Chapter 599 is shocking

    Some people do wrong things and say the wrong words, they will do everything possible to repudiate, evade or simply pretend death dogs, but some people will apologize, even if it may affect one's own reputation.

    There are a lot of big V small V in Inspur blog, both kinds of people, the number of the former is undoubtedly far more than the latter, and some even prefer to abide by the lawsuit to lose money without apologizing, that is, worry about falling powder.

    Wang Xiaoxu is undoubtedly the latter.

    His pen is very powerful, and he never easily loses to argue with others in his columns and blogs, but if he is really one's own wrong, he won't die for his face.

    At 10:05 on April 4th, the well-known author and film critic, in a personal blog of one's own 1.75 million fans, solemnly apologized to "Ghost Story" and Lu Chen.

    The cause of the apology is naturally his last question in the "Weekly Movie Talk" on the "Ghost Story" Xiangjiang box office and surrounding sales. It turns out that he is wrong.

    Because this evening, Wang Xiaoxu personally went to the theater to watch the movie, and bought a peripheral product.

    Without an investigation, he has no say. He admits that one's own has made a subjective mistake and has a habitual prejudice against domestic films, but he did not expect that "Ghost Story" is so good.

    In this blog post, Wang Xiaoxu praised "Ghost Story" and thought that the film reached a high standard in terms of plot, character, soundtrack or background Item, including Special Effect, especially in terms of soundtrack and character shaping. Call it a real boutique!

    The surrounding products of "Ghost Story" are not only rich in quantity, but also excellent in quality, and the price is not very expensive. It is both unexpected and reasonable to be able to set such high sales.

    Whether it is the film itself or the surrounding products, the producers have done the word "intention"!

    In the past decade or so, the Domestic movie market has continued to flourish. With the advent of the Internet era, movie commentary has not only been limited to a few professionals, but online bloggers and bloggers have talked about the netizens.

    However, in this circle of big and small, Wang Xiaoxu is undoubtedly an influential film critic. His film review articles not only appear in personal blogs, but also often published in newspapers and magazines.

    So when his film review written in the form of an apology was published on the blog, it immediately caused a lot of shock in the circle, and many people in the circle repeatedly forwarded or commented.

    The fans who had been ridiculed by Wang Xiaoxu met, and they immediately changed their positions. They praised Wang Xiaoxu’s sincere apology and forwarded it in large numbers.

    The number of Wang Xiaoxu's blog fans actually broke through 2 million!

    Many ordinary netizens who saw Wang Xiaoxu's blog post could not help but curiosity about "Ghost Story". Everyone wants to see if this film that is so praised is genuine, and they have ordered movie tickets online.

    Although some people suspected that Wang Xiaoxu had collected the money and joined forces with Lu Chen, the voice was too weak to look down on any storms.

    The reason is very simple, because the Opponent of "Ghost Story" is imported Hollywood blockbusters, not a huge domestically produced film, otherwise the doubt will be at least ten times louder.

    The public opinion on the Internet can affect the reality. The word-of-mouth of the movie is especially true. The "Ghost Story" on the first day of April 2 was 38.75 million at the box office, breaking through 40 million the next day, reaching 4 million on the 4th, breaking the billion in three days!

    What is astounding is that the box office of "Ghost Story" on April 5 has soared to 65 million+, and the filming rate has exceeded 30%. It is a powerful anti-explosion of "Flames of War"!

    "Flames of War" has been released for two weeks, and the box office decline is inevitable, but the problem is that since the release of "Ghost Story", its box office decline trend is very Celebrity, especially on the 5th, it is even more tragic. It was 37 million and lost to the box office of "Ghost Story" of 28 million.

    According to the words of a person in the circle, it is the eyeball that broke the ground!

    The goal of "Flames of War" is to go to more than one billion. The real opponent selected by it is the fantasy film "The Legend of the Holy Land" that will be released by Lions on April 9. It also invests in huge Hollywood blockbusters. .

    Unexpectedly, I did not wait for the "Sacred Land Legend" to arrive, and first lost to "Ghost Story".

    On the publicity, the scale of investment, and the Special Effect scene…"Flames of War" can lightly crush "Ghost Story", and the results are really eye-popping.

    On April 6th, 7th, and 8th, the box office of "Ghost Story" continued to rise with the increase of the filming rate, pulling out a dazzling big Yangxian line, and before the release of "The Legend of Holy Land" on the 8th. One day, the single-day box office broke 100 million!

    For a domestic film, this is undoubtedly a miraculous existence, although it is not unique, but in recent years it is absolutely only this case has no other home!

    From April 2nd to 8th, "Ghost Story" was released for one week, and the box office in the first week reached 420 million.

    The industry is silent.

    Many people know that the investment of "Ghost Story" is only 30 million. The publicity marketing of Domestic is basically the same, even if it is counted as the subsequent publicity investment, the top is not more than 100 million.

    The $420 million box office has steadily earned back all the costs and achieved considerable profitability.

    Not only that, the sales of "Ghost Story" has reached 80 million+, creating a record of domestically produced films including Hong Kong and Taiwan, and this sales performance has greatly exceeded the "Flames of War".

    A Hollywood blockbuster that has invested more than 100 million US dollars has actually lost to a domestic movie in the surrounding sales. This was something that I could not have imagined before, and it is now realized!

    This can not help but remind people of the previous words published by Lu Chen on the blog, saying that "Ghost Story" will win 500 million box office and over 100 million peripheral sales.

    At that time, apart from Lu Chen’s hardcore fans, there were not many people who believed that many people in the circle were still secretly laughing at his arrogance and thought that he was stunned.

    How is it now? ""Ghost Story" more than 500 million box office is not a problem at all, the impact of 1 billion is not a dream, but has such real potential.

    The people who laughed at Lu Chen, now they are all swollen!

    What is really amazing is still behind. On April 9th, because of the release of "The Legend of the Holy Land", "Ghost Story" finally made people fall down with a slap in the face, and the box office was 87 million.

    However, under the same platoon rate, the "Sacred Land Legend" box office was more than 80 million, and even on the first day, it was lost to the "Ghost Story" that has been released for 8 days!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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