The 753th chapter of the wolf is coming

    On March 13, Chenfei Media completed registration in Beijing and the two studios were formally merged into a new company.

    Beijing Chenfei Media Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 10 million. The legal representative is Lu Chen, Chen Feier is the chairman, Lu Xi is the general manager, and the three are holding 45%, 45% and 10% respectively. C17 Building in Beijing New Era Art Center.

    At the same time, the two studios were canceled in the official V of the Inspur blog, and the morning Philippine media official V was launched on the same line.

    The establishment of Chenfei Media has caused great repercussions in the circle, and even many industry predators are wary.

    Chen Feier studio was established very early, Lu Chen studio is relatively short, the two studios have a common feature, that is basically only for their own services, never signing artists.

    The only exception is Guggentana, but Chen Feier signed the Mongolian girl for another reason, which is quite different from ordinary artists.

    Now that Chenfei Media has been established, the two studios have been jointly promoted to become real companies, and the business scope covers the popular Music, drama series and movies. The business strategy is bound to undergo tremendous changes.

    Looking at the development track of Lu Chen in the past two years, I have to feel shocked.

    Lu Chen first changed the popular Music of Domestic, stirring the music scene with amazing talent and strong creative power, making 2016 his popular year!

    While sweeping the popular Musical World, Lu Chen crossed the border into the film and television circle. A self-produced "Blue Life and Death" and a "Full House" all created a miracle of viewing, and in the Republic of Korea Winning the ratings champion, the results are comparable to the sun, no one can ignore.

    However, after great success in the drama series, Lu Chen was still not satisfied. He went to Xiangjiang to set up a new studio and filmed his first film, "Ghost Story."

    This film was only 30 million yuan from the filming of "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", but in the box office war, it defeated the same type of large-scale "Painted Skin" with over 100 million investment. At present, the total number of box office has exceeded 100 million, and even the surrounding has sold tens of millions.

    What makes people speechless is that Lu Chen has arranged the director, male starring, screenwriter and soundtrack of "Ghost Story".

    The film will soon be released at Domestic.

    With all this, he joined forces with Chen Feier. How can he not let the industry peers feel the "wolf coming"?

    Of course, many people even want to cooperate with Chenfei Media, especially in the past, they have tasted the sweetness with the cooperation of the two studios, and they have sent congratulations and blessings on the blog.

    On March 15th, the newly established Chenfei Media received the pass for the "Ghost Story" Domestic, passed the SARFT content review, and the 100-minute original sample was cut off for 9 minutes.

    Domestic's film censorship system is unique in the world, and the scale of control is also very large. Many domestic films have been shot down during the script review stage, and slightly sensitive content will not work.

    This is not the most arrogant. The script is nothing more than a reinvention. It is a waste of printing fees and brain cells. It is only a matter of time. The most popular thing is that the film is hard to shoot and then submitted for trial. The result is the word "not passed"!

    "It's like you are standing outside a thick door, you don't know anything, you don't know the rules, don't know the time node, don't know the fate of your film. You can only wait for a cold answer at the end, and some unclear comments. If you don't know a few people in the door, you won't even get the real changing opinion…"

    This is a desperate statement on a personal blog after a filmmaker’s film was smashed.

    There is still a good review. As a result, the large-scale plot and scene in the film are cut off. As a result, the audience often sees a fog when watching the movie. It is clear that the front is still in the room, and suddenly it comes out. On the unclear truth, often Cursed Director does not make a mess.

    But Director is really being smashed, because the bloody violence scene is cut, and not just domestic films, even the introduction of Hollywood blockbusters can not escape this "big scissors", so many viewers have seen the film in the theater After that, I went home and searched the original version online.

    The water inside is too deep, so I really have to say it. There is no problem in writing a thick book.

    Later, the following comments were too big. Even the United States people tried their best to exert pressure through various channels. Since 2010, SARFT’s film and television drama review mechanism has been reformed. In general, the speed of the review has been accelerated and the film has been clipped. The strength has been reduced.

    Despite this, "Ghost Story" is still lost two so-called fragrant dramas.

    In fact, as early as Lu Chen’s expectation, it’s strange that SARFT’s reviewers are not cutting.

    The deletion of this 9-minute content has basically had little effect on the plot. It is quite satisfactory to get such a result. The "Ghost Story" can finally be fully developed in the massive publicity of Domestic.

    Lu Chen gave the Gundam 30 million budget for the movie's Domestic publicity!

    Xiangjiang box office has a brilliant record of over 100 million, but the movie at the Domestic box office is not a big deal. Especially after 2010, the record of the box office of the movie has been broken, 300 million, 500 million, 1 billion to 15 billion, 2 billion. Breaking the record is like cutting a melon.

    Although many record-breaking films have the phenomenon of box office water injection, news of buying box office and stealing box office has appeared from time to time, but the popularity of the Domestic movie market is unquestionable. The former box office champion is nothing today.

    The market explosion brings amazing benefits, and the amazing benefits bring fierce competition!

    At this time, the role of publicity marketing has been greatly highlighted and is indispensable.

    A film new film If not publicity is not hype, just relying on word of mouth to win the audience, there are examples, but it is absolutely rare, with a lot of chance, luck.

    Unknown movies, the theater will not give a lot of platoons – precious resources can not be wasted on the nameless generation, this is the reality, is the rule in the circle!

    Lu Chen’s publicity budget for "Ghost Story" is really not high, because before the "Ghost Story", the "Dictional Publicity" of "Painted Skin" has been vigorously launched. Huaguan Films is obviously not reconciled to Xiangjiang. The failure will bet on the Domestic market.

    And the Opponent of "Ghost Story" is not just "painting skin"!


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