Chapter 210

    "Morning brother, you must teach me!"

    Inside the cell phone, there was a voice of Li Mubai's exaggeration, as if something had happened.

    Lu Chen, who just walked out of the Jingyin school gate, was full of fog: "What are you talking about? What are you teaching? ”

    Is this guy thinking about Geography Music?

    Lu Chen really doesn't have much to teach him. He is one's own one's own. Now come to Jingyin to charge!

    Today is the first day that Lu Chen came to Jingyin to attend classes.

    Although it has been more than a month since the beginning of the new semester, the freshman is starting classes today.

    Because according to the national regulations, a freshman is required to undergo a one-month military training after entering the school, and then officially starts after the seven-day national holiday.

    Lu Chen went further and further on the road of Music, and he felt his own shortcomings.

    Although he has the memory of 3rd Rank life, experience and experience are no problem, the theoretical knowledge accumulation is relatively small, the arrangement of the works must be borrowed from others to complete.

    Lu Chen came to Jingyin to study, mainly to make up for this deficiency.

    He has the conditions in this respect, without the constraints of Manager Corporation, and does not need to run the notice to brush the face, so he can arrange one's own time more freely.

The most important thing is that Lu Chen knows Gao Yue, a professor of Jingyin's composition department, who can be instructed by this famous teacher.

    Moreover, the quality of the students in Jingyin is very good. Lu Chen was recognized when he came to the class before, and there was no one who was watching or asking for a photo signature, so he was very comfortable.

    The depth of Jingyin is in the name of the three major music colleges!

    If Li Mubai really wants to learn Music, it is not bad to pull him over and take classes.

    Li Mubai laughed Hee Hee and replied: "Teach me how to tame Chen Qian the little witch. She cried for half a night after she went home last night. Originally, the nephew wanted to ask you to ask for a crime, but she was stopped by her. ”

    "The two eyes are swollen into walnuts. I have known her for so long, I have never seen her cry like this, haha! ”

    Li Sanshao is simply a schadenfreude, without the slightest sympathy, but rather an unusually happy.

    It turned out to be the case!

    Lu Chen is very, very understanding of his mood.

    Although it is said to be a relative, Li Mubai did not eat too much loss in Chen Qian, which was previously said to be gnashing.

    However, he feared that his eldest brother, Li Murong, was a tiger, and he had a good respect for Su Shi. He could only endure it if he suffered a loss.

    Now Lu Chen gave him a big breath and he was naturally happy.

    And Chen Qian's bottom is fine. It was also revealed by Li Mubai to Lu Chen, otherwise Lu Chen could debunk her disguise.

    Less can not eat as much as Li Mubai.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "In fact, there is nothing wrong with it, that is, let her realize the mistake of one's own."

    Li Mubai suspicion: "Really? Is it so simple? This chick can be very difficult to provoke, it is amazing! ”

    He is suffering from a lot of losses, facing Chen Qian's psychological shadow area is very large.

    Lu Chen said: "She will not look for me any more, but you have to be careful of her revenge."

    Li Mubai was shocked: "Morning brother, are you not selling me?"

    Lu Chen sighed: "How can I sell you?" But she really is very powerful. It should be able to guess that yesterday, the lady was seen by me, who will be the one who will sell her naturally!"

    Li Mubai gave it directly: "Morning brother, don't you say anything, I will book a ticket now!"

    Lu Chen Hahaha.

    He continued to talk with Li Mubai and he ended the call.

    Just about to walk towards the parking space, Lu Chen suddenly felt that someone was watching one's own. Instinctively turned to look.

    I saw a woman in a white dress standing outside the ten-meter-meter. The eyes of the two are just right.

    She has a beautiful face and a beautiful look. Don't have a dusty temperament.

    There are a lot of beautiful women in Jingyin, but no one can compare with her. The eyes that are projected around are enough to explain the popularity and Charm she has.

    Qin Qing?

    Lu Chen recognized her identity, and it was Qin Qing who had a side in Yuzi Tea Garden.

    Qin Qing is a student of Jingyin, and he is studying folk music.

    He nodded at the other side.

    Among all the girls I met in Lu Chen, Qin Qing is the best in both appearance and temperament, and his family should be very good. It is a true goddess.

    But precisely because of this, Lu Chen did not have much feeling for her, but ended up with appreciation and no pursuit.

    It’s not that Lu Chen doesn’t have confidence or inferiority, but in his opinion, a girl like Qin Qing, a friend confidant perhaps is very good, if it is a girlfriend or wife…

    That is to live long!

    And there are too many beautiful things in the world, and some are far better.

    But what Lu Chen didn't think was that he didn't think about saying hello in the past. Instead, Qin Qing hesitated and took the initiative to walk toward Lu Chen.

    "Lu Chen Xuechang…"

    Lu Chen was a little surprised: "Hello, Qin Qing Xuemei."

    Qin Qing’s look was light and asked: “Are you one’s own driving?”

    Lu Chen nodded: "Do you want to go home? I will send you back. ”

    Last time, Qin Qing took him to Jingyin to take the course certificate. If the other party needs help, it is naturally duty-bound.

    Qin Qing said: "That is bothering you. I have Zhang Qin to bring back to the tea garden."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No trouble."

    Lu Chen noticed that Qin Qing’s hand was carrying a long violin case.

    He is a bit strange – how does Qin Qing not have one's own driving, why should I find one's own help?

    As long as she speaks, I believe there are a lot of boys who are willing to work hard.

    Of course, curiosity is curious, Lu Chen will not take the initiative to ask.

    After all, this is the privacy of the other party.

    At this time, a thin-skinned boy walked quickly toward the two, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

    He obviously took the courage to stare at Qin Qing with his burning eyes, and offered roses to her with both hands, and said loudly: "Qin Qing Xuemei, I like you!"

    The boy had been waiting for Qin Qing outside the campus. He was still hesitating until he saw Qin Qing and Lu Chen talking and was about to leave. He was anxious to chase after him to confess to the latter.

    Qin Qing did not pick up his flowers, and said a step back: "Sorry, I don't like you."

    She said to Lu Chen: "Let's go."

    Lu Chen suddenly woke up.

    It turns out that Qin Qing is looking for one's own ride, and should have noticed the existence of the boy, afraid of being entangled by the other party.

    There are already many people around them pointing around.

    The boy's face rose red, but his expression showed that he didn't want to give up easily.

    Lu Chen took the violin case from Qin Qing and smiled at each other.

    I am sorry for my brother, I don’t want to help you, but you really don’t like it!

    The boys are like a frosted eggplant.

    On the height or appearance, he was a lot worse than Lu Chen, feeling very weak.

    With Qin Qing, Lu Chen walked to the place where one's own parking.

    His heart secretly sighs, like a girl like Qin Qing, ordinary life is also very troublesome, unless you are hiding at home and do not go out, otherwise you have to face all kinds of pursuits and even harassment.

    Lu Chen was thinking, a silver-white Porsche sports car came quietly, stopped in front of the two people to block the way, the golden shield on the front of the car shines in the setting sun.


    The window slid silently, and the man sitting in the cab poked his head out and whispered whisperingly to the piano. He said, "Come in my car, take his broken car too much." Your identity and beauty!"

    Seeing this Porsche blocking the road, Lu Chen’s expression instantly became very weird.

    And Qin Qing not only did not pissed off, but it burst into an incomparable smile: "Mu Shijie!"

    Those who take the piano clear, it is Li Mushi!

    The Porsche F17 that she opened was originally Li Mubai, and Lu Chen had been sitting several times.

    Lu Chen didn't expect Li Mu Poetry Meet to appear here, and he knew Qin Qing.

    Li Mushi asked with a smile: "Chick, how are you two?"

    Qin Qing’s pretty face was red, explaining: “Nothing is going on, I just ask the senior to help.”

    "This senior?"

    Li Mu Shi said with a smile: "You, the senior, my boss, is the chairman of our company!"


    Qin Qing was shocked and looked at Lu Chen with an unbelievable look.

    Qin Qing knew that Lu Chen was a Singer artist, and he was still very famous. However, she did not expect that Lu Chen actually had such a relationship with Li Mushi, which surprised her.

    What is the identity of the latter, Qin Qing is very clear!

    Li Mushi said: "I just came to him. You can take my car together and send you back first."

    Qin Qing quickly settled down and smiled and said: "Thank you, Ms. Mu!"

    She pulled the door and sat in the co-pilot position.

    Li Mu Shi said with a hand: "What do we have to thank our sisters, but you have to be careful about this guy, he is very frustrated, don't let him cheat!"

    Lu Chen, who just sat in the back seat, heard the other person’s embarrassment and smiled bitterly: "Mr. Murd, how can I have a heart?"

    He is too embarrassed.

    Since he met the university and met Wang Ying and fell in love, he did not take the initiative to provoke other girls. Until now, although he has met several very good girls, he has not pursued anyone.

    Like the leaves, Mu Xiaochu, and even Chen Feier.

    Because Lu Chen’s current thinking is basically on one's own career.

    If the cause is not successful, the debt of the family is not paid off, and he will not consider personal feelings for the time being.

    Li Mu Shi turned his head and glanced at him, as if he was saying "Old lady has seen you already!".

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    Qin Qing grinned and said: "I know, I will be careful."

    She obviously has a good relationship with Li Mushi, and she said that she did not have the same kind of indifferent coldness.

    Driving this four-door sports car that originally belonged to Li Mubai, Li Mushi first sent Qin Qing back to Yuzi Tea Garden.

    Then she carried Lu Chen and went to a private club.


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