Chapter 254

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    Beijing Foreign Languages ​​Institute, C3 female dormitory.

    In the 305 dormitory, the nursery rhyme sits on the bed and a pink laptop rests on her lap.

    On the 13-inch high-definition screen, a MV is being played, and the beautiful singing voice is constantly coming out from the hi-fi sound, echoing in the room.

    "Don't let your eyes see the sadness of the world, and invest in the wind and rain."

    "Look at your eyes, there are too many tears to stop, and I feel the hardships of your every step of love…"

    After a song is finished, the nursery rhyme swipes his finger subconsciously, ready to replay the replay – she wants to listen again!


    Suddenly, she fell down from her upper bunk and rounded her head. She said, "If you have a child, you have to listen to it many times before you will be satisfied. Old Lady’s ears are listening to the old man!"

    The nursery rhyme subconsciously closed the notebook and smiled and said: "Okay, okay, don't listen!"

    The roommate who slept on it was her classmate and her bosom friend.

    She likes this song "Love Your Song", which is called "Your Eyes". I also like this new MV.

    The nursery rhyme is the fan of Chen Feier, and also the fan of Lu Chen.

    Last night, Chen Feier and Lu Chen also forwarded the new blog post of Haijin Satellite TV official V.

    From December 4th to December 30th, Haijin Satellite TV held a couple's cover show contest at Inspur Blog. Any blogger can participate and set a generous prize.

    The so-called couples cover Show, it is the love song that the blogger selfie covers "Your Eyes". Just upload the video to the designated blog link and you can enter the competition. The special prize is a 50,000 bonus and a European 7-day romantic tour for two. The first prize also has 30,000 bonuses and couples on the table!

    Couples cover the first election of Show by the blog vote, the judges of the selection include Chen Feier, Lu Chen and Lin Zhijie, as long as they enter the finals, there are prizes to take, very attractive.

    In addition, Chen Feier and Lu Chen also released the MV of "Your Eyes" on their respective blogs. The content of the MV is interspersed with the scene of the two people shooting "Blue Life and Death" and the video of the sing in the studio. .

    Nursery rhymes are watching this MV, read it all 10 times!

    She really likes this song too!

    In addition to the songs, nursery rhymes have a special feeling for this not too special MV.

    She feels that Chen Feier and Lu Chen may be talking to many fans. There is a very unusual relationship.

    The eye contact between the two when they sang was so tacit and natural, especially the emotions contained in Chen Fei's eyes, which made Tong Tong unable to believe that it was a false performance.

    If this is all acting, then Chen Feier can really compete in the Oscars!

    This discovery makes the nursery rhyme very much looking forward to the "Blue Life and Death Love" which will be premiered on Haijin Satellite TV on the 12th.

    She has read the novels updated by Lu Chen's blog and I watch it every day.

    Bosom friend said: "Since you like it so much. Why not go to this cover show, how do I shoot for you? Guaranteed first-class results! ”

    The nursery rhyme couldn't help but rolled her eyes: "This is a couple singing, how can I cover it alone?"

    Bosom friend laughed and said: "Is the Chen Brother of the International Trade Department not chasing you? Looking for him to help him still not happy? ”

    "Chen Senior Brother sings very well. Last year, his solo singer also won the third prize!"

    The face of the nursery rhyme suddenly had a blush: "Hey!"

    Bosom friend 嘿嘿嘿: "I know you won't admit it. In fact, you have chosen the wrong professional, you sing Singing so well, learning accounting is a waste. You should go to the singing competition. Just like Mu Xiaochu…"

    "She is now a superstar!"

    At the Beijing Foreign Languages ​​Institute, Mu Xiaochu of the English Department is an out-and-out Legendary character.

    She was half a year ago. When I was a freshman, I participated in Beijing Satellite TV's first reality show, "Singing China," with a pure and moving appearance and sweet voice, all the way through to the general election, and finally won the top five, and Successfully signed a flying stone record.

    After signing the contract, Mu Xiaochu became a member of the MSN girl group, and released his first album last month and sold it. MSN became one of the most popular women's groups!

    Now Mu Xiaochu has officially suspended his studies. It is said that every day he is busy on the program to advertise the advertisement. It is famous and beneficial, so that I don’t know how many girls in Beijing are envious and hateful.

    Tong Tong also envied the same-age schoolmate, and she also knew that Mu Xiaochu had a very good relationship with Lu Chen. The two were like brothers and sisters. Lu Chen wrote three songs to MSN on the original sound list.

    Many people say that if Lu Chen is not so good with Mu Xiaochu, he may not be so careful.

    But the nursery rhyme is not obsessed with Mu Xiaochu's Luck, because she knows that the appearance of one's own is not as good as the latter. Singing is only her hobby, and can't be done as a career in life.

    However, at this moment, Bosom friend's proposal inadvertently touched her feelings.

    Really try it?

    The nursery rhyme couldn't help but heartbeat: "So how do we shoot?"

    You can't just sing together and sing along with the cell phone. Take a shot for the cell phone and take it to the competition?

    Nursery rhymes are not vanity, but she is also a bit strong.

    Since you sing, you have to sing the best!

    Bosom friend said: "Go to the Music classroom, there is equipment, I know the counselor!"

    The nursery rhyme hesitated: "Is that bad?"

    Bosom friend 嗤 laughed and said: "What is wrong? You listen to me right, you can't get the special prize, you have to win the first prize! ”

    叮 铃铃~

The phone on the bedside table suddenly sounded, and the nursery rhyme was shocked!

    I haven't waited for her to react. The boss of the upper bunk hangs half of the body, the right hand grabs the bed along the guardrail, and the left hand raises the microphone with the thunder of lightning. The answer is: "Hey, who are you looking for?"

    Nursery rhymes have always admired Bosom friend and grabbed Kungfu.

    "what? Chen Senior Brother, are you looking for nursery rhymes? ”

    Bosom friend laughed when he chatted with the other person: "What are you looking for?"

    The nursery rhyme was Chen Senior Brother, and it was a little anxious. Blinking said: "Give me the call!"

    Bosom friend does not give: "Want to invite nursery rhymes to eat? Is there any part of me?is it? Hahaha! ”

    She cares for the phone with pride: "Since you are so polite, then I will tell you something. do you know? The nursery rhymes are ready to participate in the Inspur blog couple to cover the Show contest, she is missing a partner! ”

    "What couples cover Show? Take a quick look at the blog, don't say I won't give you a chance! ”

    Hanging up the phone, bosom friend smiled and said: "Thank me!"

    The nursery rhymes burst into an instant, and both hands were scratched toward the other's waist.


    Bosom friend screamed and hurried back to one's own bed, dodging the attack from the nursery rhyme.

    In the dormitory, the laughter of the two girls echoed.

    Until the phone rings again.

    Noisy, the nursery rhyme finally agrees to the invitation of Chen Senior Brother, and has lunch with bosom friend.

    in the afternoon. The three went back to college and went to the Music classroom.

    Bosom friend borrowed the key from the counselor, and then took a cover video in the Music classroom.

    The process of shooting was not easy. Due to the unfamiliarity of the device, the accompaniment Music downloaded from the Internet was played for a long time. After the preparation, Chen Senior Brother became nervous again and the singing completely lost the normal level.

    Until the evening. After repeated practice and running-in, it was finally recorded successfully.

    After the counselor had dinner, the virginity of the poor Senior Brother, pulling bosom friend back to the dormitory.

    She can't wait to upload a copy of the cover video through the relevant page of the Inspur blog.

    What surprised the nursery rhyme was that, in just one day, there were already 1759 cover videos passed. It is listed in the homepage of the couple's cover show. Click comments and votes for everyone!

    Out of curiosity, the nursery rhymes and bosom friend sit together on the bed. Watch other people's cover videos.

    Most of these videos are made by the cell phone. Many people don't even have the level of KTV. They dare to speak Singing with great courage and sing a sad "Your Eyes".

    The most popular virginity and bosom friend is that in addition to the most common male and female singers, there are also male and female singers who don’t know how they passed the review.

    Especially for a couple of men and women, singing the deep affection, so that the nursery rhymes and bosom friend have the feeling of dog eyes!

    Or can men and women also be a couple combination?

    However, there are also several couples of Singer performance who have a high level of professionalism, even if they are not comparable to the original, they also have their own highlights and features, making people look refreshed!

    These contestants are undoubtedly recorded with professional equipment, and some are simply shot in the studio, showing a high degree of restoration compared to the original.

    Today is still the first day of the cover show, in the foreseeable future, there will inevitably be more and more high-quality works.

    This makes the nursery rhymes and bosom friend very frustrated, and feels that today's hard work is in vain.

    What they shot, expecting to win the prize is estimated to be no more!

    Bosom friend comforted: "There is a lot of participation, we are happy, we don't have to compete with others."

    The nursery rhyme nodded – and only one's own so comforted one's own.

    She decided not to pay attention to this matter and would focus on the drama series that will be premiered next week.

    The couple's cover show contest sponsored by Haijin Satellite TV in the Inspur blog organization, since the start of the 4th, has received enthusiastic feedback that they have unexpectedly, forming a great craze.

    The number of entries in the competition made people fall below the glasses. On the first day, they received nearly 2,000 pieces. The next day they doubled directly. In just three days, the time was broken, and the related search terms were hot in the blog.

    To say the biggest beneficiary, first of all, the song "Your Eyes" itself, its on-demand volume on major Music radio stations and video sites has risen rapidly, and soon became a popular online song.

    Many people call it the best and most touching Love Song of the year!

    As a singer, Chen Feier and Lu Chen have once again rumored rumors.


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