Chapter 5, at the same table

    Lohong is one of the old customers at the forget-worry grass bar.

    He has worked hard in Beijing for many years and is now a half-successful person. Although he is very busy on weekdays, he often comes to the bar to sit in the evening and order a few rums to sing the Era.

    Luo Hongyi does not like to be too noisy, and does not want to be alone. The atmosphere of Houhai Bar makes him feel comfortable. He is not looking for an affair, but to relax his tight heart.

    This evening, he sits in his old position at the forgotten-worry grass bar.

    Then heard Lu Chen sang "You at the same table."


You used to be very careful.

Ask me to borrow a half eraser,

You also talked inadvertently,

Like to be with me.

    At that time, the sky was always blue.

The days are always too slow,

You always say that graduation is nowhere in sight.

In a blink of an eye, I will go all the way!

    Who meets you with sentimentality,

Who comforts you who cry,

Who saw the letter I wrote to you,

Who lost it in the wind…


    As an elite in the workplace, Luo Hongyi has long been used to intrigue. He once thought that one's own heart is as indestructible as steel, and he will not be touched by people or things.

    However, when I heard this clean and fresh, with nostalgic folk songs, he suddenly found that one's own heart was not as hard and cold as imagined, and there was still a softness that did not need to be shy.

    The same table perhaps is the most profound existence of all people's youthful memories. The same table of many people is the most touching first love. Although everyone does not know love at that time, only this kind of feeling that does not involve utilitarianism and is not contaminated by the world is the most. beautiful!

    Luo Hongyi also has a table inscribed in the depths of his memory. It is a girl with the word "瞳" in her name.

    Know, be familiar, fall in love, quarrel, reconcile…Graduating again, you will go your own way in a blink of an eye!

    It is like a modern drama of dog blood, but that is what Luo Hongyi has experienced, his mother's youth!

    The past can no longer be recalled, but at this moment, Luo Hongyi suddenly has a strong impulse. He wants to make a phone call to him, just to ask a question – are you still okay?

    However, he had lost contact with the other party a long time ago.


The days before are gone,

I will also have my wife.

    I will also show her photos.

Tell her the same table.

    Who has sent you so sentimental,

Who comforts you who cry,

Who put your long hair up,

Who gave you the wedding dress,


    Luo Hongyi suddenly stood up and almost stumbled the Xiaoxiao's wine table in front of him. He ignored it. He grabbed a wine that was not opened on the table and strode toward the stage.

    On the stage, Lu Chen sang the last lyrics.

    The audience was silent, as if it had been enchanted, and time was solidified at this moment.

    Lu Chen feels great.

    Because everyone's eyes are focused on him, no one speaks, no one drinks, no one walks around, no carelessness, and no innocence.

    Here, on this stage, he conquered everyone with a new song!

    In addition to a well-dressed middle-aged man, he quickly passed through the walkway between the wine tables, rushing to the stage with a slight stroke, and then placed the bottle in his hand on the countertop with non-slip hard rubber sheets. on.

    Then, the man who looked like a professional elite opened his wallet from his arms and counted five hundred dollar bills next to the bottle. Hesitated and added three more.

    A total of eight new red banknotes were pressed by him.

    "Sing it again!"

    The middle-aged man looked up at Lu Chen and said with a hoarse voice: "Please sing again!"

    In his dark lacquered eyes, flashing inexplicable luster.

    Lu Chenxian was shocked. After he understood it, he quickly said: "Thank you for the support of this gentleman, then I will sing it again. I hope everyone can like my original new song."

    There are very few such rewards in the Forgetting Grass Bar, because most of the people who come here to spend are business people, Talent and Art youth, college students or insiders, and they have quality and rationality.

    The classic character of "You at the Same Table" has produced a moving magic through Lu Chen's first sing.

    At this time, the applause finally exploded in the bar, and it was so hot that it was about to fly over the roof!

    Lu Chen leaned over and took the bottle of rum, opened the bottle and took a swig, then put it back to its original position. He nodded at the other side and hugged the guitar again.

    Start singing the second time.

    The applause that just sounded was like a shower in the summer night. It came faster and faster, and the bar quickly recovered its tranquility. The noise of the pedestrian street passed through the glass window of the gate, which was weak and ethereal.

    Lu Chen’s singing and guitar sounds are mixed together to fill this memorable Era a little bit.

    Behind the bar, Su Liangmei's eyes glanced tightly on Chen Jianhao's arm and pressed down the voice and said, "I want, I want him, I want him!"

    Chen Jianhao pinched his eyebrows with a headache, and smiled bitterly: "My Missy, are you holding on to you?"

    "It's yours, you can't run and you can't run, it's not yours…"

    "He can only be mine!"

    Su light eyebrows interrupted each other proudly, and there was an indescribable self-confidence in the words: "I Don't Believe, he can refuse my invitation, but only if you can't do it, and this song is really his one's own original. …"

    Chen Jianhao shook his cell phone with his left hand and said: "I tried it with a voice, and there is no identical or similar work. If you want to confirm the power, then one's own go to the Music library."

    "Listen to the song" is a popular cell phone software. Just open a random record of Music or song, you can recognize the name of the song, the accuracy is quite high.

    Of course, compared with the "Greater China Music Library", the professionalism and authority of "Listening to the Songs" is much worse.

    Hee Hee smiled and let go of Chen Jianhao’s arm and said, "That would be no problem."

    The feminine of a mature woman, the slyness of a young girl, the two different temperaments are mixed together, giving her a unique Charm, like the legendary fairy that reverses the sentient beings.

    But Chen Jianhao is far away: "You have no problem, I still have problems!"

    He left the bar and walked towards the background.

    On the stage, Lu Chen’s singing continues.

    In the big room in the background, Sister's and Singer look at each other in dismay, shocks, mistakes, envy, jealousy and other emotions appear on the faces of the two, relatively silent.

    The large room has no soundproofing in the small suite, so it is very clear to hear the song echoing in the bar.

    In the long-awaited mixed grass, what is the standard of Lu Chen, who is not clear?

    As a resident Singer, whether it is Rainbow sister or Ye surname Singer, he can't look at Lu Chen. He thinks that he is nothing more than a slap in the face. He is essentially a bar waiter and never regarded him as a competitive opponent.

    However, this evening, Lu Chen took the stage to play, first use a "flying pigeon" to make people look at each other, and then took out an original stunning audience, won the full house!

    Is this the Lu Chen that everyone knows?

    The two can't believe, don't believe, don't want to believe!

    "he…Where is he copied? ”

    After a moment, Ye Mingnan Singer murmured: "I am a little familiar, but also amusing to say original?"

    Rainbow sister barely smiled, but her heart was secretly despising each other's IQ.

    Is it an original song, you can use the cell phone to check it on the spot. Lu Chen is kicked out unless it is a head, otherwise it will be seen here, and where will the face continue to mix in the future?

    What makes her unbelievable is that the two songs sung before and after Lu Chen have not been repaired!

    What is the fat man in the electric room?

    At the same time, the electric room.

    The fat sound tube and the waiter Xiao Gao are completely dumbfounded.

    They wanted to calculate Lu Chen's hand, so they closed the console and sent the original sound, thinking that this would make Lu Chen's original form appear on the spot to meet the dark feelings of their respective points.

    However, the result was not exactly what the two thought. Lu Chen not only lost his face, but won the applause of all the customers. The level of singing is much stronger than before!

    The Voice that came out of the monitor was heard more clearly than in the bar.

    Their little movements have done nothing.

    And his mother's Lu Chen actually has original songs!

    The fat man shook his head in frustration and reached for the reopening of the console.

    Xiao Gao grabbed him and asked in his voice: "Fat brother, can you fix his Voice?"

    The strong shackles are like a poisonous snake biting the heart of the waiter, causing him to lose his mind.

    But the fat man is still very awake. He didn't have such a big hatred with Lu Chen. After being shocked, he screamed in a hurry and said: "What are you talking about, my rice bowl is still not needed? No, no…"

    Of course, the repair can be repaired, but it is too obvious. When others are fools?

    Xiao Gao is not reconciled, holding the fat arm and still want to continue to persuade.

    At this time, the door of the electric room was suddenly pushed open.

    The two men who were stunned were twisted and turned around and saw Chen Jianhao appearing at the door. They were all scared!

    Chen Jianhao's face was gloomy, and his sharp eyes were swept from both of them. Finally, he fell on the closed console, and there was a glimmer of sparks in his eyes.

    The fat man kneels on the chair and bitters his face to explain: "Old…Boss, I…"

    Chen Jianhao ignored him and said to Xiao Gao coldly: "Small high, you are going to the cashier to take the salary this month, and don't come here later."

    The owner of the Forgetting Bar is very clear about what happened and who is the culprit.

    As if there was a thunder bombardment on the head, Xiao Gao suddenly woke up, all his unwillingness, anger and hatred were all gone, and some just feared and regretted.

    "Boss, I am wrong, I beg you to give me another chance!"

    In the forgotten grass bar, being a waiter is actually quite good. The stable salary of the job is not low. The boss Chen Jianhao is not mean to the staff. At the end of the year, the red envelope is fully sealed.

    Xiao Gao really didn't want to lose the job, and Chen Jianhao meant to let him not mix in Houhai in the future!

    Of course, Chen Jianhao has no ability to influence all the bars in Houhai, but as long as he has a few words to go out, which bar is willing to hire him to like to make troubles?

    Now let him take the salary and leave, it is already the best of the net!

    No matter how you ask for it, it is useless.

    Xiao Gao wants to cry without tears – you can't live yourself!

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