Chapter 501, Feast

    Chen Feier joined the "Ghost Story", which is undoubtedly good news for the members of the drama crew.

    By now, even the drama crew of the people who work in the logistics, but also to Lu Chen the film investors and the origins of the actor know clearly, know he has in the mainland how high popularity.

    For a film, starring popularity is undoubtedly the box office guarantee, to the Hong Kong film For example, Heavenly King Lishong made several bad films, but these rotten movies still sell well, because fans are willing to support.

    Now there is a female Celebrity who joins the cast, and the local box office in Xiangjiang is unpredictable, but the big market in the mainland is not expected to be bad. It is necessary to know that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are famous gold couples in the Mainland Entertainment Circle. partner.

    For these members of the drama crew, they can participate in the production of a popular movie. Let's not talk about the specific rewards. The qualifications alone are precious, and the voices that speak in the circle are loud and loud.

    What's more, Lu Chen also generously took out 10% of the box office profit as a bonus.

    Drama crew's morale instantly reached max!.

    The new shooting plan was quickly taken out, and the stylists and make-up artists at Jiayang Film Studio worked overnight to re-set the image of the tree Grandma and perfectly molded it on Chen Feier.

    The new BOSS combines the characteristics of Chen Feier itself. The glamorous demon charm is filled with ambiguity, and the gold-colored makeup is matched with gorgeous costumes. It is in sharp contrast with Nie Xiao Qian, who is pure in water and white skirt.

    In Lu Chen's view, Chen Feier's tree Grandma, no matter the image temperament, is more attractive to the audience than the characters in the classic original version of his memory. It is full of sights.

    Chen Feier also felt good. After the makeup was completed, the assistant specially made a photo of one's own, which was sent to the blog by the designer of the drama crew.

    The content of the blog post is very simple [I am in the role of "Ghost Story", how do you feel? 】

    This informal set of makeup shines out now Chenfiele's blog, immediately aroused countless fans of concern.

    Surprised, screaming, ridicule, asking…Click on the number of comments to brush a blockbuster.

    "Ahhhhhh! What is this Philippine doing? ”

    "Ghost Story?" Isn't that the movie I shot in Xiangjiang in the morning? My Philippine has also been a guest in the past? ”

    "Too demon! I can't believe this is my Philippine! ”

    "Is this not the heroine? I have read "Liao Zhai", Nie Xiao Qian can't be such an image! ”

    "The guess time is here, who is it for me?"

    Someone really guessed it: "Is it a villain of the villains?" No way! ”

    Chen Feier took out a set of makeup photos, did not explain, and left countless puzzles to the fans.

    In fact, this is a very high-level marketing hype, intentionally leave a suspense to everyone, let the fans hot discussion, invisibly, the movie "Ghost Story" publicity out.

    Of course, she is a blogger with tens of millions of big coffees, so that she can play tricks. Otherwise, if there is no randomity, it’s all zombie powder. There are very few comments. What suspense and guessing can only be self-inflicted. .

    Because Chen Feier's vacation time is limited, in the following days, the entire drama crew will be filming around her, first all the scenes involving her.

    This time shows the maturity and strength of the Xiangjiang film industry.

    Probably to make up for the previous mistakes, Jiayang Films will send all the troops to the top, and increase the number of the drama crew to 150+. In a few important points, an additional professional Expert is hired.

    Tight and orderly, busy but not chaotic, under the cooperation of Chen Wenqiang and Jiayang Shadow owners, the entire drama crew is like a machine with a clockwork, running in a race.

    In the most prosperous period of Xiangjiang film, many film companies filmed low-cost movies, and they could shoot a new film in a few weeks. Although there are a lot of shoddy works, the efficiency is undoubtedly high.

    Although the current Xiangjiang film has been abandoned, this efficiency has been continued. In addition to several very personal Directors, most of the Xiangjiang Directors are experts in high-efficiency filmmaking.

    The characteristics of Director affect the drama crew, and even professionals in the Xiangjiang industry are used to working overtime.

    Everyone is working together to make up for the time of the previous loss.

    Lu Chen is also very busy. He is not only busy with the work of the drama crew, but also a lot of things outside the drama crew.

    For example, attending Jiang Chenghua’s guilty feast.

    The Jiang Family's three young masters and Honghua's boss feasted at the Yunding Hotel in Xiangjiang, and invited the old Senior Liu Zhenghao in the circle to act as a mediator, and Zhou Yi as a witness, it was enough to give a face. .

    According to the words in the circle, Jiang Chenghua almost slammed his head on the ground.

    Therefore, Lu Chen is definitely going to participate in person, otherwise it means that he is not dead with the other party, and he is more embarrassed than face-smacking.

    Of course, he will not go to the meeting alone, with Li Mubai, assistant Zhang Xiaofang and Wan Yong.

    There aren't many people in the four people. If they are less, they will be thinner. If they are too weak, they will depend on the number of people. The banquet is not a banquet, but there are also many rules.

    As for Chen Feier, she is not suitable for such a banquet, so Lu Chen did not bring it.

    The Genting Hotel is located in a prime location in the Mid-Levels, adjacent to the Central Business District. This five-star hotel built in the 1990s was once one of the highest buildings in Xiangjiang. The investors invited famous German designers to design. It is not inferior in the surrounding high-rise buildings.

    When the car went to the hotel, Lu Chen got off the bus and entered the hall, and saw Zhou Yi waiting in the lobby.

    He was surprised: "Zhou boss, how are you here?"

    Zhou Yizheng said: "I am waiting for you, we are together, of course, we must go up together."

    Lu Chen is dumb: "Zhou boss, how sorry you are to me."

    He knows that this is Zhou Yi's determination to stand firm with one's own.

    Lu Chen really admire the Xiangjiang businessman, can afford to put it down, the benefits of the current it does not matter face, really really slick, it is no wonder that it can create a big family business from scratch.

    Zhou Yi smiled and said: "In fact, I just came, and I am not familiar with Jiang Chenghua. It is more appropriate to wait for you to come up again."

    He keenly noticed Li Mubai, standing next to Lu Chen, curiously asked: "Is this?"

    Lu Chen briefly introduced: "This is my friend Li Mubai, who just came from the mainland."

    Zhou Yi suddenly got a bright eye and took the initiative to take a take action to Li Mubai: "Mr. Li, hello."

    Li Mubai smiled lightly and shook hands with him: "Hello, Zhou boss."

    Zhou Yi’s eyes flashed a glimpse of thoughtful color, and he immediately resumed his smile: “Let’s go up.”

    Take the elevator and the pedestrians go straight to the floor where the banquet is booked.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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