The 576th chapter Wan Jinping

    "You from the Stars" is the third urban drama that Lu Chen is preparing to shoot this year. It is also the last part of his romantic romance trilogy. After the filming, he will turn to the martial arts IP drama created by one's own.

    The male and female protagonist of this drama series is still played by him and Chen Feier, which is a perfect stage achievement.

    Because of this, Lu Chen attaches more importance to this drama series than "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House". The budget is doubled compared to "Full House", mainly adding Special Effect. Invest.

    "You from the Stars" has a certain sci-fi color, the actor is an alien with super powers and long life, this special romantic romance drama is absolutely very fresh in type.

    Lu Chen turned out "You from the Stars" in the memory of the dream world, and also wanted to create a miracle again.

    But even with a world of memory wealth, Lu Chen never lay down to make money. When he was in Xiangjiang, he began to write the script of "You from the Stars". On the basis of the original work, there was no small change. In particular, some BUG settings and plots that make the audience criticized, greatly filled the story and characters.

    In the same way, he has already achieved success in "Full House", and "You from the Stars" is no exception, and he has to do better.

    This drama series has been prepared for 30 episodes, adding a new storyline. The characters in the play have also increased by a number of characters, and the originals are higher than the original.

    In this way, Lu Chen's workload in writing scripts has increased greatly, and he likes one's own to master the whole story, so he never hired a team to create one's own like other big-name scriptwriters.

    At this point, Lu Chen has no idea what to ask for money and fame. What he really pursues is a breakthrough in his career, so that he can maintain a steady flow of momentum.

    Therefore, the script of "You from the Stars" has been written for two months. Until now, there is still no final final draft. There are still many details to be perfected. However, there is a constant stream of people seeking cooperation, and they are about to break through the threshold!

    The most active ones are Zhedong Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV. The two TV stations tasted the sweetness in "Full House", and the advertising revenue earned a lot of money. For "You from the Stars", it is a must.

    Nearly 30 satellite TV stations across the country have contacted the original Lu Chen studio for more than a dozen. Others are not uninterested, but have limited self-knowledge and no competition.

    Beyond Zhejiang Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV, the most active and most financially rich, it is undoubtedly Huhai Satellite TV.

    The price code of Huhai Satellite TV is higher than that of Zhedong Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV. So far, Lu Chen has not officially finalized the partner of "You from the Stars".

    But this does not affect the creation of the script.

    despair! despair!

    A gentle slamming sound awakened Lu Chen from his creative state.

    At this time, he found that the sky outside the floor-to-ceiling window was already dark, and the interior did not know when the light was on.

    "Is still writing?"

    Khan knocked at the door, she said with amazement: "You are sitting in front of the computer for four or five hours!"

    So long?

    Lu Chen saved the document, stood up and moved to the lower bones, and found that sitting for too long was a little sore.

    Lu Xi Waner smiled and said: "Surely hungry? Let's go, we have to eat, and someone pays for it at night. ”


    Lu Chen curious: "Who is it?"

    Lu Xi blinked: "Guess?"

    Lu Chen licked his nose and smiled bitterly: "Where can I guess it?" Is Mayfair coming back? ”

    After the establishment of Chenfei Media, Chen Feier, as "Lady Boss", was still busy than Lu Chen. A few days ago, she ran to Shanghai to shoot an advertisement. It was almost time to return.

    As for other people, Lu Chen really can't think of it.

    It’s not that he is boasting. In the circle of Beijing, people who want to invite him to dinner can’t say thousands of people. It’s no problem to shake hundreds of people, and they won’t be unknown.

    "You remember one's own wife!"

    Lu Xibai gave him a look and took the initiative to uncover the mystery: "You don't have to guess, the guest is called Wan Jinping."

    "Wan Jinping?"

    Lu Chen could not help but frown. "This name is a bit familiar!"

    Lu Xi System Notification: "He is the general manager of Hongwen manager."

    Lu Chen’s memory suddenly recovered and he knew what kind of character Wanji Ping was.

    In Beijing's Entertainment Circle, Wan Jinping is really a character!

    His reputation in the media is not big, it can even be said to be very small, and there is very little entertainment in the news of Eight Trigrams. His name can be seen as an insignificant little character.

    But those who are familiar with Wan Jinping will never regard him as a leisurely generation!

    Lu Chen heard the name of Wan Jinping for the first time. He still chatted with Li Jie when he was eating. At that time, Li Jie said that there was such a person, and it was so savvy and savvy that it was very popular in the circle.

    Although Wan Jinping opened Manager Corporation, he is actually an Advanced hacker, mainly for investors and producers to match the bridge, and the source is very good.

    For example, a rich coal boss suddenly wants to make a movie or a drama series, and wants to use one's own Xiaomi, but he doesn't understand anything in the circle. Then he finds Wanjinping even if he is looking for the right person.

    As long as there is money, Wan Jinping can quickly pull up a demon-like drama crew in Beijing, and ask a second C-list director to direct, and spend two or three months to drum up a dozen. The collection of drama series or movies is broadcast on TV stations and theaters through relationships.

    If necessary, he can also help hire a group of network promoters and media reporters to tout and publicize the hype, and a new red person from the Entertainment Circle will rise!

    Wan Jinping's path is very wild. It is not only private, but also government agencies. He is a member of the three religions, but he is rarely exposed to the public. It is not that people in the circle rarely know his existence.

    Such an old-fashioned character suddenly asked to eat, and Lu Chen could not help but pick up.

    "Do you know anything?"

    Lu Xi shook his head: "I don't know, so go check it out. He said it was a good thing on the phone, hehe."

    My sister’s lips evoked a sly smile.

    The night owl enters the house, it is nothing to do, Lu Chen is not afraid of Wan Jinping, but since Lu Xi has promised, he also wants to see what medicine is sold in the other's gourd!

    "Then let's go!"

    Lu Chen picked up the jacket resting on the chair and smiled and said: "It feels like going to the banquet!"

    My sister is huh, huh.


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