Chapter 231, Miss Li

    Jinhui Building, Aochuang Film and Television Production Company.

    In the office, Yu Chengyi closed the webpage opened on the browser and sighed heavily.

    What he just turned off is the page of the Inspur blog.

    What makes this Director sigh is the news that has been rumored in the blog in the past two days. That is, Chen Feier wants to shoot the drama series, and the actor who cooperates with her is Lu Chen who once passed the scandal. .

    This episode called "Blue Life and Death" has been fired without a filming. The writer is actually Lu Chen. This young man who has risen rapidly in the pop music scene has revealed his ambition to develop into a film and television circle. .

    Originally, Austrian Film and Television was able to sign him!

    Thinking of this matter, Yu Chengyi was really helpless. He carefully prepared for the second season of "Urban Love" and chose Lu Chen as an important male match for the new drama. In addition to the external strength and other factors, it is also In the latter, the latter has the popularity of young people.

    Tens of thousands of fans in Lu Chen's blog, at least a few points of Viewership Ratings.

    The result was never imagined. At the time of the audition, it was put together by the investor. The rejection of Lu Chen was replaced by the so-called new emerging artist Jiang Dongjun, who took away the role of Chen Yaoyang.

    Yan Chengyi feels that one's own face has been swollen!

    In the first season of "Urban Love", he had a little contradiction with the investors. He thought that this kind of work disagreement would not affect the cooperation between the two parties. As a result, he was still naive.

    For Jiang Dongjun, to tell the truth, Cheng Chengyi really dismissed it. Except for a mother-in-law, there is no acting skills, no strength, how can I play Chen Yaoyang, a brave and unrestrained policeman?

    I thought that one's own had to hold the nose and shoot this drama series. He really had a bit of a cold.

    As for Lu Chen’s shooting of the drama series, the guide is even more sneer.

    He knows that this is Lu Chen’s powerful counterattack against those behind Jiang Dongjun and his Jiang Dongjun.

    Don't look at Yan Chengyi's age is not small, the attention to the network is not weaker than the young people, the earlier Jiang Dongjun and Manager Corporation stepped on Lu Chen's hype in different media, he knows clearly.

    Entertainment Circle is so sinister.

    Lu Chen has been ignoring this and has remained silent and has not given them more opportunities for speculation.

    But his silence is obviously not to retreat, but to shrink his fist back.

    Then a heavy blow!

    This punch is very beautiful, directly pulling out the big coffee like Chen Feier, the publicity effect is hundreds of times stronger than Jiang Dongjun's small means, and the slap is fanned.

    What to force, I am too lazy to play with you, to play to play big!

    Yan Chengyi silently added a line to Lu Chen, and he can even guess that this "Blue Life and Death" is in full swing with the second quarter of "City Love" to compete with the Viewership Ratings. Read it.

    As the director of "Urban Love", Yu Chengyi actually had a bit of gloating.

    Although I haven't read the script yet, the intuition tells the Director that the drama "Blue Life and Death" has been joined by Chen Feier, and it is very likely that it will be sold well, and the "City Love" will be perfect.

    Unless "Urban Love" staggers time, it does not collide with the other party.

    But how is it possible?

    Yu Chengyi shook his head.

    Austrian film and film and investment have been prepared, publicity has begun, and there is no reason to delay.

    Su Chengyi suddenly had the idea of ​​giving up and continuing to direct.

    He doesn't want to be a back pot man!

    Compared with Yu Chengyi’s unconfidence, Zhu Minghe, deputy manager of Baolong Film Production Department, is more confident!

    He also saw the news that the Internet has been uploaded, but he did not agree.

    To be honest, Lu Chen actually invited the heroine of Chen Fei's drama, which made Zhu Minghe very surprised.

    If Lu Chen invited Chen Feier out when he talked at the time, it would still be negotiable.

    Now that I have missed it, Zhu Minghe does not feel a pity.

    "He can't make this drama, and it's the same with Chen Feier…"

    Zhu Minghe confidently said to one's own head boss, deputy general manager and art director of Baolong Film: "It's too abused, the audience won't like it, Chen Feier's pay can't be low, the risk of our investment. Too big!"

    "The most important thing is that Lu Chen’s offer is very high, and I can’t agree.”

    Baolong Film's art director, Wu, is also an old fritter that has been soaked for a long time in the circle. He nodded and said with deep meaning: "If this is the case, then it will be fine. You can't own one's own."

    Zhu Minghe smiled and said: "Wu boss, I understand."

    After Wu Director left, Zhu Minghe re-sit back to one's own chair and took a drink from the cup.

    I found that the tea was already cool.

    He frowned, and there was a layer of haze inside his heart. He couldn’t tell the unhappiness.

    "This thing is done…"

    It’s really a man sitting at home, and the disaster comes from heaven!

    Zhu Minghe will complain to Li Jie, the general manager of Beijing Rainbow Manager Corporation.

    If it wasn't for the other party to introduce Lu Chen, he wouldn't have to spread the mess and make him upset.

    The confidence of Zhu Minghe in front of the Director of the Board of Directors is actually pretending!

    Chen Feier's card is too unexpected.

    He suddenly regretted one's own. At that time, his attitude toward Lu Chen was really not enough.

    At the same time, in the Lanting Cafe on the top floor of the Jinghua Hotel adjacent to the Blue Sky Pioneer Park, the sister Li, who complained in Zhu Minghe’s heart, was sitting with Chen Feier and Lu Chen.

    Li’s full name is Li Zhenzhen. It is said that when she was a teenager, she ran from the inland countryside to Beijing to discuss her life. She was a customer service personnel, swept the street, sold insurance, and then caught The opportunity to squeeze into the circle, starting with Xiaoxiao's assistant, finally became the general manager of a large-scale Manager Corporation.

    Her life experience, you can take a full-length drama series!

    Li Jie is very fat. The weight of more than 200 kilograms makes her whole person round and round. It looks very festive. When she laughs, it looks like a female version of Maitreya, and it is also equipped with a pair of small gold glasses.

    In the circle of Beijing, Li Jie is famous for her arrogance and arrogance. She is very rare on the signing artists of Rainbow manager, and whoever wants to leave will never insist on leaving.

    However, she is very savvy, and has a wide network of contacts in the industry. In particular, the upper-level route has been very wide, and it has been mixed up in the circle. Not many people dare to look down.

    Of course, Lu Chen did not dare to take a nap, and his attitude was respectful.

    Li’s relationship with Chen Feier is very good. She helped her a lot in her early years. The original Lu Chen’s contact with Baolong’s film industry was the big sister’s line. Unfortunately, there was no success. Film industry.

    For such a result, Li Jie complained to Chen Feier: "You should have told me that you want to be the heroine, then I will not introduce Baolong Pictures. How can I talk to Zhongying and Huashi?"

    Zhongying and Huashi are both giants in the film and television industry, and the existence of real behemoths.

    Li Jie is not bragging, she really has channels to find Zhongying or Huashi.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Li Jie, Zhongying and Huashi can see him, even if the script is selected, his actor is not playing, and I don't want you to catch up with the big man."

    In the eyes of China Film and China Vision, there really is no such thing as a small person like Lu Chen. Chen Feier is barely qualified. It is impossible for Lu Chen to raise conditions with the two giants. It would be meaningless.

    Good cooperation requires equal qualifications.

    Ning is not the reason for the chicken mouth, Chen Feier certainly understands.

    Li sister said with a smile: "You think about it for him, are you really talking about it?"

    Chen Feier suddenly blushes her face: "Li Jie, we are only friends!"

    Li sister smiled and shook her head and said to Lu Chen: "Xiaolu, Feier is so good to you, don't let her down."

    What kind of character is she, how can she not see the embarrassment between the two?

    Lu Chen can only smile, he promised not to be good, he did not agree, and he did not know how to answer it.

    Fortunately, Miss Li did not continue to chase after the fight, she said this meeting with Lu Chen: "Small land, blue drama of love and death I have seen, I want a role?"

    Lu Chen said without thinking: "No problem!"

    He did not ask which role it was.

    Chen Feier used to call him and said that when Miss Li wanted to meet him, she said a lot of things.

    Therefore, Lu Chen knew that the big sister was one of Chen Fei's hits and helped her a lot.

    The most important thing is that Li Jie has a wide network of contacts in the circle, which is very helpful for Lu Chen’s career.

    Now that she took the initiative to open a request, Lu Chen was hesitant and looking forward to it. Not only did he lose points, but he also humiliated Chen Feier – performance was too bad.

    Ms. Li is very curious: "You don't ask which role you promised so happy, if I want a actor?"

    Lu Chen sprinkled: "If Li Jie really wants a male lead, it is no problem at all!"

    Lu Chen is not a fake, he can write a classic script that is really much more, as long as the situation is opened, I want to be a male lead in the future, I am afraid there is no chance?

    Of course, he promised to be happy enough, because Li Jie was obviously joking.

    But Li is very happy and very happy. She said to Chen Feier: "Feier, the boy you chose is really good. You have to hold him firmly. Don't let him run."

    Chen Feier covered her one's own face with her hands.

    After Miss Li’s shameless face, she smiled and said to Lu Chen: “In fact, what I want is really a male lead. It’s just a male lead. My son has been arguing and wanting to Acting, so this time just give him a chance!"

    Lu Chen is amazed.

    The first few episodes of "Blue Life and Death" require juvenile male and female protagonists. There are not many plays but they are also very important.


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