The twenty-eighth chapter 72H

    With the formation of the big entertainment industry, there are many popular Music sections in Domestic.

    The 72H is undoubtedly one of the most famous Music Festivals, and has the longest history, dating back to the 1990s.

    In the early 1990s, a number of Domestic record companies, along with seven famous musicians in the circle, jointly held the first "Music Open Music Festival" in Beijing's morning sun park, inviting 32 Singers and 11 bands. Participate in and attend more than 10,000 people attending the Music Festival.

    Rock and roll representatives like the famous Black Raven Band, Sky Band, etc., all participated in this Music Festival feast.

    The fascinating open-air Music Festival caused great sensation in the Musical World of Domestic, which was the predecessor of the 72H Grass Music Festival, and was later renamed to move to the Wild Mountain Park in the New Age Art Park.

    So far, the 72H Grass Music Festival has been held for 19 sessions. Although it has been broken several times in the middle, its influence in the popular Musical World has always been great, especially for the fans of the real popular Music lovers.

    The 72HMusic Festival invites the main objects of Singer and the band, regardless of whether the other party is a big fan or a street singer. As long as there is a unique singing style or work, there is a chance to stand on its stage, to tens of thousands. The audience demonstrates the strength of one's own.

    In the previous 72H Grass Music Festival, there were many unknown bands and many musicians who were at the bottom of the scene. They were signed by Entertainment Manager Corporation and set foot on the road of fame.

    According to past practice, the 72H Grass Music Festival begins at noon on the first Friday of March each year and ends at noon on the next Monday. The duration is exactly 72 hours.

    At that time, the Singer band and the audience came from Tiannanhaibei. The organizing committee of the Music Festival was only responsible for the tolls and accommodations of the Singer band who came to the performance. No extra compensation is paid.

    The performance site is a temporary open-air stage where the audience can set up tent camps on the grass around the stage. Drink beer and eat barbecue to listen to Music, continuous H for three days and two nights.

    It is because of the special atmosphere, so the commercial smell of 72H is very light, partial and pure, and popular here is not a fast song divine song, even if Chen Fei children go to stage applause.

    Because she sang sweet songs, and the 72H audience likes rock and roll, jazz, R&B, RAP and so on.

    The audience of 72H is very demanding. It is not easy to get their approval. If they like it, they will scream and applaud. If they don't like it, they will directly drop the person.

    Often the famous Singer or the band was stunned at the 72H scene. I lost my face.

    Therefore, if the insider receives this invitation letter, he will carefully measure the amount.

    Of course, if you have the strength, you are not afraid, and you are happy to meet the challenge, but if the strength is not strong enough…

    Lu Xi asked: "Would you like to participate?"

    After receiving the invitation, she specially learned about the 72HMusic section on the Internet. It felt that the taste was not quite right, because Lu Chen was obviously not the kind of Singer that the 72H grass Music Festival loved.

    One of the aims of the 72H Grass Music Festival is to give Singer opportunities to those who are located on the ground floor and underground.

    Of course it is like a band. They are also very welcome.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "Why not?"

    When he was in junior high school, he knew the fascinating open-air Music Festival, which he had been very longing for.

    Now that the other party has taken the initiative to invite, it is just a dream of a few years.

    As for the problems that others are worried about…

    Lu Chen really don't have to worry!

    Lu Xi is not very worried. Since Lu Chen wants to go, she will not dissuade him: "Okay, then I will reply to them."

    The matter of participating in the 72H Grass Music Festival was fixed.

    Lu Xi handed Lu Chen a piece of paper.

    Thin A4 paper with the latest Viewership Ratings data for Blue Life and Death.

    Haijin Satellite TV is on February 5 and 6 for two days. Continue to play the seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of this big drama. The scores of 2.23% and 2.47% of the horror Viewership Ratings respectively continued the previous miracle.

    I have to know that these two days are the eve of New Year's Eve. In general, the Viewership Ratings of the drama series will generally decline. The "Blue Life and Death" is not affected by the New Year, but it is unbelievable.

    As for the Fetion video, the total number of hits in "Blue Life and Death" has exceeded 2 billion, crushing all competition opponent!

    The final two episodes of "Blue Life and Death" are the finale and will be broadcast on 13 and 14.

    It coincides with Valentine's Day!

    Lu Chen wants to laugh: "Is this really good?"

    Lu Xi knew the ending of the story. She thought about it very seriously and laughed: "You will be killed!"

    Lu Chen said: "Maybe, but I think there should be a lot of people who will remember this Valentine's Day."

    There was a smile on his face.

    More or less a bit evil.


    Lu Xi said: "Shanhai Publishing House and Qunwen Publishing House, as well as Beijing Publishing House, have come to contact, and hope to publish the novel version of "Blue Life and Death Love", the conditions given by the three are not bad."

    “There is also a color impression of Manhua, who wants to get the Manhua adaptation of Blue Life and Death…”

    "and also…"

    The Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" has broken through the phenomenal level, the number of fans in the audience has been increasing, and a popular IP has been rapidly formed. Naturally, various organizations want to obtain IP expansion copyright from Luchen Publishing.

    The novel, Manhua, is only part of it, and it also represents a lucrative profit.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "You can do it with the two copyrights. Whoever gives more to whom? The novels can be put together on the Internet for crowdfunding, and there are several package versions."

    The "Blue Life and Death Love" novel version that he serialized on his blog ended with two-thirds of the content. He left the sales space for the entity publishing in advance, and the crowdfunding method will undoubtedly improve sales results.

    Originally, Lu Xi estimated that "Blue Life and Death" can bring about 15 million yuan of profit to Lu Chen studio, but it still seems to be greatly underestimated. The market's enthusiasm for IP means more benefits.

    "Well, I know…"

    Lu Xi wrote down and said, "Don't forget to prepare for the event on the 14th."

    On February 14th, that is, Valentine's Day, Lu Chen will attend the opening ceremony of the Senqi Beijing flagship store.

    He signed a one-year endorsement contract with the clothing brand. This important activity must be attended, and Senqi costumes will also launch their new couple sportswear on the same day.

    As Singer, Lu Chen must sing at the scene. Because of the special days, it is very important to choose a song.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I will not forget."

    He already thought about what songs to sing on the day, and he needed to prepare in advance.


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