The 555th apology

    Movie peripheral products refer to products developed according to character characters, scenes, items, logos, etc. in the film, including toys, clothing, accessories, audio and video, books, daily necessities, etc., mainly relying on the popularity and influence brought by the film release. .

    In United States Hollywood, movie peripheral products have already formed a large and mature industry. The box office of many movies may only earn back the cost, but it still earns a lot of money by selling the surrounding products.

    According to the statistics of the 2016 United States Film Association, in the Hollywood film industry, the contribution value of peripheral products exceeds 30%, and two-thirds of the revenue of many movies comes from the sales of peripheral products!

    This is undoubtedly a very attractive big cake.

    However, the cake is delicious, but it is very difficult to eat the mouth. Domestic and Xiangjiang also started the development of the movie peripheral products very early, but the result is completely unsatisfactory.

    Two years ago, the predator of the Xiangjiang film circle, Bao Delong Film, invested 170 million to film the "Super Hero" adapted by Hong Kong Man. It aims to replicate the Hollywood model and make great achievements in the peripheral products to build the Manhua Hero. IP is ambitious.

    However, this plus the publicity fee, the total investment of more than 200 million Hong Kong-based blockbusters, and finally only got 68 million in the box office in Hong Kong, and the mainland box office only barely reached 300 million, a mess.

    At that time, Bao Delong Film also dropped 12 million yuan on the periphery of "Super Wei Xia", and ordered a large number of dolls, Item models, jewelry and daily necessities, etc. As a result, Xiangjiang plus the mainland sold a total of 5.1 million. .

    It is necessary to know that the profit of the peripheral products of the movie is very high. The cost of a set of dolls is 100, the sales price is at least three or four hundred, and the sales of 5.1 million are relatively low to the investment cost of 12 million.

    "Super Wei Xia" still borrowed the original Manhua's fame to sell some of the surrounding, otherwise the loss is even worse!

    In the end, Bao Delong Film was forced to destroy a large backlog of finished products, which became a joke in the industry.

    In fact, if it wasn't for Baodelong's overconfidence that led to prediction errors, the surrounding sales of 5.1 million were still possible, because most of the mainland and Xiangjiang movies have no surrounding, and some are just low-cost posters.

    The example of "Super Wei Xia" also makes people in the industry discouraged from the surrounding products. They watched Hollywood's large-scale meat eating, and the envy of the hands became the most common phenomenon.

    So when everyone heard that "Ghost Story" was released on the first day of the product sales of 2.65 million, the first feeling is not to believe, do not believe it!

    "Ghost Story" is not a popular adaptation of Manhua's play, lacking the fans' foundation of the works. Although everyone is familiar with "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", this is a ghost film. The type that suits the surrounding is not right first.

    However, it is even more impossible to say that sales fraud is more likely. First of all, Lu Chen Studio and Jiayang Film have not been able to make Xiangjiang's theaters cooperate with them to fabricate data. Secondly, there is absolutely no such necessity.

    Because the sale of peripheral products is not to buy a box office, isn't it a fool to pay for one's own?

    So when the confirmation message is true, everyone’s second feeling is incredible.

    Really incredible!

    But whether you believe it or not, the evaluation of "Ghost Story" by industry professionals has suddenly increased.

    This movie has a red trend!

    Quite simply, if the movie audience doesn't like the movie to a certain extent, how can he be willing to pay for the expensive peripheral products that are expensive compared to the movie ticket?

    I sold 2.65 million on the first day. How much can I sell during the four-week release?

    Xiangjiang can sell so much, how much can it be sold in the mainland as the home of Lu Chen?

    No one can make an accurate estimate – say more and less are shameful.

    Everyone has to admire Lu Chen, selling so many neighbors, first of all to lay so many goods, plus stocking inventory, Lu Chen dare to save money in the periphery of countless peers as a restricted area, whether it is Philip or confidence It is super strong.

    And he has a big chance to win!

    This has led more people to look at the "Ghost Story". The original spectator has been cold-eyed or the film has been dismissed. Many people even booked the movie tickets for "Ghost Story".

    The publication of the publicity advertisement on the newspaper website is not as good as seeing it!


    "I don't have many people who I really admire in Zhou Yiping…"

    Seeing Lu Chen, Zhou Yi said with incomparable feeling: "Lu Shao is definitely one of them!"

    Just after getting the first day box office and surrounding sales data of "Ghost Story", the behind-the-scenes boss of Jiayang Films couldn't sit still and went to studio to find Lu Chen.

    Zhou Yi is not a boring person, but in fact Jiayang Film is not the most important industry in his name, but this heavy sales data makes him unable to remain calm.

    More than two million sales of peripheral products!

    Thanks to the policy factors, after the film produced by Xiangjiang Film Company was released in Hong Kong, the proportion of the film obtained was much stronger than that of the mainland counterparts, with almost five or five points.

    Also in other words 1 million box office, the film can get 500,000 or more, which is one of the important reasons why Xiangjiang's local market is small, but it can make so many movie companies survive.

    But 50% or 60% of the box office is divided into the profit of the surrounding products, that is the slag!

    As a very successful businessman, Zhou Yi knows the doorway.

    What makes Zhou Yi feel ashamed is that when Lu Chen decided to invest a lot of money to order the products of "Ghost Story", he was against it – "Super Wei Xia" can be seen before!

    However, Lu Chen was stubborn and would rather not give up. Zhou Yi finally agreed to the development plan of Lu Chen for the sake of maintaining the relationship between the two parties, and there was still a flaw in his heart.

    I want to come now, if he missed it at the time, it is estimated that the intestines must be remorse at this time!

    “Zhou boss praised…”

    Lu Chen smiled and asked Zhou Yi to sit down and let the assistant Li Zhen go to the guests to pour tea.

    Originally Zhou Yi did not come, he is also ready to talk to the other side.

    Zhou Yi said: "I came here this time. First of all, I apologize to Lu Shao. As a partner, Jiayang Film has not done enough in the past, and asked Lu Shao to forgive!"

    Said, he actually stood up and apologized to Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen quickly got up and said: "Zhou boss is heavy, don't need it, really don't need it!"

    In the early days of cooperation, especially when faced with the threat from Jiang Family, the performance of the first two ends of Jiayang Film made Lu Chen very dissatisfied, but the back was still very good.

    Without the strong support and cooperation of Jiayang Film, "Ghost Story" is unlikely to be released so smoothly.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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