The twenty-ninth chapter Nirvana

    Time is still very early, Lu Chen took action machine to open the address book, call Wang Jing of Nirvana studio.

    Senqi Beijing flagship store opened the live accompaniment, he is ready to let the other party to do.

    Originally, these businesses have been given to Fei Shi records, but this time the life is not big, plus the last time Wang Jing borrowed money from him, it should be a problem with the operation of Nirvana studio, so I can help or help.

    After all, the cooperation between the two sides was very pleasant.

    As a result, the phone rang a dozen times, and no one had ever received it, and then went to the voicemail.

    Lu Chen did not care, and called Wang Changsheng.

    The other party is shut down.

    This is a bit of a bit of boring, although it is still only the sixth day of the first month, but the Nirvana studio is not yet open, knowing that the first month is often the best time for the music production unit business.

    He thought about it, simply went to Nirvana studio.

    In the same park, walking to the other side is 10 minutes.

    On the floor where Nirvana is located, the elevator door just opened, and Lu Chen saw a scene of chaos and horses!

    Studio's door was wide open, and various tables, chairs, benches and paper boxes were piled up in the doorway, and people in blue work uniforms were busy, as if they were moving.

    Wang Jing, Wang Hui and the three members of the Nirvana band stood on the corner of the door, and they held their instruments or holding big boxes in their hands, all of which were lost.

    Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen couldn't help but be surprised. He quickly went over and asked: "Wang Jing, Wang Hui, what happened to your studio? Is it going to move? ”

    "Lu Chenge…"

    Wang Hui squeezed an ugly smile and said: "Our studio is over."


    Lu Chen stunned, and he knew that the business situation of Nirvana studio was not very good. But barely able to survive, and this studio embodies the hard work of Wang Changsheng's family. How can it end when it ends?

    Wang Jing was pale and his hands were twisted together. He whispered: "Lu Chen, I owe you money…"

    "Don't say this!"

    Lu Chen interrupted her: "Tell me what is going on here!"

    When he made the album "You at the Same Table", he mixed a long time in the Nirvana studio, and the relationship with Wang Jing Wang Hui was very good. Later, the cooperation was only because of the need to improve the quality of the work.

    The equipment and heritage of Nirvana studio is still a lot worse.

    But in that cooperation, Lu Chen learned a lot from Wang Jing and got along well with this group of peers.

    They are young, enthusiastic, aggressive and motivated, with expectations for the future.

    So now I heard that Nirvana studio is over. Lu Chen also felt uncomfortable and unhappy, to ask.

    Wang Hui glanced at one's own sister and explained the reason to Lu Chen.

    It turned out that a month ago, Wang Changsheng received a big list, the kind of profit is quite rich, and doing well can make studio maintain a one-year time, but the initial investment is relatively large.

    In order to be able to take this list. He did not raise money to borrow money from the situation discussed with Wang Hui Wang Jing, and even mortgaged the studio equipment, and put in 700,000 into it.

    As a result, I never thought that the other party was actually a liar gang, and set up a set for Wang Changsheng to drill in. All the investment was naturally squandered, and the creditors forced the door.

    It was hit so badly. Wang Changsheng fell ill directly. I still live in the hospital now.

    Nirvana studio naturally can't keep it, it is not enough to pay all the assets to others!

    Actually, something like this…

    Lu Chen did not know what to say. Shopping malls, such as the battlefield, may be completely ruined if they are slightly inadvertent.

    After all, Wang Changsheng is halfway to the sea, and he will be deceived if he lacks experience, but these scammers really hate!

    He asked: "Is there an alarm?"

    Wang Hui nodded and said: "Reported, not only our studio, but the police have already filed a case, but people have already ran, and the money in the bank account has been turned clean, saying it is very difficult to recover the loss."

    He looked blank: "If you don't have money, you can turn it again. It's my dad…"

    Lu Chen reached out and patted his shoulder to show comfort: "You are here, is there someone under the care of Wang Shu?"

    Wang Hui said: "My mother is accompanying him. People have no major problems, mainly heart disease."

    At this time, Wang Jing interjected: "Lu Chen, I owe you money, I will find a way to return you as soon as possible!"

    Her look is very determined, not the kind of unpleasant.

    Wang Hui's face rose red: "Sister, let's go together!"

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "If you want to pay me back as soon as possible, I have a way."

    Wang Jing’s eyes widened: “What?”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You come to my studio, give you a 10,000 base salary plus performance reward, and soon finish."

    Wang Jing graduated from the Jingyin Composition Department and has a certain working experience. The arrangement of all the works of the "You at the Same Table" album is basically from her hand, and the talent and strength are quite excellent.

    Lu Chen always felt that she was buried in the Nirvana studio.

    In the past, Lu Chen had no idea of ​​digging the corner, but now Nirvana studio is a past tense.


    Wang Jing snorted, she did not expect Lu Chen actually invited one's own to his studio to work.

    Lu Chen turned to Wang Hui and said: "How about you and the Nirvana band come together to help me? The treatment is excellent, and I can give you another recording studio, a truly professional recording studio! ”

    He has long established the idea of ​​a band that belongs to one's own and a recording studio. Although outsourcing saves money and troubles, it is impossible to complete one's own Music concept on other people's sites.

    In fact, it is the problem of money. It takes at least a few million to build a professional studio, and ordinary small companies can't afford it.

    But for the current Lu Chen, it is really not a problem.

    The suggestion he made now is equal to the merger of all the people in Nirvana studio!

    Wang Hui was overjoyed: "Lu Chen, do you really want to ask us?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course it is true, and build a studio, I will give you a five million equipment budget!"

    Wang Hui’s saliva has come down: “Five million equipment budget…”

    He is a typical technique house, and he has an obsession with audio electronics that others can't understand.

    The $5 million equipment budget is enough for him to create a one's own coveted shed, knowing that the equipment budget does not include the cost of the studio's renovation – it's an amazing expense.

    Lu Chen asked another three members of the Nirvana Band: "What is your opinion?"

    Three people look at each other in dismay, then simply look at Wang Jing.

    Wang Jing bit his lip and did not speak.

    She is very clear, for Nirvana studio, Nirvana band, joining Lu Chen studio is the best result, you do not need to dissolve to find a job, no need to worry about maintaining life.

    If Lu Chen was only a small character in the Entertainment Circle six months ago, he has now grown into a towering tree and is truly worthy of relying on.

    Lu Chen said that Wang Hui’s equipment budget of 5 million yuan is definitely not discounted.

    He has such strength.

    The eyes of the three members of the Nirvana band are all cherished, just respecting Wang Jing’s wishes.

    After a moment of silence, Wang Jing sighed in his heart and smiled and nodded.

    "Long live!"

    Wang Hui was first called, and the haze on the faces of the members of the Nirvana band was swept away and they were very excited.

    If they can, they don't want to separate, the way out is really great!

    Lu Chen said: "I should have looked at Wang Shu's, but I now have a first work that needs to be arranged, live performances tomorrow night, and the kind of live band accompaniment, can you help me?"

    He stared at Wang Jing, who nodded again.

    Wang Hui has an opinion: "Lu Chenge, but most of our instruments have also been buckled."

    Several members of the Nirvana band laughed, and they only brought out two guitars and a Bass.

    Both are one's own personal equipment previously purchased.

    The Nirvana band has a total of four members, including lead singer/guitarist Wang Jing, Bass hand Ouyang He, keyboardist Wen Yuan and drummer Yang Xiaoyi, who are all around the age of 23, and are considered to be very young teams.

    However, the professional level of this band is good, and the accompaniment of Lu Chen's works has been done quite well.

    Otherwise, Lu Chen will not invite them to join in good faith.

    In fact, the creation of a Singer like him, the formation of the band is a matter of course, and the live band and the accompaniment band are completely different things, giving the audience a different feeling.

    With Lu Chen’s status and fame in the circle now, it’s not a problem to recruit a stronger lineup than the Nirvana Band, but it’s not necessarily better.

    And the Nirvana band is young enough to have unlimited growth!

    He smiled and said: "This is simple, we will buy it now, what to buy if there is nothing!"

    No one can say anything about this.

    Time is limited, Lu Chen is very popular, he let Wang Hui go to one's own studio report, then drive the Nirvana band to buy musical instruments – one's own one's own pick!

    With Lu Chen's "big money", buying instruments didn't take much time, including Wang Jing, and the members of the Nirvana band picked up one's own favorite equipment.

    Lu Chen also let his sister rent a temporary commercial vehicle to facilitate the handling of the instruments and the actions of the personnel.

    In the evening, he and Wang Jing completed the arrangement of the new work.

    The time is too tight, and certainly can't be done very carefully, but there is nothing wrong with dealing with tomorrow's endorsement activities.

    On February 14th, Valentine's Day, members of the newly rebuilt and renamed Nirvana band, who could not attend this romantic festival, began to rehearse Lu Chen's new song.

    New teams, new members, new works and new instruments, the first collaboration is surprisingly smooth.

    At 3 pm, the Nirvana band set off for the scene.


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