Chapter 530 is your most precious

    The passage of time is always so fast, and it is already more than 9 o'clock in the evening.

    The Lu Chen fans’ thank-you meeting held in the Forgotten Grass Bar is coming to an end, but the atmosphere inside is hot and hot. From time to time, loud applause, laughter and cheers penetrate the thick walls and glass windows. Walking street.

    Pedestrians and tourists who come and go are attracted to pay attention, and some try to enter the bar to watch the fun, but they are blocked by the Xie Ke card and security guards standing at the door.

    On the stage, Lu Chen just finished drinking a bottle of mineral water.

    There was a fine sweat on his forehead, and the crystal light shone in the light. Although it was really tired to interact with the fans and sing, the mood is still excited.

    The applause sounded again. Lu Chen grabbed the microphone with one hand and breathed a few times. He said, "I will invite another guest to go on stage, a very special guest. She is the most important thing in my life. And one of the most precious people, please…"

    "Chen Feier!"

    Not waiting for Lu Chen to name the other party, the fans at the scene shouted in unison.

    Lu Chen was shocked: "You all know it?"


Everyone casts a contemptuous look at the intentionally ignorant Lu Chen – Chen Feier has been sitting there!

    Lu Chen surrendered: "Well, I am wrong, then I have Miss Chen Feier now!"


    The cheers are so loud.

    The fans who are fortunate enough to participate in the thank-you meeting tonight are really happy. They can not only interact with Lu Chen in close quarters, but also enjoy the live performances of Lu Chen, Yan Band and MSN.

    Now, it’s Chen Feier!

    As a guest of the fans' appreciation meeting, the weight of the band and MSN is undoubtedly enough. Anyone can be a surprise, but it is a lot worse than Chen Feier.

    Different meanings.

    Chen Feier is not only Lu Chen’s girlfriend, but also the popular figure of Musical World. More importantly, she won the best female Singer’s title at the Awards ceremony at last night’s Golden Melody.

    Lu Chen is the best male Singer, she is the best female Singer, the two join hands in the world Undefeatable!

    In the cheers, Chen Feier went to the go on stage.

    She Yingying smiled and said: "Thank you all, don't you know if there are any fans in the friends here?"

    The voice just fell, and one arm was lifted high!

    "So much…"

    Chen Feier smiled and bent and said, "Are you really so good, let Mr. Lu Chen have no face?"

    Lu Chen made a helpless expression, everyone laughed.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "No kidding. The following song is also a new work from Mr. Lu Chen."

    "You are the most precious, I hope everyone likes it!"

    After that, Chen Feier turned to look at Lu Chen, Lu Chen nodded and extended her hand to her.

    Chen Feier pulled the hand that Lu Chen handed over, and the Music accompaniment sounded at the same time.

    The two eyes are relatively open-minded, this silent, warm tacit understanding quickly infected all the fans in the bar, and the scene instantly became quiet.

    Lu Chen: "This time next year, about this location."

    Chen Feier: "Remember to bring roses, tie them and tie them."

    Lu Chen: "The most emotional moments are true, and the heart is not tired.

    Chen Feier: "Too many loves are afraid of drunkenness, and no one who loves beauty again will be jealous."

    Lu Chen: "I will send you a red rose!"

    Chen Feier: "You know that I love to cry."

    Lu Chen: "You don't take a lifetime of tears."

    "The future will be beautiful, the dream will be true!"

    Chen Feier: "Is the future a beautiful day, the dream will be true!"

    "I learned to be intoxicated in your love…"

    Lu Chen: "I don't retreat."

    "You guard me through the night~"

Two people together: "I am willing to follow this road of love…

    "Your most precious!"


    In the past 2016 Chinese Musical World, it was recognized that Lu Chen and Chen Feier were the best Singer couples, but although each of them had a big sale album, there were only a handful of male and female singers.

    The most famous is undoubtedly the theme song "Your Eyes" of "Blue Life and Death".

    This song was red because of "Blue Life and Death", which in turn made more people know Lu Chen and Chen Feier. At that time, it became a love song for lovers in KTV, and even spread to Japanese and Korean and Southeast Asia. The area was covered by many foreign Singers.

    But "Your Eyes" was created at the end of 2015, and it has been more than a year now.

    After more than a year of Era, the relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is more stable, and the fan fans are also very hopeful that the two can launch more chorus works.

    At this moment, these fans are satisfied!

    The highest realm of love is to live a dull year. Sometimes happiness is like the sand in the palm of your hand. The tighter you hold, the faster you lose. Sometimes happiness is more like the flowers on the other side. It is faintly visible but cannot be touched.

    The love between Lu Chen and Chen Feier was born because of the fate, and there was no passion for your death, but it was able to withstand the rush of Era, such as the aged wine, which became more and more fragrant as the years passed.

    Because they are the most precious existence in each other's minds!

    Who is igniting the heart of the waiting in the dark, who is waiting for the persistence of love in the silence, and who is letting the thoughts radiate the light of love in the morning faint, this "You are the most precious" is Lu Chen for Chen Feier The singer is his persistent obsession with love.

    Only in this way, is the most moving!

    In the forget-free grass bar, it is very quiet, only the songs of two people are intertwined, lingering in the ears of everyone, touching the heartstrings, feeling the sweetness and beauty of love.

    The same melody, the same lyrics, repeated over and over again, the repressed emotions gradually accumulate until the advent of the climax, as if the tide of the sea slammed the levees on the shore, banging!

    "I am willing to follow this road of love, you are the most precious!"

    When Chen Feier and Lu Chen sang the last sentence, both of them saw the tenderness and firmness of the same feelings from each other's eyes, and the feelings sublimated to a higher level in this moment.

    This unspeakable tacit understanding deeply infected everyone present, including fans and fans, and the friends in the bar were able to smell the needles and even stop breathing.

    Or Lu Chen broke the silence and clasped Chen Fei's hand and said: "You are the most precious."

    "thank you all!"

    The next moment, the applause broke out fiercely, and the atmosphere of the fans' thank-you meeting was immediately pushed to the climax. There was no cheering, no screaming, only applause, the purest applause.

    On the corner, Mu Xiaochu secretly wiped his eyes and spilled tears, smiling and applauding.


Note: "You are the most precious" lyrics: Lin Mingyang / Composer: Ling Weiwen (unfinished ~^~)

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