Chapter 207, Meng Meng

    叮 铃铃~

Ning Wan Erzhong sounded a harsh ringing tone, telling all the teachers and students that the first class time has arrived.

    Meng Meng flew out of the classroom and ran all the way to the bathroom.

    Looking for the innermost position, she carefully closed the door, then took the action machine from the pocket of the dress and opened it, without forgetting to plug the headset.

    According to the regulations of the school, high school students are not allowed to carry electronic products with them, especially smart cell phones. Once they are caught, they must be confiscated on the spot. Parents must sign up to get back.

    Meng Meng is a very awkward girl, she does not dare to violate the school rules, but today's situation is a bit different.

    She decided to do something "bad thing."

    It took 15 seconds for the boot to go, and Meng Meng felt like it had been a long time.

    Entering the UIinterface, she can't wait to connect to the data network and open the browser with skill.

    Log in to the address already stored in the favorites.

    [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast.

    Lu Fei is Lu Chen, Meng Meng is Lu Chen's fans, the real meal in the Lu Jiajun regiment!

    After a few seconds, the live broadcast screen and a large number of bullets were swiped at the same time.

    Meng Meng glanced at the number of online people, suddenly shocked – there are actually 270,000+, really incredible!

    To know that today is Monday, morning time, work work, study, not many people will be in the live broadcast website, such a high online number simply broke through the sky.

    That is, we Lu Chen is very big Charm!

    Meng Mengmei thought with enthusiasm and felt very happy.

    As a hardcore fan of Lu Chen, Meng Meng never thought about how to i love one's own heart. She likes Lu Chen's song and likes to listen to Lu Chen's Voice. Also like to see Lu Chen's face.

    This is enough.

    Yesterday in the fans group, Meng Meng saw the announcement that Lu Chen and a female group called MSN filmed the MV today. And live live broadcast shooting will be carried out.

    So she secretly brought the cell phone over and watched the time of class.

    Even if you look at it.

    This is Lu Chen's first MV, although not his one's own, but it is said that the heroine is Mu Xiaochu.

    Many Lu Chen's fans are no strangers to Mu Xiaochu. They met her in the game "Singing China", and Mu Xiaochu also went to Lu Chen's live broadcast. Everyone kindly called her Xiaochu sister.

    To be honest, Meng Meng is very envious of Mu Xiaochu, and even a little bit of embarrassment!

    In the cell phone screen, Meng Meng finally saw Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is playing the piano. It was a piece of music that she had never heard before.

    The place where he is located is obviously the school classroom, which is estimated to be a university.

    Meng Meng also wants to go to college.

    Then you can see the staff on site, with Director, cameraman, lighting set…

    Everyone’s attention is concentrated on Lu Chen’s body.

    Really very interesting, the original MV is like this, should be similar to film and television?

    Meng Meng’s face showed a smile and knocked out a barrage on the screen.

    "Lu Chen is greatly keep it up!"

    And at this moment, live broadcast. Barrage and rewards are more intense than storms.

    "The anchor is so handsome, it just makes people want to stop!"

    “It’s really interesting to watch someone else’s MV in live broadcast for the first time…”

    "Lu Chen is the male lead? Who is the female lord? ”

    "The woman is a younger sister. She is now a member of the MSN team. The anchor is the song to be written and the MV!"

    "The anchor is so big that it must be praised. 砸100 fish balls! ”

    "Good! So handsome! So handsome! So handsome! …"

    The day before yesterday, Lu Chen issued an announcement in the live broadcast, post and flight group. Said that there will be live live broadcast this morning, so even if it is Monday morning. The online number is still quite impressive.

    And it is constantly increasing, and people can't help but sigh the strength of the strength of the fans.

    As a member of the fans, Meng Mengyu was in the bathroom, holding the cell phone with both hands, watching Lu Chen in the video staring at Mu Xiaochu, watching him play the song, watching him smile at the scene…

    She is a little bit crazy.

    Until the ringing of the class suddenly sounded!

    Have been!

    Meng Meng quickly got up and hurriedly slammed the shutdown button and pushed the door and hurriedly left the bathroom.

    On the way to the classroom, she clearly felt black in front of her eyes and her head was dizzy.

    In a recent time, Meng Meng’s body is not very good, a little anemia.

    Probably ramie, the blood circulation is not smooth enough!

    Meng dreamed of returning to one's own position before the teacher entered the door.

    Fortunately, fortunately!

    She finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    The same table curiously asked: "Meng Meng, where did you go? How is your face so ugly? what! ”

    She suddenly screamed and pointed at Meng Meng and shouted: "You have a nosebleed!"

    Meng Meng instinctively reached out and touched under the nose, his fingers touched the slimy liquid, still warm.

    She groaned, and then she didn’t know what to do.

    In the coma, Meng Meng heard the same table shouting loudly one's own name.

    Very anxious!


    In the evening, the Northern Auditorium.

    It was just dark, and in the large auditorium that can accommodate 1,000 people, at least 60% of the seats were sitting.

    The audience is basically a student of Beiyin, and there are also several Teachers.

    Many of them were notified to match the final scene of the MV recording of the Flying Stone record.

    Many people are purely watching the fun.

    I heard that the champion of "Singing China", the founder of the campus folk song Lu Chen was present, everyone was a little curious.

    There are very few students in Beiyin who are chasing stars, but there are still some.

    In order to meet the needs of the shooting, the stage of the auditorium has been newly arranged, with a long banner hanging on the top of the graduation party, and the background of the LED large display changes the blurred color.

    Mu Xiaochu and the two "classmates bosom friend" sat in the audience, and a spotlight was falling on her.

    But the real focus of people is Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen changed to a simple T-shirt denim. He sat there with his guitar and was about to start performing.

    Shoot the MV. For Lu Chen, the difficulty is a little higher than shooting advertisement.

    I took a lot of content today. He met Mu Xiaochu in the Music classroom, met in the library, collided in the restaurant, met in the garden…

    Although there is no hand, no kiss, no intimate scene, only use eyes and Music to communicate.

    This is completely unbearable.

    The shooting process went smoothly, and there were very few NGs, which greatly accelerated the progress.

    After finishing the last scene, you can go home and go home!

    The existence of hundreds of "temporary actors" on the stage. It only makes Lu Chen have a little bit of pressure.

    He plucked the strings and played the prelude with great skill.

    Most of the people present were familiar with Music. Many people have heard this song and heard it in an instant.

    "those flowers!"

    The first "The Flowers" created by Lu Chen, he first sang at the graduation party of Jianghai University.

    Later, I sang in the game "Singing China" and won a very high score.

    But this piece is really popular, and it is the spread of the video of the graduation party on the Internet.

    There are many, many young people. Especially students, high school students and college students, especially close to graduates.

    They like this song very much.

    Many people put "The Flowers" on the graduation party at one's own school.

    Always be able to touch the sentimental girls.

    Therefore, "The Flowers" has another name for graduation divine song. The number of people who have heard this song is endless!

    And now hundreds of Beiyin students, I heard the original "The Flowers"!

    "The laughter reminds me of my flowers,

Quietly open for me in every corner of my life.

    I thought I would stay by her side forever.

Today we have left in the sea.

    Are they old?

    Where are they?

    We are all going to the world!

    La……miss her.

    La…Is she still open?


    They have been blown away by the wind and scattered around the horizon!


    A touch of sadness. A touch of sensation. Low-pitched sings tell the story of the past Era.

    The auditorium became very quiet, only Lu Chen’s singing was echoing.

    Can be admitted to the North. Nothing is a role in the professional school. They usually start to receive music training from an early age. They have paid countless efforts and efforts, and they have to add talent and luck to sit here.

    Therefore, they are proud.

    For Lu Chen, who is halfway out of the house, although the North Musicians and students who are present are not despising anything, they always have a superior sense of superiority or disapproval.

    However, now I have seen Lu Chen playing the guitar, listening to his singing, even the most discerning person, can not let his talent, and the strength of his songs!


If some stories haven’t finished, forget it.

Those feelings have been difficult to distinguish between true and false in the years.

    There are no flowers here today.

Fortunately, I used to have your spring and winter and winter and summer.

    La……miss her,

La…Is she still open?


    They have been blown away by the wind and scattered around the horizon.

    Are they old?

    Where are they?

    We are all going to the world! ”

    In the audience, Mu Xiaochu sat motionless and had a camera facing her.

    There was a sparkling glow in her eyes and a smile on her face.

    She stared at Lu Chen like this, without a bit of shame.

    This is different from the requirements of the MV script, but Director Fang Hui did not stop.

    Let the cameraman keep shooting like this.

    She took so many MVs and never liked this one at the moment, forgetting one's own job responsibilities.

    Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the scene.


    At the same time, Ningyuan City, thousands of miles away, is in the ICU ward of the First People's Hospital.

    Meng Meng, who is hanging from the bed, is lying on the hospital bed and sleeping.

    Her mother was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a test sheet in her hand, tearing her face but resisting not crying.


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