Chapter 534 is aggressive

    On February 12th, there are two days away from Valentine's Day 2017.

    Valentine's Day originated from the West, and the Xiangjiang people who experienced the colonial era also regarded Valentine's Day as an important holiday, especially for many young men and women, this day is even more important than the Spring Festival.

    Send flowers to send chocolate, date to eat and watch movies, then go to the bar to hang around late at night, and finally open a room in the hotel romantic to early morning, become the standard program for many Hong Kong people to Valentine's Day.

    The resulting consumption power is of course extremely powerful. The cinemas of Xiangjiang greatly Xiaoxiao are often prepared in advance to meet the full flow of passengers.

    Therefore, these days of Valentine's Day are undoubtedly the hotspot of the New Year's stalls. Many new films with strength and ambition often choose to be released at this time, pushing one's own first day and the first week of the box office.

    On February 14th, it is expected that seven new films will be released in 129 theaters in Xiangjiang. With the film released years ago, the competition is fierce – everyone is staring at this fat cake.

    In the absence of strong competition from Hollywood blockbusters, "Painted Skin" is undoubtedly the most interesting part of the seven new films. The stills and trailers released in the early stage have also been recognized by film critics and many viewers, plus media advertising. The indiscriminate bombing has brought a high market expectation.

    Rewrite the story of "Ghost Stories", create a first-class Chinese fantasy movie, and conquer the audience with the top Special Effect!

    This is the publicity advertisement of Painted Skin.

    On the evening of February 12th, Huaguan Films teamed up with Star Art Entertainment to hold the world premiere of "Painted Skin" at the Oriental Hollywood Theatre.

    The predecessor of the Oriental Hollywood Theatre is the Dongzhu Cinema, one of the earliest cinemas in Hong Kong. It dates back to the beginning of the last century and has a history of more than 100 years. It is a household name in Xiangjiang.

    The Eastern Hollywood Theatre, located in the prime location of Central, has undergone three renovations and is now the largest cinema in Hong Kong, with 19 separate lounges, including a hall that can accommodate thousands of spectators.

    Because of its old qualifications, high reputation and large scale, Xiangjiang has even included some Hollywood blockbusters, which have chosen the Oriental Hollywood Theatre as the premiere venue.

    Huaguan Films held the premiere of "Painted Skin" at the Oriental Hollywood Theatre, which undoubtedly showed ambition.

    Just after 7pm, the open-air small square in front of the main entrance of the Oriental Hollywood Theatre has gathered a large number of media reporters and watching the lively people. Of course, there are also Celebrity fans who hold the cards.

    A long red carpet has been paved to the theater gate from the side of the road in front of the square. The signature wall, the flower arch, and the media interview area are all available. People who don’t know it think that there is a grand ceremony here!

    But Celebrity, which appeared here on the red carpet tonight, is really no better than some awards.

    This is fully evident from the cheers of the fans in the audience and the flashing of the flash.

    "Annie!"Zhang Meiyun! ""Ancient celebration! "…

    The owners of these names are currently the characters of Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle New Generation. The publicity point of "Painted Skin" is the youth idol. The film is a collection of popular new artists, handsome and handsome.

    And they also sent out their news on their blogs early, so there were a large number of fans coming to the scene to support, the atmosphere of the premiere was very hot.

    As for the media, let alone say that Huaguan Film has already set aside millions of publicity fees on Hong Kong Island. However, all the newspapers and magazines websites that share the benefits will send powerful soldiers to help out.

    "Jiang Wei!"

    At 7:39, Jiang Wei, the hero of "Painted Skin", finally appeared on the go on stage.

    The popular star of Star Entertainment seems to have not been affected by the recent scandals. He wears a white suit from the Mercedes-Benz and smiles with his smile. It immediately attracts countless attentions.

    "Jiang Wei!"Jiang Wei! ”

    A group of female fans were so excited that they held up their co-helpers and aids cards and gifts, while shouting Jiang Wei’s name and rushing toward him in the crowd.

    The security personnel on the scene saw the situation is not good, immediately formed a wall to block it, not let these crazy powder cross the line.

    Jiang Weizhi waved his hand with satisfaction, then stepped on the red carpet with his head on the chest and walked onto the signature desk with the flash.

    After signing the name, he went to the media interview area to be interviewed by reporters.

    In fact, under the usual situation, the film's starring and creative staff will be interviewed by media reporters after the premiere. Huaguan Films will break through the convention and make the premiere ceremony into the Awards ceremony. It is also a unique idea.

    Or say sensationalism.

    "Mr. Jiang Wei, can you talk about this movie?"

    A dozen or so microphones and recorders with media logos were placed in front of Jiang Wei. One of the reporters couldn’t wait to ask: “How many box office do you predict for “Painted Skin”?”

    Jiang Wei said with confidence: "Painted Skin" is a good movie and a wonderful film worthy of the audience to pay for it. Its Special Effect is not lost to Hollywood movies. As for the specific plot story, Please everyone's own to watch in the theater, I am not spoiled here."

    "As for the box office…"

    He paused and continued: "I predict that there should be more than 30 million box office results in Hong Kong. It is not impossible to break through 50 million, because the quality of "Painted Skin" is good enough."

    Although most of these media reporters are specially invited, the red envelope will not be intentionally martyrdom, but Jiang Wei’s answer still leaves room for it, which is more cautious.

    Although the film market in Xiangjiang cannot be compared with the mainland, it has a scale of three to four billion. With the investment amount and publicity fee of "painting skin", the box office of 30-50 million yuan is still very likely to be realized.

    After all, this time is a period of watching the movie, and there will be a wave of heat after the festival.

    Another reporter asked: "As far as I know, the "Ghost Story" of the same type as "Painted Skin" will premiere on the 18th. What do you think of this movie?"

    Jiang Wei hooked his lips and looked like a silent contempt. He smiled and said: "I don't pay much attention to the movie you mentioned, so I can't talk about it, but I Believe's "Painted Skin" Powerful enough to defeat any opponent, please wait and see!"

    In the last few words, he was full of pride and full of aggressiveness.

    Jiang Wei's incomparably confident appearance makes reporters' eyes brighter, and the camera shutter's snoring is endless, accompanied by continuous inquiry.

    "Mr. Jiang Wei, can you talk about your anecdote with Miss Wu Mengzhen?"

    "Is you really…"


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