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Chapter 54—Army Expedition


    Lu Chen stepped his fist and slammed Exhale to open his voice, as if to release the whole body of Strength.

    The clothes on his body have been soaked in sweat, and every potential in the body has been squeezed to the extreme, muscles and muscles are sore and numb, insisting on playing this boxing.

    Although it is very hard, Lu Chen has become accustomed to and likes this kind of exercise. For only half a month, he obviously feels the good changes in his body.

    The most important thing is that through such a nearly self-abuse exercise, those negative emotions that are smoldering in the heart can easily flow out with sweat, leaving the ease and joy after persisting in the effort!

    "Young man, this set of punches you played is very interesting…"

    Lu Chen just took over, and suddenly there was an old Voice behind him: "Who did you learn?"

    Lu Chen looked back and spoke. The old man who was full of silver cream but ruddy face was wearing a cotton-white shirt with a lotus leaf collar and a pair of layers of black-faced flat shoes. Temperament style.

    He smiled and replied: "Hello, old gentleman, I am practicing, let you laugh."

    Lu Chen came to the small park by the river every day to exercise early. I saw this old man who likes to play TAI ji Fist many times, but he nodded when he encountered it before. He said nothing.

    The punch he practiced stems from the memory of Mo Ran.

    In the world of dreams, the martial arts culture has been popular for a long time, and numerous classic martial arts films and Kungfu films have emerged. There are also many Celebrity and martial artists who are skilled in martial arts.

    Interestingly, in the world in Lu Chen's dream, Xiangjiang, the international metropolis at the southern end of the motherland, returned to 1997. It is the birthplace of martial arts culture. There are several people in the Heritage and Art circle who are called Master.

    In fact, the Xiangjiang River in the real world returned to Baodao at the same time in 1967. In addition, the Australian city that returned in 1969 is also the three special administrative regions that implement the one-country-two-system policy, which is quite different from the situation in the dream world.

    Similar to the dream world, in the real world, the cultural industry of Xiangjiang had a period of great glory in the 1980s and 1990s. A large number of film and television works such as vigilance, devil, romance, city, commercial warfare and even eroticism, as well as Cantonese songs. The popularity of the popular culture of the mainland has had a profound impact.

    I have never been a martial artist since I was a child, and in order to broaden the road of play, I have worked hard in this respect. It is truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, he has never acted as a protagonist in a movie or TV until the accident.

    This is often the case in life, not to say that if you work hard, you will definitely get the results you want one's own.

    But Lu Chen knows that if you don't work hard, don't think about winning success!

    Hearing Lu Chen’s modest answer, the old gentleman was pissed off and shouted: “How to practice? When do you not understand? You yell at me, this old eye is still not stunned, not to mention pulling down! ”

    After he finished, he turned and turned away.

    Lu Chen is a bit speechless, I don't think the old gentleman looks kind and good-looking, his temper is so hot!

    Shaking his head helplessly, Lu Chen ran home all the way.

    Compared to the original underground dwelling, Jinchengyuan is farther away from the riverside park, so it is already more than 9:00 in the morning when Lu Chen eats and hides in the single apartment on the road.

    Lu Chen used to take a shower, then turned on the computer to check out one's own preparations.

    That's right, the night PK theme show is a battle!

    Just on the flight, countless pieces of information swarmed in an instant, dī dī dī called a non-stop.

    Lu Chen has a flying phoenix-free harassment function, so the information sent must be his one's own added friend, so open to see what is going on.

    It turned out that most of the news, actually came from Li Bai, the local tyrant!

    "Boss, isn't there?"

    "If you are, answer quickly, we all need you!"

    "Lu Shuai, how can your phone be turned off, you can't contact, depressed!"

    "Not in…"

    Lu Chenxi took action machine, it turned out that it was automatically shut down without electricity, and he quickly returned to Li Bai.

    "Just running back, the cell phone is out of power, what's the matter?"

    Li Bai immediately replied: "Shit, boss, you finally appeared, we Lujiajun have to be dispatched, you quickly mobilized before the war, to encourage the morale of the inspiring legion!"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look at the time and replied: "Is it too early?"

    Since he announced in the Fetion group that he will participate in the [Whale TV] PK theme show, he immediately caused a sensation in the hardcore fish meal between Lu Fei's live broadcast, which is the Lu Jiajun fan group organized by Li Bai.

    As the founder and biggest supporter of Lu Jiajun, Li Bai immediately said that he would go to Dali, and he would try to push Lu Chen into the popular anchor of [Whale TV], which refers to the top five PK!

    The current Lu Jiajun has expanded to three groups, including the first division, the second division and the third division of Lu Jiajun, all of which are super-groups with a ceiling of 5,000, which is considered to be small and large.

    Those who are willing to join the group are undoubtedly the real hardcore!

    For Lu Chen’s ignorance, Li Bai simply hates iron and does not become steel: “Is it still early? Everyone else has started to launch, and if we don’t act again, it’s really falling behind! ”

    "If you don't care about the specific affairs anyway, let me organize the arrangement, and you will say a few words in the group!"

    This Lu Chen does not know the real name of the local tyrant, is definitely a hardcore in the irons, he will Lu Jiajun fans group is simply a one's own career to do, seriously responsible to let Lu Chen be ashamed of the point.

    Lu Chen also asked Li Bai, worried that the fans group would affect his work life. How did Li Bai answer?

    Li Bai replied that his job is to eat, drink, and play. Life is a racing ** nightclub, and then all have been tired of playing, now it is to find a new joy in life.

    With money, you can be so self-willed!

    Lu Chen can only say that the more local iron powder, the better.

    At the request of the local tyrant, he immediately appeared in the fans group: "Hello everyone, I am coming!"

    The three divisions of Li Jia’s Liu Jiajun are not only paid super groups, but also a group group. Lu Chen, who has the status of an administrator, has the privilege of speaking across the group. He can speak to any group and can synchronize to all the groups. Inside the group.

    Lu Chen has just appeared, and the three groups are boiling at the same time!

    "Lu Fei is on the line!"

    "Boss, we are all looking forward to seeing you!"

    "Lu Shuai is greatly keep it up, and must win the top five in the evening, I will always support you!"

    "Don't talk about it, just look at our actions!"

    "Long live Lu Jiajun!"


    The enthusiasm from the fans made Lu Chen very moved: "Thank you for your support, I will work hard!"

    Li Bai said coolly: "What is the slogan of Lu Jiajun?"

    "The army is going out, the battle is invincible!"

    In an instant, the same message from the group seemed to be like a waterfall, filled with more than half of the screen!

    There are also various expressions in the middle.

    Li Bai immediately issued three thousand red envelopes in three groups!

    "The chief of staff forformidable might!"

    "Haha, I grabbed a red envelope of 10 yuan!"

    "I didn't grab it. I can't really hurt the handicapped party. I ask the local tyrant to send it again."

    "I didn't grab it, 55555!"

    "Come on again!"

    Li Bai said: "Don't worry, follow the planned plan. If the PK show tonight, Lu Fei greatly won the top three, then all my groups will send 10,000 red envelopes, the first five to five thousand, never give up !"

    "We fight with Lu Fei and Lu Jiajun will win!"

    Win ”

    Under the command of Li Bai, thousands of fans of the group began to act.

    Their battlefield is in the major live Broadcast website forum, the main battlefield is certainly "whale TV", followed by the relevant Third-party BBS, post bar, flying group, Letter Circle, full publicity and promote the Lu Chen live broadcast show program.

    Because many websites will strictly crack the troll army's brushing behavior, and even the IP address of the offenders, Lu Jiajun's first large-scale action is concentrated today, and strive to get the best results.

    The same thing, other anchors participating in the [Whale TV] PK theme show are doing, they also have various fans and fans, and at night is destined to break out a fierce battle!


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