The fifth hundred and twenty-two chapter surnamed Li

    Jiang Chenghua stood at the door of the banquet hall and waited for Lu Chen.

    The banquet hall he booked at the Genting Hotel is called the Hegui Hall. This room with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters is very famous in the circle. The name of the crane is "I want to hate, and one year is ruthless." "The verse, but it was later harmonized as "and expensive" – ​​peace and harmony!

    Therefore, the Hegui Hall has become a must-have for many high-level people in the circle to negotiate and talk, and the “circle” referred to here refers to the Jiang Hu circle of Xiangjiang.

    Jiang Chenghua is a person with identity. Even if he apologizes for apologizing, he will not whisper to the door of the hotel to welcome him. However, after receiving the news of Lu Chen’s arrival, he still sat at the wine table with great thorns, so there is no sincerity.

    And by his side, accompanied by a white-haired, ruddy old man.

    When Lu Chen and others led the customer service personnel to the front of the crane, the eyes of the two immediately confronted.

    This is the first time Lu Chen has seen Jiang Chenghua.

    Jiang Chenghua looks like the age of 30 years old. The facial features are quite manly, but the brows are slightly black and slightly fierce, and the eyes are impressive.

    He took the initiative to meet, and took a smile to Lu Chen with a smile: "This must be Lu Shao? In the next Jiang Chenghua, it’s a great honor to have a long time to make a name for you! ”

    What others don't know, I thought Jiang Chenghua was the admirer of Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen shook hands with him without hesitation: "Mr. Jiang is too polite."

    This is the case in social situations, even if the two sides can't wait to pull out the knife and hack the other side, it is graciously on the surface, as if it is not harmonious.

    If you don't learn this set, you can't do it in this circle.

    Jiang Hu is now not the former Jiang Hu.

    Jiang Chenghua’s feelings are very special.

    Jiang Chenghua has seen Lu Chen's information, but the photo and the real person are not the same thing. Lu Chen has a young man who is beyond imagination. He is tall and handsome and has a temperament belonging to the Celebrity idol. However, he is as steady as Jiang Hu.

    I don’t humble, I’m not in a hurry, as if everything is in control, and I’m full of maturity and confidence…

    Such a young man, Jiang Chenghua has never seen a few.

    He is thinking about one's own If you know Lu Chen early, will you listen to someone else's embarrassment to deal with Lu Chen?

    After all, Jiang Chenghua was not an ordinary person. He was quickly awake after a little loss of consciousness. He introduced Lu Chen to the white-haired old man around him: "This is Liu Zhenghao Liu Wuye, my Senior."

    Lu Chen quickly handed over the ceremony: "The younger generation Lu Chen has seen the five masters."

    He listened to Zhou Yi. The Liu Wuye is a Legendary character in the circle. He is one of the high-level members of Hongmen. His disciples are numerous and have a wide network of contacts in Xiangjiang.

    Interestingly, Liu Zhenghao chose to wash his hands in the golden basin before the storm of the triad society in Hong Kong. In addition, he did not have any crimes in his case, so he escaped safely.

    Later, Liu Zhenghao has been living in the old house in the middle of the mountain. Although he has withdrawn from Jiang Hu, he still has a high reputation and prestige in the circle. Until now, he still has considerable weight.

    However, in recent years, Liu Zhenghao’s age is too big to play with the meddling. Jiang Chenghua’s ability to invite the Lord out is definitely a high price.

    Liu Zhenghao wore an old-fashioned silk shirt and stepped on black cloth shoes. He had to be white and quite a bit like a fairy. He held a fist and said: "It’s not as famous as a meeting. Lu Shaoguo is really a talent. You come to Xiangjiang, you can put Xiangjiang. The young people are giving up!"

    Everyone laughed and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The Five Lords praised."

    Liu Zhenghao waved his hand and said, "Let's talk about it inside."

    So everyone entered the hall together and sat down according to the position of the host and the guest. Liu Zhenghao took the lead.

    After sitting down, Liu Zhenghao looked at Lu Chen’s companion with some curiosity and said: “Lu Shao, what are these?”

    Lu Chen quickly introduced: "This is my assistant Zhang Xiaofang, this is my assistant Wan Yong…"

    When Lu Chen introduced Zhang Xiaofang, Liu Zhenghao just nodded and said that he knew it, but when he introduced Wan Yong, he looked at him and his look became serious.

    "It turned out that this is the head of the Lujia class, which is famous for moving Xiangjiang. It is a man!"

    Previously, Honghua’s people were blocking the film field. Wan Yong took the guard to guard the door and prevented the other party from going to the thunder pool. He insisted on returning to Lu Chen, and then led the public to kill the maids of Honghua, and he turned it over. Four or five mixes, performance is more eye-catching than Lu Chen.

    The scene at the time was photographed by paparazzi, and the video was quickly posted online.

    So inadvertently, Lujiaban became famous. Their identity was revealed to the people in the drama crew. As the head of Lujiaban, Wan Yong had a lot of fans online.

    His sturdy body, superb and powerful skills, as well as the cold and fierce appearance, have become the focus of hot discussion, and many people think of the big circle that once ran the Yangtze River.

    Don't look at the big circle of the year that was notorious and worshipped the young people of Hong Kong who feared them.

    Therefore, Liu Zhenghao knows that Wan Yong is not unusual.

    Wan Yong was not good at socializing. For Liu Zhenghao’s praise, he barely smiled: “Thank you.”

    Liu Zhenghao did not care, similar characters he had seen before, knowing that the other party just did not like to talk.

    Jiang Chenghua saw Wan Yong more. He knew that Wan Yong was a veteran, and the entire Lujia class was.

    If you know this early, then he must be cautious in his actions, at least not casually let his people toss, one's own does not pay attention.

    As a result, it is now necessary to make money for the crime and lose face.

    Lu Chen finally introduced Li Mubai: "This is my good friend Li Mubai."

    Hee Hee smiled and learned how Lu Chen looked like: "Two good."

    Liu Zhenghao is a bit unhappy. He feels that this young man is not very polite, but Jiang Chenghua’s face has changed awkwardly. Looking at each other’s eyes is very complicated.

    Li Mubai, surnamed Li!

    Tossing Jiang Family's two large factories in the Mainland is said to be related to a surname of Li. More insiders are not even able to find out about his old man. He only knows that the other party is a high-ranking figure on the mainland.

    The surname Li, who is also a good friend of Lu Chen, followed to attend this banquet, and Li Mubai’s identity was clear.

    Jiang Chenghua felt that two of the eggs of one's own were in pain.

    Losing himself confessed to the savvy, he actually rushed to the ground under the circumstance of the unclear aperture. This time the failure was really self-inflicted, and the shame was thrown to the Grandma home.

    Since I lost, I have to bear it, but Jiang Chenghua did not intend to kneel down alone.

    Compared to Lu Chen, he actually hates another person.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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