Chapter 507, Guo Huai’an

    The seven-storey European clock tower, in the architectural community of Lan Kwai Fong, is like a standing chicken.

    Over the centuries, the vicissitudes of life have left an indelible mark on this building. It has stood proudly and proudly through the wind and rain, silently witnessing the rise and fall of Xiangjiang.

    Compared with other bars in Lan Kwai Fong, the decoration of the bell tower bar has a lot of years of precipitation, deep and restrained and rich style, a simple copper signboard with beautiful hand-lettering, in The orange light of the antique wind lamp shines, inadvertently attracting the attention of passers-by tourists.

    Regrettably, the Campanile Bar tonight is not open to the public. It is just a lot of pistols and short guns on the streets outside the bar. It is undoubtedly paparazzi who got the news to grab a news.

    The Musical Salon of the Campanile is a gathering of the Musicians of the Xiangjiang River. Its originator is the famous figure of the Popular Musical World of Xiangjiang. The time held is not fixed, and the objects of the invitation are also not fixed.

    However, those who are eligible to be invited are those who have identity, status or ability in the circle.

    Therefore, it is very normal for paparazzi to appear outside the bar. Their sense of smell is the most sensitive. Anything in the industry will be known and will appear in a specific place at the first time.

    At four o'clock in the afternoon, far from the time when Xiangjiang nightlife began, most of the bars in Lan Kwai Fong have opened for business. The streets are crowded with people, many of them from all over the world.

    The flash suddenly lit up in the crowd, accompanied by a high or low scream.

    "Wu Yanan!"Jiang Wei! ""Look, it’s Zhu Wenhua! ”

    These names represent the shining stars in the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang, and immediately caught the attention of passers-by. Everyone gathered around to watch the fun.

    The Celebrity celebrities identified by paparazzi stepped into the bar under the cover of the assistant.

    The bar has already arranged security personnel at the door, and the idlers and paparazzi who are not invited are unable to enter.

    In fact, as a celebrity gathering, the privacy of the Campanile Music Salon is not strong. Whenever it is held, the news will be known to everyone in a short time, and the paparazzi that comes from the news is more or less involved. It brings some trouble.

    However, this trouble is not a problem for those who participate in the party.

    Because the clock tower Music Salon is not only a gathering of people in the circle, its influence on the popular Musical World of Xiangjiang can not be underestimated, and to some extent has become the vane of Xiangjiang popular Music.

    However, it must be acknowledged that the status of the popular Xiangjiang Music is quite embarrassing nowadays. It is far from the scenery of the past heyday. The influence of the Clock Tower Music Salon is also declining, but it is getting higher and higher.

    When Lu Chen and Chen Feier rushed to the Bell Tower Bar, there was a famous singer in front of them. The paparazzi's attention was on the other side, so they ignored the two.

    An invitation was presented to the security guard at the door of the bar, and the two were able to enter the bar hall smoothly.

    The decoration in the Campanile Bar is very good. The designer's creative ideas are everywhere. On the right side of the door is a long starlight wall with hundreds of Celebrity celebrity photos hanging on it.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, Miss Chen Feier…"

    To meet Lu Chen and Chen Feier is a handsome middle-aged man wearing a white casual suit, smiling and gentle, very mature Charm.

    "I am Host Guo Huai'an at the Music Salon of this clock tower, welcome the arrival of the two!"

    The Host of the Clock Tower Music Salon is certainly not an unknown person. This Guo Huai'an is the famous Host of Hong Kong TV, the name of the news circle, and the identity of a columnist.

    Guo Huai'an was born in the famous gate of Xiangjiang. He has a wide range of contacts outside the circle. In addition, he has a good personality. Therefore, the Musical Salon of the Bell Tower has been hosted by him for several consecutive years.

    When Ye Xuan called Lu Chen, he specifically mentioned the Host.

    In fact, in the position of Ye Xuan in popular Musical World in Xiangjiang, he is not qualified to directly invite Lu Chen and Chen Feier to participate in the Music Salon of the Campanile. However, as a participant in many Music Salon, he recommended to the promoters and got After the latter's review was passed, Lu Chen was called.

    The invitation was sent to Lu Chen studio yesterday.

    "Hello, Mr. Guo."

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier shook hands with him respectively.

    When shaking hands with Chen Feier, Guo Huai'an’s eyes flashed a fascinating color. He said half-jokingly: “I found it a mistake to invite Miss Chen Feier to come today.”

    Chen Feier yelled: "Well?"

    Guo Huai'an immediately smiled and said: "Because you are more beautiful than the photos, when everyone's attention is focused on you, then no one cares about me."

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier were dumbfounded. This Guo Huai'an was an interesting person, and the jokes were very good.

    Most importantly, he talked to the two people in standard Mandarin, not Cantonese.

    Both Lu Chen and Chen Feier are from the mainland. This is a respectful attitude.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I think Mr. Guo's interest is enough to make everyone ignore my existence."

    Guo Huai'an laughed: "Miss Chen is really joking…"

    He apologized to the two people: "There are still many guests coming, so I am forgiven. Please take care of them. How about we talk later?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you."

    The overall layout of the Bell Tower Bar is similar to that of many ordinary bars. The upper and lower floors are divided into two layers. The stage is suspended in the middle. Only because of the need of the salon, most of the tables and chairs have been removed and replaced with a more comfortable sofa. .

    Of course, there is a buffet table with a white tablecloth, and there are a variety of delicacies on it.

    Vanilla mutton, sirloin filet, American savory bacon, fruit salad, creamy cake…The silvery tableware is tempting, and the scent of the fragrance is simply fascinating.

    It is said that the independent dinner of the Clock House Music Salon is to hire the famous Western chef of Xiangjiang to handle it. The materials are well-made and the specifications are quite high.

    Although there is no meal, it is estimated that it is to cater for the needs of the guests, so the buffet was prepared early.

    In front of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, there are already twenty or thirty guests. They are sitting on the sofa in a couple of times, laughing or talking, or enjoying the food with champagne or dinner plates. The atmosphere is lively and not noisy.

    Lu Chen reached out and asked a waiter to ask for two glasses of champagne and a cup for Chen Feier.

    Then we'll find a place to sit down.

    The result position has not been found, someone first found him: "Lu Chen!"


The first is sent first, because at night to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Federation of Literature and Art, so the second is more tentative.

    The author is here to wish you all a happy mid-Autumn festival.

    It’s hard to go out in the evening when the wind and rain are heavy. The cell phone has received several news reports that the typhoon is coming. (To be continued~^~)

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