Chapter 598 is online

    At 6:30 in the morning, Gao He woke up from his sleep on time.

    When I was in college, he played games late at night, and often wakes up at eight or nine o'clock during the day. The days are calm and comfortable. The friends who are interested in Fellow Daoist and the gentle and considerate girlfriends are really happy. .

    It was not until graduation that I realized that life was so cruel.

    Luck's is, Gao He insisted.

    In order to have a bright future with Wang/Xiao Ling, and in order to live up to Lu Chen’s good intentions, he put all his efforts into the fun and mutual entertainment. Every morning and night, it’s rainy and unimpeded, often in the company. Just to come up with the best products.

    The [Happy Farm], which has just been completed, carries his dream of no regrets.

    Today, it is the day when [Happy Farm] is officially operated.

    Important days.

    The memory rose in my mind, and Gao’s mind became sober. He bowed his head and kissed Wang/Xiao Ling, who was still asleep, and quickly got up and dressed.

    Today, he wants to be the first to arrive at the company!

    "Are you awake?"

    At this time, Wang/Xiao Ling also woke up. She opened her eyes and looked up. She asked me, "What time is it?"

    Gao He smiled and said: "Just at half past six, you will sleep more."

    Wang/Xiao Ling blinked and glanced at him and said, "Where can I sleep?"

    She also followed.

    Last night's meeting with Lu Chen, the two people touched a lot. Originally, whether it was Gaohe or Wang/Xiaoling, I just wanted to have fun and good entertainment, and I didn't want to do anything in the industry. I just wanted to earn back. Investment costs, and then mixed with a car and a room is satisfied.

    After knowing Lu Chen’s vision of a happy future, the two talents found that one’s own vision was too shallow and the goal pursued was too small.

    Everyone has ambitions in their hearts. There are only some big and small ones, some of which are deeply buried. Lu Chen’s rhetoric easily evokes the ambitions of Gao He and Wang/Xiao Ling.

    As the first step to achieving ambition, the success of [Happy Farm] is crucial.

    At this moment, Gao He’s mood was uneasy. Wang/Xiao Ling was excited and excited. The two men finished the washing with the fastest Speed, and then they just had to eat breakfast and went out to take the subway to the company.

    Just after 8 o'clock, the company's employees are all there – the normal working time is 9 o'clock.

    Lu Chen also came to enjoy the fun at 9:00, and participated in the online ceremony of today's Happy Network.

    The presence of the staff are happy and entertaining. The so-called ritual is just a special preparation of a computer, which can be completed with a click of a mouse. The ceremony is too exaggerated.

    Wang/Xiao Ling announced aloud: "Everyone applauded and asked our chairman to open the happy online line!"


    Immediately in the office area, there was an applause of applause. Nearly 30 employees gathered together, and the young smiles contained excitement, expectation, and embarrassment.

    Happy and mutual entertainment has been established for so long, [Happy Farm] is the scorpion is a horse, it is time to take it out!

    In contrast, Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most calm, he sat down in front of the computer without hesitation, and controlled the mouse to click the confirmation button.

    The screen's picture suddenly changed. The homepage of appeared instantly and was projected onto the screen by the projector.

    Applause is even louder!

    The website of was purchased by Lu Chen as early as last year. It is only today that it shows the true face of Lushan. The well-designed website is quite eye-catching. The overall style is simple and bright and lively. The main [Happy Farm] is placed. Placed in the most eye-catching position.

    [Happy Farm] 1.0, cell phone version, tablet version, web version and even TV version can be downloaded on the website.

    All versions are interconnected, and the advantages of the Fetion platform are used to expand customers. The game itself is completely free, but the Game Merchant Shop provides paid items and sells items to achieve profitability.

    Unlike those mobile games and page games that are used for fishing, [Happy Farm]'s charge item does not seriously damage the game balance. For example, there are tools for automatic watering, weeding and de-worming, but there is no automatic timing collection. .

    Because the automatic collection of timing breaks the balance, the game players who want to steal food lose their fun. For example, if they can look at the puppies in the nursing home, the burglar thief has a probability. It is not a dog. Worry, at most, only reduces the probability of being stolen.

    The dog food is for a fee. A bag of dog food can feed for ten days, but only three yuan a month.

    If you don't buy dog ​​food, then the puppy will also run away. I believe that most of the users who keep the dog are willing to pay a small amount of money. The dog itself is designed to be very cute, and there are many varieties. for selection.

    Don't look at three dollars to feed a month's dog food value is very low, but if the number of users come up, dozens, hundreds or even tens of millions of players online, it is very impressive, so there are other Item.

    "User services and anti-plugs must be the best…"

    After completing the small ceremony of, Lu Chen said to Gao He: "Don't be afraid to spend money."

    An interactive small game like [Happy Farm], if the user size and influence is small, there is no difference with other small games, then no one will be willing to spend the effort to hang out.

    But if the impact is big, users reach millions or even tens of millions, it is completely different.

    Plug-in is the game balance destroyer, although the country has corresponding legal punishment, but want to completely eliminate it can not be done, can only rely on one's own to control the blow.

    If you let the plug-in run, the charge item will not be sold at all, you want to return to the book and achieve profitability, it is undoubtedly an idiotic dream, many games are ruined on the plug.

    Gao He patted his chest and said: "Do not worry, my technical aspect is definitely a top expert!"

    In the aspect of technique Lu Chen is very confident about the high boss, he said that it is the top Expert, it must not be wrong.

    "That's good…"

    Lu Chen smiled: "You don't have to worry about the game publicity, let me fix it!"

    In today's era, it is no longer an era when the wine is not afraid of the alley. The real good wine needs to be slammed on the street to achieve its value.

    Publicity promotion is the promotion of money, but not all publicities need to spend money, and rational use of their own resources, often with little or no money, can still have a good effect.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||In Lu Chen’s heart, there are already good ideas.


The second is sent.(|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||To be continued~^~)

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