The twentieth chapter is happy

    After the night, Sibu Street is very lively, and the diners at the door of the food and beverage outlets along the street are full of diners.

    Liao Jia's temperament is different from ordinary people, regardless of the public's wide court, regardless of whether he will reveal the identity of one's own, the wine has come up and borrowed the guitar to play on the spot, the style is unrestrained.

    But whenever you sing rock and roll, there are very few guitars that can't be played, and the guitar and rock Singer have the most guitar experts.

    Liao Jia's guitar playing is absolutely Master level.

    They didn't use the picks, and a series of heated and enthusiastic notes poured out under his finger. The original owner of the guitar was stunned and attracted the attention of many diners around.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    Because Liao Jia talked about "In the Spring", but he added one's own thing to the prelude.

    This country’s rocking idol is by no means a vain name!

    "I still remember the spring many years ago, when I didn't cut my long hair…"

    “There is no credit card and no her, no home with 24-hour hot water.”

    "I was so happy at the beginning, although there was only a broken acoustic guitar…"

    "On the street, under the bridge, in the fields, sing the songs that nobody cares about!"

    Liao Jia's aria is deep and hoarse. Although he has not been able to fully play the strength of one's own because of drinking a lot of wine, the control of the breath is not very good.

    In this bustling downtown, I can listen to him and let go of the song "In the Spring". The feeling is still very shocking!

    Singer, who sang in the stalls, saw the diners at the Four Mile Streets, and it’s already strange.

    But they rarely saw the guests who ate and sang one song and sang so well.

    "If one day, I have nothing to do. Please leave me there, in Era! ”

    "If one day. I quietly left. Please bury me in this In the Spring! ”

    Singing to the climax of the chorus, the strong emotions spurted out, and Liao Jia’s face rose to purple, and the neck and forehead were bulging, as if exhausted the strength of the strength, the guitar slammed as if slammed in everyone’s heart.

    The pedestrians who passed the road stopped, and some raised the cell phone.

    Even Lu Chen was infected by his singing voice.

    Liao Jia sang the first time, nodded at Lu Chen, and told him to sing too!

    Lu Chen "ha" a cry. Did not reject Liao Jia’s invitation.

    He took an empty bottle on the table and held it as a microphone. He sang along with the accompaniment.

    Lu Chen is also a little drunk.

    The style of his singing "In the Spring" is obviously different from that of Liao. There is no such hoarseness and no vicissitudes of deep bone marrow, but it also contains hot feelings.

    "Remember those lonely springs, when I haven't raised my beard…"

    "There is no Valentine's Day and no gifts. Not my lovely little princess…"

    "But I think everything is not so bad, although I only have fantasies about love…"

    "In the early morning, at night, in the wind, singing the songs that nobody cares about!"

    Lu Chen was not the first to sing In the Spring. Although he sold the song to the band, he still liked it very much.

    Just singing this song for the first time, and singing this song now. His life has changed dramatically.

    There are many differences in the emotions of singing.

    More life perceptions that belong to one's own!

    Sing to the hustle and bustle. Lu Chen ignored the eyes from the surroundings and sang along with Liao.

    The living elephant is a madman who drinks too much.

    But the guitar is playing so well. Singing got such a good madman…

    I am afraid that only in Beijing can find it!


    After singing "In the Spring", Liao Jia snorted and took the beer on the table and sipped it cleanly.

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    There were uneven applause around, and some of them blew a loud whistle.

    There are foreigners inside the diners, and they are giving their thumbs up.

    Liao Jia put down the fear, and then returned the guitar to the young guy who sang.

    The young man took the guitar and tried to ask: "Please…Excuse me, is that the one, that…"

    Liao Jia wears sunglasses, but the sunglasses can't cover the whole face. The more he looks, the more familiar he is.

    Liao Jiaxuan smiled and said: "Do you want to ask me if I am Liao? Oh, a lot of people have asked me, in fact I feel one ' s own than Liao, singing better than him! ”

    The young man was speechless, and there was no interest in continuing to explore. He continued to sing and earn money with his girlfriend.

    He couldn't think of it as Liao Jia, but in front of him, he could go to the "Celebrity Imitation Show".

    "Friend, sing another one!"

    The couple had just left the front foot, and someone at the next table called out: "Sing a few more songs, you bought me!"

    There are five people at the table, all of whom are young people in their 20s and 30s. They are all powerful, like the coaches of a fitness club come out to have dinner, and some people also show tattoos on their arms.

    These people also drank a lot of wine, and the table was filled with empty bottles, so that Liao Jia sang another guy with long hair, his mouth full of alcohol and his eyes fluttering, and he waved his arms when he spoke.

    Liao Jia was just interested in it, so he borrowed a guitar and took a few scorpions to get rid of all the depression in his heart.

    Now that I am in a good mood, how can I still sing to others?

    He is not selling singers.

    "Come, let's continue drinking!"

    Liao Jia did not look at each other and said to Lu Chen: "I am not drunk this evening!"


    Lu Chen still did not answer, the long-haired youth was angry, and with bloodshot eyes, Huo Ran stood up and yelled at Liao Jia: "Yeah let you sing is to give you face, don't give face shame! ”

    Little Li immediately got up and stopped in front of Liao Jia, said coldly: "Friend, you drink too much."

    The long-haired youth really drank too much, so the reason was lowered below the horizontal line. He took the bottle on the table without thinking, and stepped forward to go to Little Li!

    Little Li can be the assistant of Liao Jia, of course, not a general generation, not waiting for the other party's bottle to fall down, and the eye is flying fast and squatting on the other's stomach.

    He wants to hide and of course can escape. Can Liao Jia be behind him!

    So you can only fight back.

    The long-haired youth did not catch up, and was stunned and retired. Like cooked prawn bent over.

    But he didn't fall to the ground, his face became very stunned, and he snorted: "Fuck…"

    The voice of the long-haired youth is quite strong, and it is also the strength of Little Li.

    However, he obviously would not take the situation, but he was angry: "Abolish him!"

    The four companions of the long-haired youth rallied at the same time, rushing toward Little Li, and the action was very rapid.

    Little Li's face suddenly changed.

    He has practiced free fights, and it is no problem to deal with a few ordinary people, but these few are obviously not ordinary people. Four or five people besieged must suffer big losses.

    Little Li one's own is not afraid of losing money, even if someone is interrupted, he will definitely be able to find it later.

    But if Liao Jia had something wrong, then his rice bowl would be completely paralyzed!

    Thinking of the serious consequences of the incident, Little Li slammed her teeth and rushed forward to meet the other party.

    His idea is to entangle the other side, so as long as someone calls the police. It’s safe to wait until the police come over.

    Here is Beijing, the law and order has always been good, and the Speed ​​of 110 police is very fast.


    What Little Li didn't think of at all was that he had just taken a step, and a long-haired youth companion suddenly lost his balance, and I'm free fell heavily on the ground!

    Take action is Lu Chen.

    Seeing that the situation was wrong, Lu Chen stood up without a word. The right leg swept out. The guy who was closest to one's own was first put down, and the other side lost the fighting power.

    This guy is running Liao Jia!

    next moment. Lu Chen accelerated the front rush, like a leopard hunting, slammed sideways and slammed into the second opponent with his shoulder, and suddenly flew out.

    The unlucky guy slammed into his companion and knocked over a wine table.

    And the long hair young slow recovered come, see such a situation of rage, to swing his fist toward Lu Chen face smashed, with enough strength of 10.

    Lu Chen stopped and turned, his right arm lifted his elbows outward, blocking the fists that the other party swayed, and the left palm knife cut out lightning, right in the throat of the latter!


    The imposing long-haired youth suddenly turned his eyes, his knees softly and painfully slammed on the ground, and his mouth vomited and vomited, but nothing could be spit out.

    Between the fall of the rabbit, Lu Chen put down three, and Little Li took the opportunity to bombard the other person's face and knock it down to the ground.

    The last one was frightened, and even ran to the street and left the one's own companion.

    At this moment, the entrance of the old Zhuchuan restaurant is already chaotic. Some people are screaming, some people are laughing, some people rush to call the police, and some are taking pictures.

    "Li Ge, I will give it to you here!"

    Lu Chen solved the opponent and immediately took the Liao Jia who had just grabbed the bottle to run.

    Little Li slammed a guy who was struggling to get up and said, "Don't worry!"

    He stayed here waiting for the police to come, no problem, Liao Jia and Lu Chen will not work.

    Once the identity is revealed, make a headline tomorrow.

    Someone has already taken pictures at the scene.

    Liao Jia was dragged by Lu Chen and ran to the street. The brains of the brain were finally awake.

    He threw the bottle in his hand into the trash can on the street, grabbed the shoulder of Lu Chen, and gasped and said: "Lu Chen, this is really thanks to you, I will recognize you this friend!"

    Lu Chen mixed with Liao Jia into the crowd and slowed down and said: "Nothing, little things."

    Help Liao Jia is the second, the most important thing is that he rarely let go of his hands and feet, and played a good time.

    Drinking, challenge…Haven't been so happy for a long time!

    Liao Jia sighed and said: "Feier chooses you to make sense, anyway…Anyway, you will treat her well, and when you get married, I will give you a big gift! ”

    Lu Chen is dumb.


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