all the savings of one's own and borrowed a lot of money to purchase a full set of equipment to support the cause of one's own son and daughter, but because The industry is fiercely competitive, so it has always been barely maintained.

    In order to pull the business, he also went to other companies downstairs to wait for the rabbit, Lu Chen belongs to the rabbit that hit.

    The album "You at the same table" was sold, but it brought some business to Nirvana studio, but now Wang Jing is anxious to borrow money from Lu Chen, and it is in trouble.

    Turnover is not working, debtors are compelling debts…Waiting is possible, but Lu Chen will not ask.

    Wang Jing wants to say that he will naturally say, do not want to say why it is necessary to ask?

    After the end of the conversation with Wang Jing, Lu Chen returned to the box, and the short message followed.

    Lu Chen looked at the name of Wang Jing’s account and forwarded it to Lu Xi: “Sister, you are now transferring 100,000 yuan to this Yifubao account.”

    The funds of studio are in the hands of Lu Xi, and Lu Chen’s account is also a pocket money.

    "it is good."

    Lu Xi promised, but when she saw the account, the look was a bit weird.

    "Wang Jing, is that girl in Nirvana studio?"

    Lu Xi went to Nirvana studio once, and he met Wang Changsheng's family. Of course, he also met Wang Jing.

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    Lu Xi asked: "What happened? Why do you want to transfer money to her? ”

    Originally, Lu Xi did not intend to ask, because now Lu Chen is not the unbelievable Lord.

    But the object of seeing the transfer is Wang Jing, which makes my sister have some other ideas, so I asked two more questions.

    Lu Chen explained: "It may be a little trouble for people to ask me to borrow money."

    Lu Xi’s eyes turned: “I remember that Wang Jing is very beautiful…”

    The implication is that Lu Chen is borrowing money when he looks at other people's beautiful things. Is it old mistakes?

    Lu Chen used to appeal to girls before, although he did not do the N-boats, but when he was in the university, others criticized him a lot, which led Lu Xi to see him very disrespectful.

    In fact, those who are dissatisfied, most of them are the slander of the prostitutes.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Sister…"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Well, you don't have to explain, I am joking with you."

    She operated the cell phone to unlock the EasyPay account with her fingerprints, and quickly transferred 100,000 yuan to Wang Jing's account.

    After a few minutes, Wang Jing returned to Lu Chen: "The money has been received, thank you!"

    Lu Chen did not return.

    This matter was quickly left behind by him.

    The second day after eating the Studio New Year's Eve, on February 2, Lu Xi took Chen Xin to Shacheng.

    She is the guest representative of Lu Chen, and went to participate in the [Chinese Music List] Awards Ceremony held at the Xiangjiang Grand Theater on the night of Shonan Satellite TV!

    The Awards party started at 18:00, in front of the red carpet ceremony, and Shonan Satellite TV conducted a live broadcast.

    Since the end of the 1990s, the reform of Domestic has intensified. In the spirit of “Hundred Flowers”, the national SARFT's policy constraints on local satellite TV stations have been relaxed.

    Without the "tightening charm" worn on the head, the local satellite TV stations showed their magical powers and began to rush toward the market-oriented and commercialized roads.

    Up to now, relying on the two magic weapons of Variety Program and homemade drama, Shonan Satellite TV has always firmly occupied the throne of the local TV station. The annual advertising revenue makes the peers envy and hate, which is really rich.

    This year's [Chinese Music List] Awards is even more grand.

    The red carpet of up to 100 meters has been paved from the entrance of the Xiangjiang Grand Theatre to the intersection of the square. A high-powered lamp post has been erected around it, which will make the whole scene shine.

    The barriers were all blocked by the color spray advertisement. A large number of media reporters rushed to the scene. As for the people who came to see the lively people, they were even more crowded. The officers and men who maintained the order were all armed policemen. Even the helicopters were flying in the sky.

    At the gate of the Xiangjiang Grand Theatre, there are golden Roman-style arches. The signature wall is long. Several dozen girls holding flowers are standing there, welcoming guests from all over the country.

    Shonan Satellite TV has set such a big battle. The Celebrity lineup invited is of course very luxurious. It includes hundreds of Celebrity artists from both sides, and there are four or five big coffees.

    Shonan Satellite TV proves to the world in this way that it is still the boss of the local TV station, the overlord of the variety industry, and the indispensable existence of the Entertainment Circle!

    A brand new Mercedes-Benz drove over the already blocked road and stopped on the red carpet. One after the other, the Celebrity artist gleaved on the stage, attracting countless flashes and screams from the fans.

    "Li Xing!"Tan Hong! ""Liu Zonghan! ""Chen Feier! ""Liao Jia! "…

    A piece of fluorescent card was lifted up by people, and the familiar names were called out.

    Really starlight!


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