The 576th chapter of the Golden Jubilee Award

    The Golden Jubilee Award is one of the two biggest drama series awards. In terms of its size and influence, in the last ten years, the Golden Jubilee Award has surpassed the older Yulan Award and became the NO. in the Domestic drama series award.1.

    Moreover, unlike the strong government taste of the Magnolia Award, the Golden Jubilee Award is the only national TV art award approved by the relevant government departments and voted by the audience. It represents to a large extent the wind direction and trend of the drama series industry in the past year. .

    As the champion of the urban drama series last year, "Full House" was nominated for the Golden Jubilee Award. This is really unbelievable. Lu Chen, who had not paid much attention to the Golden Jubilee Award, couldn’t help but feel angry and Doubt, read this entertainment news carefully.

    The content of the news report is very long. First, the insider broke the news. The biennial Golden Jubilee Award will announce the nomination list of the major awards at the end of this month, and there is no name for the popular drama "Full House" last year.

    The reporter conducted an analysis and speculation based on this insider information. He believed that "Full House" was defeated by the Golden Jubilee Award, and last year's "Blue Life and Death Love" won only two nominations for the Magnolia Award. The reason for the final result is that the grain will not be the same.

    That's the two big drama. Series the basic tenet of the prize is that the domestic drama series should follow the direction of positive energy, promote the social righteousness, promote the values of the new era, promote the national self-confidence and cohesion, can not judge the high and low value of the work with viewership ratings.

    Not only "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", other Viewership Ratings are good urban dramas, idol dramas, comedies, etc., and there are few things in the two awards.

    Finally, the reporter said that he regretted that the "Full House" missed the Golden Jubilee Award, and hoped that the final result could change, so that the romantic idol drama can also be on the elegant.

    The time for this article was published more than an hour, and the comments have reached 5000+.

    "What is the Golden Jubilee Award? Have not heard of it. "– This comment got 1000+ likes, in the first place.

    "It is represented again!" – 789 points to rank second.

    "The Magnolia Award does not talk about Viewership Ratings. It is understandable. After all, it is a government award. The Golden Jubilee Award is also followed. What is the significance of the audience voting? It's better to go directly to the award! ”

    "Oh, the upstairs is like the Golden Jubilee Award is not fixed."

    “It’s not a matter of merit. It’s enough for people’s Viewership Ratings. It’s not a few copper-plated trophies.”

    "There are so many sour people, I think this is correct!"

    "Shit, the last time was the Magnolia Award. This time it was the Golden Jubilee Award. Lu Chen was crushed enough!"

    "Is it hard to say that it is not good? It is really boring."

    "Do not care, don't care…"

    Most of these comments are ridicule and dissatisfaction with the Golden Jubilee Award, and there are also unfairness for the "Full House". There are also a few fans who should be Lu Chen's indignation, and they are directly on the list.

    Lu Chen did not turn over the long comment area, and closed the page after a few minutes.

    He asked Lu Xi: "What do you think?"

    Lu Xi shook his head and said: "I haven't heard the wind yet, and I can't confirm the truth of the news."

    "In fact, it doesn't matter if it's true, we don't miss this award!"

    When Lu Xi just saw this news, he was also very annoyed. It is normal for urban youth idols to be uncompetitive in the two awards. It is normal to not be judged by judges, but even a nomination. No, it is too much.

    "Full House" in 2016's Viewership Ratings is a proud leader, and also won the ratings of the Republic of Korea, the Golden Jubilee Organizing Committee ignored the achievements of this drama series, really not afraid of being embarrassed?

    But then again, in the popular Music, drama series and film awards of the Domestic, the Magnolia Award and the Golden Jubilee Award of the drama series are the least influential, and the past two awards have also produced a lot of shady, such as the default award, Vote for cheating, etc., the controversy in the circle has always been great.

    "Full House" does not mean that this pool of water is not necessarily a bad thing.

    In addition, the current news is still to be verified, so it is not necessary to get angry.

    My sister was afraid that Lu Chen was depressed and pissed off, and she comforted a few words.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No, no, we have enough things, no more…"

    叮 铃铃~

His words have not been finished, and the phone on the desk rang.

    Lu Xichong made a gesture and then picked up the phone: "Hey, hello, Chenfei Media."

    "Well, yes, what is the matter?"

    "Ah, I haven't heard of this before, I don't know the situation, so I can't comment."

    "I am sorry, we are not convenient for interviews for the time being."

    "Thanks, bye!"

    After talking a few words, Lu Xi put down the phone and said: "It is a reporter of Entertainment Express, and it is a matter of the Golden Jubilee Award."

    "He wants to interview you and I refused."

    Lu Chen nodded.

    At the beginning, he was also very pissed off, but after watching the online report, his mood was calm. No matter whether the final "Full House" can get the nomination of the Golden Jubilee, it does not affect the status of this drama series in the circle.

    Needless to say, Xiangjiang Satellite TV and ATV have set a very high price for this drama series. They don't value any gold or magnolia awards. In the final analysis, they rely on grades to speak.

    Whether it is to suppress or be left out, it is necessary to keep a normal heart to go further in the film and television circle.

    It is also correct to not accept interviews from reporters. Those reporters who fear that the world will not be chaotic can no longer help the two sides to tear up and get some news from the "Lu Chen shelling gold medal" to make eyeballs.

    It is stupid to expect them to report fairly and impartially. Entertainment journalists are best at taking out the rules and even making up news, and they are very welcome to go to court – nausea can disgust you!

    叮 铃铃~

The phone on the table rang again, not only that, but Lu Xi’s two cell phones screamed at the same time, and the time of the general manager’s office was constant and it became very noisy.

    Undoubtedly, it must have been that after the entertainment reporters got the news, Lu Xi estimated that there was an annoyance.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are busy, I went back to work, the script was not finished!"

    After that, he hurriedly slipped away, leaving his sister in the office to be overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

    Returning to one's own office, Lu Chen asked the assistant to send a cup of coffee.

    Although the "You from the Stars" script has been completed, there are still a lot of things that need to be corrected.

    He quickly forgot the Golden Jubilee.

    However, things are not that simple.


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