Chapter 57—Brothers

    "Lin Surong, I like you!"

    With the strength and courage of the whole body, Chen Xiang knocked out 7 words on his Feiyan black keyboard that he bought for 29 yuan, and sent it out together with all the fish balls in one's own account!

    Lin Surong is the flower of his university. He is also the object of his four years of hard love. He is only ignorant of the ordinary and ordinary of one's own. Chen Xiang has buried this passionate feeling in his heart and never said anything to anyone. .

    He thought that time would dilute everything, and those young and innocent people would miss the wind and not linger.

    But now that I heard this "Love in the Wind", he knows that one's own is wrong.

    Some feelings are not so easy to forget, the longer the time the more fermented, the more powerful it can't erase.

    “……I believe in the age of love, I can't sing the songs for you, so I often remember in my life! ”

    Chen Xiang hates the timidity of one's own. If he bravely confessed in the past, then even if he is ruthlessly rejected, then at least he can still face the feelings of the past.

    Fortunately, after playing what he wanted to say a long time ago, his mood relaxed inexplicably.

    In the past, let it pass!


    Chen Xiang suddenly fanned one's own slap.

    He was impulsive, and actually sent all the fish balls out, but the live broadcast show has just begun!

    It should be the most economical and correct way to send a song and a song. I am really a pig!

    In a basement of a certain district of Beijing, a man’s chest is annoyed.

    At this moment, Lu Chen, who played "Love in the Dust", is very satisfied with the opening that one's own deliberately created.

    For this PK theme show, he has carefully prepared and considered all aspects of the situation.

    Choosing a song is naturally a top priority.

    Lu Chen’s memory is too much, but it fits the theme of “graduation season” and his choices are limited.

    "Love Wind" Lu Chen only sang once in the bar, which is completely regarded as the original innovation. He used this song as the opening song, but did not use "You at the same table" and "Cinderella", just to give one's The main fans of own have a big surprise.

    "You at the same table" and "Cinderella" are all true boutiques, but most of the fans have heard it many times, it is difficult to evoke their hearts, used to pave the atmosphere perhaps is good, but not conducive to the first .

    The PK theme show is not an ordinary live broadcast performance. It is a strong competitive game. The 24 anchors are all powerful and want to stand out from them. Lu Chen must find ways to keep every fan and visitor. Increasing one's own is also weakening the opponent.

    Therefore, the atmosphere of the live broadcast is the key to the creation, the atmosphere is very hot, greatly increasing the cohesiveness of the fans, and will let a large number of passers-by stay involuntarily to continue watching the lively.

    In order to enhance the singing effect of "Love in the Wind", Lu Chen also specially edited the "19-year-old Youth Memorial", a popular movie clip to further strengthen the Charm of the song.

    The number of fish balls that are increasing with the amazing Speed ​​proves that his hard work is not in vain!

    Lu Chen slammed the iron and said to the microphone: "In the memory of youth, there are people we like, as well as our brothers and sisters. The song below is still my new original song, still a campus folk song."

    The first song is new song, the second song is still a new work!

    The atmosphere between live broadcasts was suddenly exploding.

    "Lu Fei greatly forformable might!"

    "The folk prince is well-deserved and he is the one who dominates the whales!"

    "nice! Nice ! Nice ! Nice ! Nice ! I have to repeat it ten thousand times! ”

    "All the songs that the anchors sing at night are originals of one's own. You said that it is not very powerful?"

    "Really, isn't there such a N13 from the Music Academy?"

    "Hey, what is the Music Academy? We Lu Fei slammed the songs when they just sang a song."

    "Hang a shift? You can really blow, if all the original live broadcast, the first capital nice, I eat the keyboard! ”

    "Sit and wait for the keyboard!"

    "Come on the keyboard, pay attention to the formation below."

    "Come on the keyboard +1!"

    "Come on the keyboard +2!"

    "Come on the keyboard +3!"


    Although it is a one-sided applause and praise, but it is also mixed with doubts, after all, many viewers belong to tourists and passers-by, rather than loyal fans, it is inevitable that there will be different opinions.

    This kind of questioning is obviously very normal. Today's popular Musical World is not in the 1980s and 1990s. The original forces have already declined. The idol Celebrity in the music world is mostly imitating the Japanese and Korean in Europe and America. It is customary to take foreign works directly to cover it. Time and effort can please the fans, a lot of money.

    In this atmosphere, in recent years, there have not been many classic works by Domestic, and fast songs, raps and so-called divine songs have been popular for a while, full of embarrassment and impetuous atmosphere.

    Lu Chen’s original folk songs are obviously not like this. Although everyone is not a professional who can’t say a lot, but they can use their ears to listen and feel with their heart. Isn’t a good song not blown out by mouth?

    However, the live broadcast time of two hours in the evening, the song he will sing will not only be three or four, the first capital is original, but the first capital is the boutique who believes?

    The question of passers-by comes from this!

    However, they did not understand Lu Chen, and they did not understand the confidence that Lu Jiajun’s fans had in Lu Chen. As a result, they were immediately intensively watched by countless fishmeal people – waiting for the keyboard!

    Lu Chen certainly saw the contents of the bombardment that was detonated, but he just laughed at it.

    Whether it is questioning or ridicule, it is the most stupid way to slap back and forth with a quarrel. It is a waste of one's own rhythm. It wastes valuable time of live broadcast. If there are media judges watching on the spot, it will be greatly lost. Minute.

    This PK theme show is very important to Lu Chen, his mind is very clear.

    Want to bring rhythm, save it!

    "You don't want to watch anymore, because the song below, I think you will like it."

    "Especially male compatriots, this song is written for you!"

    "Of course, female compatriots don't pissed off, because the third song will be given to the most beautiful and lovely people!"

    "Please listen, sleep on my upper brother!"

    Lu Chen’s voice just fell, and the live video interface immediately showed a new movie screen, a new editing MV!

    The wind of the barrage changed immediately, and no one would pay attention to the guy who was crushed into a powder.

    "my brother!"

    "I have seen this film and went with my ex-girlfriend."

    "Ex-girlfriend? Then you should go with your friend, good oil, a quilt! ”

    "Go to death!"

    "Everyone listens to the song!"

    "Forever will always support Lu Fei!"

    "Long live male compatriot, long live new song, long live Lu Fei!"

    "The female compatriots expressed regret and distressed the anchor."

    "Sister sleeping in my upper shop? Haha, the fat man sleeping on my upper bunk, I always worry that the bed will fall down. ”


    "My Brother" and "19-year-old Youth Memorial" belong to the urban youth film. The former is far less than the latter, but the word-of-mouth is far more than that.

    The story of the movie tells the story of two classmates and friends, who fell in love with the same girl at school, and then competed after graduation, thus embarking on different paths of life.

    "My Brother" was very inspirational, and the ending was unexpected. The two stars performed very well, and with this film, they won the best actor in the 2014 Capital College Film Festival.

    Therefore, Lu Chen’s video of the clip was just released, and someone immediately said the name.

    And this is exactly what he wants to achieve!

    The prelude melody sounded and the song followed.

    "The brother who slept on my upper bunk,

Silent you.

    The questions you have asked me,

No one asks now.

    Give me the smoked brother,

Give me a happy past,

You always guess the coins in my hand,

Shaking his head said that this is too mysterious.

    The letter you came to write is more and more polite,

Regarding love, you don’t mention anything,

You said that you have a lot of friends now,

But no longer worry about those things…


    8:17, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 463660.


Note: "The brother who slept in my upper shop" word / song: Gao Xiaosong.

    PS: Try hard to recommend tickets!

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