Chapter 538 Eccentricity

    Have money, no money, go home for the New Year.

    For those who have been wandering for a long time, being able to go back to a familiar and warm home and have a good dinner with their family is undoubtedly the happiest thing in life.

    On New Year's Eve in 2017, the Lu family met again and overcame everything.

    Chen Feier became the darling of the table.

    Although she has not yet married Lu Chen, it is an outsider's identity, but Fang Wei completely regards her as a one's own wife, and all the good foods are clipped into her bowl, so that Lu Chen's younger siblings are very embarrassed.

    "Mother, you are too eccentric!"

    Lu Xue, who even regarded Chen Feier as an idol, shouted dissatisfiedly: "I also want to eat chicken legs."

    The local chicken, stewed with Chinese medicine in the casserole for three or four hours, is one of the best dishes of Fang Hao. Both chicken legs are given to Chen Feier. It is no wonder that Lu Xue also yelled.

    "You still eat!"

    Fang Hao took the chopsticks and knocked on the little daughter's head. He said: "You now call one's own multiple, and your nephew has lost a lot of work."

    Taking the drama of "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing", Chen Feier followed the drama crew to run in the north and south of the country. It was very hard to shoot. Compared with the last time she came to Lujia, she really lost a lot.

    Fang Fang looked in his eyes and naturally felt distressed for his wife.

    For Chen Feier, the prospective wife, Fang Hao is very satisfied. It is not that Chen Feier is a superstar, but that she is sensible and virtuous, and can be reassuring.

    Being older is the advantage, and you don’t need to take care of it in the morning.

    Therefore, despite the small amount of time, Fang Yi recognized Chen Feier unconsciously and preferred her.

    Lu Xue squinted his head and was taught to be speechless – she was at least three pounds when she was on winter vacation.

    Chen Feier was a pretty face, and quickly put a chicken leg in the Lu Xue bowl: "I am enough."

    “In fact, Little Xue is okay, it’s okay to eat more.”

    Lu Xuemei opened his eyes and smiled: "Thank you for your nephew."

    If it is someone else's folder, she has been hit by Mother and she has no shadow in her heart.

    The party glanced at her and didn't say anything more.

    This New Year's Eve meal was very warm, but for Chen Feier, the only difficulty was that the food that was given to her was too much. In the end, Lu Chen couldn't see the help of the righteousness, and the result was a few words of Mother's complaint.

    After eating, Lu Xi and Chen Feier washed the dishes together, and then everyone sat together to watch the Spring Festival.

    CCTV's Spring Festival Gala has been held for decades. As the Domestic Viewership Ratings, the first variety program has been maintained. Seeing that the Spring Festival has become one of the new folk customs of Chinese New Year.

    Although the current Spring Festival Viewership Ratings are declining, on the New Year's Eve, its ratings are unshakable and firmly occupy the screen of the Chinese.

    Lu Xue curiously asked Chen Feier: "Xunzi, why didn't Spring Festival invite you to go?"

    In 2016, the popular Musical World of Domestic, Chen Feier can be said to be very beautiful, a "Flower Woman" album let her complete the transformation, and climb the new peak, no female Singer can compare with her.

    Therefore, it is normal for Chen Feier to board the Spring Festival. It is a bit strange to be selected.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Spring Festival is not something you want to go. I have been there twice, so it is normal to not go this time."

    Spring Festival is really not something that anyone can think of, and no big name. The Spring Festival Program is not only based on the quality of the quality, personal connections or other factors that are unclear.

    For example, in recent years, the language program of the audience ridicule, whether it is Crosstalk or Sketch, gives the impression that it is not as good as one year. Is it really the creators who have done it all?

    This is not the case. The water inside is very deep. If you say it for a few days and nights, you can't finish it.

    Chen Feier is one of the few people who know the insider. In fact, when the Spring Festival selected the Program, there was also a voice that invited her to participate, but she chose to give up one's own.

    Because for the current Chen Feier, the fame and fortune brought by the Spring Festival is far less than the happiness of eating New Year's Eve here.

    Another reason is that Lu Chen was not invited.

    Of course, for these reasons, she will not tell anyone, including Lu Chen.

    Lu Xue didn't understand, just regret: "It's a pity."

    Is it a pity?

    Chen Feier smiled and looked at Lu Chen sitting next to one's own, and did not feel any pity.

    The Spring Festival broadcast time is very long, the Lu family did not see it very late, just after 11 o'clock, they went to rest.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier also returned to the room.

    Near midnight, when the fireworks were smashing, the two didn't sleep, so they sat together on the balcony chairs to enjoy the blossoming blooms in the distant night sky.

    The local custom of the coastal area, the firecrackers and fireworks on New Year's Eve should be placed until the next morning. The more wealthy people put, the more they are placed. The more they are placed, the more they earn in the coming year.

    Of course, not everyone adheres to this custom. For example, the Jingsheng District of Lujia is concentrated in many local rich people, and no one has seen anyone harassing neighbors.

    But this year's New Year's Eve fireworks are extraordinarily splendid and beautiful in the clear night sky.

    Chen Feier shrank in Lu Chen’s arms and looked up at the night sky. He whispered softly: “It’s one year older.”

    A little sad, a bit stunned.

    Era is ruthless in the past, and it is a year in the blink of an eye. She is extra sensitive as a woman.

    Lu Chen whispered: "Is it afraid that I will not be married when I am older?" It doesn't matter, I am jealous of you! ”

    Chen Feier couldn't help but smile and smiled at him whitely: "I won't marry you!"

    Lu Chenxiao smiled and bowed her head on her cool red lips.

    Something entangled and sucked until Chen Fei’s pretty face was flushed.

    Lu Chen let go and smiled and asked: "Is this not married?"

    Chen Feier’s eyes are like silk, but she shook her head hard: “Don’t marry!”


    Lu Chen finally couldn't help it: "This is what you forced me!"

    He jerked up and picked up Chen Feier and turned back to the room.

    In the screams of Chen Feier’s repression, the big bed sagged down.

    In the room, it’s spring!


    On New Year's Day, because the firecrackers outside were very noisy, the two got up very early.

    According to the usual practice, after eating breakfast, Fang Hao took the family to the Changle Temple to worship Buddha.

    Then I entered the link of visiting my relatives.

    On the fifth day of the first month of the first month, Lu Chen and Chen Feier flew to Xiangjiang together, and did not stay in Yuanxiao on the seashore.

    The new year has already begun, and the career of the two is also a new beginning!


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