Chapter 537 is capable

    "Who was the last mentor to ask?" ”

    Tian Tian has big eyes, innocent and expecting to make Lu Chen very speechless – it is not enough to invite a real big coffee?

    Chen Feier grinned.

    Lu Chen kind of dig pit one ' s own fell into the feeling, simply send Buddha sent to the West: "I make a phone call." ”

    In fact, he has already thought of another big wrist of Musical World.

    "Liao Jia big brother, I haven't seen you for a long time, how are you?"

    The biggest wrist of Musical World is Liao Jia, a real old gun that has played rock and roll, and is also the industry Senior.

    Lu Chen’s friendship with Liao Jia was very good. When he was in Beijing, the latter often called Lu Chen to drink.

    However, due to the friendship, Lu Chen did not have the full grasp to invite this full-fledged old guy, because Liao Jia had a lot of disdain for the popular entertainment variety program.

    Who asked him to give Tian Tian an idea to open the company and enter the stock?

    Liao Jia is very dissatisfied: "Lu Chen, the younger brother, has something to say, do we need to play this virtual set?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then I will say it right. I have a friend who is going to make a Singing Class reality show. The four instructors are still one, and the three missing ones are looking for you!"


    Liao Jia said one sentence and asked: "Who are the other three?"

    Lu Chen heard a play and quickly replied: "I, Mayfair and Shi Fang."

    "Shi Fang?"

    Lu Chen can also feel the surprise of Liao Jia across the phone: "Shi Fang of Xiangjiang?"

    “Yes,” Lu Chen said: “Liu Gangsheng’s eldest brother introduced it.”


    Liao Jia said: "The more you play, the bigger you are!"

    Lu Chen asked: "Liao Jia big brother, then can you come?"

    Liao Jia said: "I am a good one, right, who is your friend?"

    Lu Chen explained: "Tell Tian Tian, ​​who was originally the host of Zhedong TV Station, resigned from the newly opened company."

    "Fucking exercises!"

    Liao Jia broke cursed: "I know, isn't the last beauty you saved? Into your little three? ”

    "You kid can bear, actually dare to marry Mayfair…"

    His Voice is so loud that Chen Feier and Tian Tian, ​​both in the elevator, can hear clearly.

    Tian Tian was so shy that she couldn’t lift her head, and Chen Feier couldn’t listen to it. She grabbed Lu Chen’s cell phone and said to the microphone: “Liao Jia, what are you talking about, this company is three of us. Joint stock!"

    She instantly became the Queen of BOSS, and she dropped the number of Liao Jia.

    Chen Feier returned the cell phone to Lu Chen until the elevator opened to the top floor.


    Liao Jia is still there, but it should be badly beaten. The voice is a lot smaller: "Know, you let me contact my manager, and there is something else…"

    He seems to be a bit difficult to talk about.

    Lu Chen stood at the door of the elevator and refused to walk. He said with a smile: "Liao brother, there is something to say, do we need to play this virtual set?"


    Liao Jiaqi was not full of gas, but still said: "Do you want to shoot a drama series with Feier this year? I want a character. ”

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier starred in the "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" drama series, which won high Viewership Ratings in both Domestic and Republic of Korea, and became the new benchmark for domestic drama.

    Among them, "Blue Life and Death" is currently being broadcasted in Xiangjiang, Baodao, Aocheng and several Southeast Asian countries, becoming the champion of the audience. The overseas copyright of "Full House" has become a scent and has been vying for many TV stations.

    With the success of these two drama series, Lu Chen studio has become a shining star in the film and television circle. When Lu Chen intends to shoot the third drama series – "You from the Stars" this year, seek collaborators as if After crossing the river, the threshold of the studio will be broken!

    As for those who want to show their faces in the new drama, "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" have brought a lot of new people, and there are many roundabouts in the circles. The relationship between people and people came to the door, and Lu Xi was overwhelmed by Oversee Beijing.

    There are so many porridges, "You from the Stars" script Lu Chen has been written, the role is limited, it is impossible to meet everyone's requirements, unless it is pushed, please refuse.

    But Liao Jia opened up, Lu Chen that must give face: "No problem, as long as Liao Jia big brother you want, I will add a role to you."

    Lu Chen thought it was Liao Jia's own want to play, so let him guest a character is simple, nothing more than a few changes.

    "Not me one's own…"

    Liao Jia is a bit embarrassed: "It’s a girl. I have graduated from the Chinese opera for several years. The acting is not a problem…"

    He explained a few words and let Lu Chen give it a taste.

    "Liao Big Brother, is this a blind man?"

    "Keke and cough!"

    Liao Jia coughed a few times and said: "Don't guess, can you say no?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course, no problem, let her manager contact us studio, the role is good."

    I can't think of this rock and roll old guns coming to spring. I graduated from the Chinese opera for a few years. Is that young grass?

    Lu Chen smiled very embarrassed and made Chen Feier vigilant: "What kind of blind? What are you playing with Liao Jia? ”

    She has been arrogant about Liao Jia’s coming out to drink in the morning, and she doesn’t have much affection for this guy.

    Lu Chen quickly explained a few words, and then said to Tian Tian: "This time people are together, no problem, right?"

    Tian Tian has returned to normal, laughing and saying: "No problem at all!"

    She took Chen Fei's hand and said: "Feier sister, now your boyfriend is better than you!"

    Tian Tian was sincerely admired by Lu Chen. All the way to the time of just ten or twenty minutes, Lu Chen invited two powerful big coffees by two telephone calls, and one was a character of Xiangjiang Tianhou.

    In this way, the four major mentor of "China Voice" is composed of two men and two women. There are senior businessmen in the industry who also have the new strength of the music. There are representatives from the mainland and Xiangjiang. Their reputation, status, popularity and strength are sufficient. Outstanding!

    Tian Tian solved a big problem. Naturally, he liked to turn over his heart and couldn’t help but say a joke with Chen Feier.

    But Chen Feier really feels like this. If she first knew Lu Chen, the latter was still a nestling bird, so now it is already an eagle flying in the sky!

    A small seedling is growing into a towering tree that is enough to shelter her from the wind and rain.

    At this time, Tian Tian pushed open the front glass door, and smiled and said: "The two major shareholders, welcome to our company!"

    On the adjacent light gray walls, the metal logo of the Star Factory shines under the spotlights!


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