The one hundred and eleventh chapter shocked the wind

    The battle of the Lu Chen fans team in the Inspur blog started at 10 pm.

    Prior to this, they have repeatedly expelled Zhang Xiaoan, Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao's personal posts, as well as the official post of "The Strongest Singer", the battle is quite brilliant.

    In fact, in the four posts, it is also the most difficult point of the "most strong singer" official post. The other three are simply vulnerable, under the attack of tens of thousands or even 100,000 IDs. It was blown up.

    Then the main force entered the wave blog!

    Lu Chen’s fans’ group Lu Jiajun’s time was not very long, but the speed of development was extremely fast.

    Relying on the abundant popularity of [Whale TV], the number of members of the relatively loyal Lujia Legion has soared from the initial few hundred to 70,000+, which has become the most important Strength to support Lu Chen.

    The commanders of this counterattack were Li Mubai and Li Feiyu.

    This pair of Li Li combination is very strong, Li Mubai oversee the general group to control more than a dozen super large group, Li Feiyu live broadcast in the studio, encourage more fans to participate.

    Lu Chen’s own always stands behind the scenes.

    Because his current status is different, if you personally bring people to explode, it would be a joke.

    The image of Celebrity is extremely important. After this storm, Lu Chen is also known as a little famous. He has become a rising star in the "Singing China" Program.

    In exchange for signing artists, Lu Chen is officially debut, so you must pay attention to your own words and deeds.

    So if he's one's own bare-chested revenge, he will easily create a bad impression of his personality and narrow mind, which is not conducive to his future development on the star.

    And the fans are completely different, and the maintenance of idols is completely natural, not to mention that Lu Chen still occupies the truth. Not returning to revenge will only make people feel that he has no popularity resources.

    For example, Ling Xiaoxiao, who is famous in "The Strongest Singer", is the most supportive of his team.

    But no one said that Ling Xiaoxiao had something wrong. Because he has never published any unfavorable remarks about Lu Chen or stray cats from the beginning to the end, even if the truth is now white, it will not involve him.

    Someone in the wave of blogs broke the news, saying that Ling Xiaoxiao had signed a contract with Juxing before he participated in "The Strongest Singer". He has a foundation in the popular program of Shonan Satellite TV.

    The owner of Juxing Company is exactly the Jin Hongwei that Lu Chen refused to sign!

    Ling Xiaoxiao can play, Lu Chen is not a fool, where will occupy the upper hand when the population is down.

    Of course, this does not mean that Lu Chen will watch the spectator with his spectator. He has made basic rules of action for this counterattack through Li Mubai and Li Feiyu. That is only for Zhang Xiaoan, Chen Zhenni, Zhuang Hao, "The Strongest Singer" Program group and Xiaoxiao support group to fight back, not involving Shonan Satellite TV and Ling Xiaoxiao himself.

    This is called directional face-smacking!

    In addition to targeting the target, Lu Chen also asked the fans not to engage in swearing-spoken attacks, on the one hand to avoid being tagged by the Inspur blog, and on the other hand to maintain the overall quality of the fans group.

    Although it is impossible to say that so many fans are like fingers, let them say what is what, but reasonable and correct guidance is essential. Otherwise it is easy to hurt others.

    With the launch of the counterattack, Zhang Xiaoan’s blog was first captured.

    As a result, the well-known Host of Shonan Satellite TV deleted the blog post that originally slammed Lu Chen, and closed the comment area to install the dead dog. Since then, no new blog posts have been sent.

    Lu Jiajun immediately pursued Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao under the command of Li Mubai and Li Feiyu. The latter two responded in a similar way to Zhang Xiao'an. They were all deleted and locked, and all closed their mouths.

    In fact, unless it is an apology. Otherwise they say nothing. It is impossible to change the truth revealed in the video.

    Justifying or refusing at this time will only make the reputation of one's own more and more stinky!

    When it is the turn of the "strongest singer" Program group. The official V of the Program group has long set a banned comment.

    Therefore, Lu Jiajun, who was alone and defeated, launched a general attack on the final goal, namely the group V of the Xiaoxiao support group.

    This time they finally encountered the opponent. In the face of Lu Jiajun's flood-like offensive, the fans in Xiaoxiao's post-help group did not have a hand, and launched a rather tenacious resistance.

    Both sides are coming and going, and the battle in the Inspur blog is very hot, even on the hot spot of the blog!

    However, Xiao Xiao’s resistance after the aid group is somewhat dying, because the video evidence posted by stray cats is too lethal, so strong that the giants like Shonan Satellite TV have to bow their heads.

    At 11:40 pm on July 28, Shonan Satellite TV issued an apology statement on the Inspur blog.

    In this blog post, Shonan Satellite TV officially expressed deep apologies for the violations in the "strongest singer" sea election, and sincerely apologized to the party Lu Chen.

    Shonan Satellite TV has Pause Zhang's Host work, and unilaterally with Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao to cancel the contract, the two will no longer serve as the judges of "The Strongest Singer".

    Shonan Satellite TV also said that it appreciates Lu Chen’s talent in singing. Unfortunately, the two sides have not been able to cooperate, and look forward to the opportunity to invite Lu Chen to participate in the program of Shonan Satellite TV in the future!

    At the end of the blog post, the official V also had Lu Chen FMX and stray cats.

    Then the official V of the "strongest singer" Program group released the same blog post.

    As the No. in the local TV station.1, Shonan Satellite TV's crisis public relations ability is undoubtedly strong, this apology statement came out, the waves in the wave blog against them suddenly subsided a lot.

    Lu Chen, who has been sitting in front of the computer and watching the progress of the situation, of course saw it. He thought about it and returned a short blog.

    He said that he accepted the apology of Shonan Satellite TV, was satisfied with the handling of the incident, and looked forward to the cooperation between the two sides.

    Because Lu Chen is very clear, who is the real culprit behind this incident, one's own If you vent all the anger on the Shonan Satellite TV, it is the heart of the behind-the-scenes.

    The influence of Shonan Satellite TV in the industry is huge. Many Celebrity idols are proud to participate in the program of Shonan Satellite TV. Countless three D-lists are trying to squeeze in.

    Although Lu Chen does not need to deliberately please Xiangnan Satellite TV. But the handshake is undoubtedly the most sensible choice.

    At 11:50, 10 minutes after the apology of Shonan Satellite TV was issued. Beijing Satellite TV is talking.

    At first, in this storm, Beijing Satellite TV and the "Singing China" Program group have remained silent.

    Now that the dust has settled, Program Manager V of "Singing China" immediately announced a very intriguing news.

    Beijing Satellite TV has signed a copyright licensing contract with Lu Chen, the top 16 Beijing singer in "Singing China". His original work "Singing and Singing" will become a new theme song for "Singing China".

    In addition, Beijing Satellite TV will also invite Lu Chen to participate in the performance of the 11th National Day Party!

    Also in the end, Beijing Satellite TV official V also Lu Chen FMX.

    Lu Chen immediately responded with gratitude and was very happy to establish a good relationship with Beijing Satellite TV.

    Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this is the rhythm of Beijing Satellite TV to support Lu Chen.

    Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer" has won a new star Ling Xiaoxiao, and Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China" with Shonan Satellite TV has also brought a newcomer to normal.

    The Viewership Ratings of the two sets of Variety Programs are very close, and they are in full swing. After a few days, the confrontation between the two sides will undoubtedly be very exciting!

    11:54. Tan Hongfa Bo, who has 20 million+fans, encourages Lu Chen to work hard to make it up. He has made great achievements in the 16th and top 10 competitions in the "Singing China" Beijing singing area.

    At 11:57, Chen Feier, who has more than 13 million fans, also updated one's own blog, saying that one's own likes Lu Chen's work, and hopes to hear his new work on the 31st.

    The two big popular Musical World's big coffee also supported Lu Chen, making Lu Chen's reputation on the Inspur blog suddenly increase. In just half an hour, the number of blog fans has increased by 100,000, and it is still constantly improving.

    Lu Chen also expressed gratitude to the two judges at the first time.

    With the attitude of Shonan Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV and the two superstars, the storm that lasted for two days has finally come to an end, and the rice powder of the Xiaoxiao post-help group has died down.

    The counterattack action of the Lu Jiajun fans group has declared a great victory!

    Just after 12 o'clock, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast room atmosphere has been hot to the extreme.

    Countless fans are celebrating the victory.

    "It’s so painful, killing those guys is not a piece of film!"

    "The army went out. Invincible! ”

    "Hahaha. I hope that this kind of action will be more than a few times, it is not enough. ”

    "Ok. The opponent is too weak and lacks challenges. ”

    "I don't think Shonan Satellite TV apologizes, our anchor is very big!"

    "I haven't seen Tan Hong and Chen Feier come out to support us Lu Fei? He is not a cow or a cow? ”

    "There are no suspense in the 16-in-10 competition, Lu Shuai will win!"

    "You said the following game, which song will the anchor sing?"

    "I like those flowers."

    "Youth time!"

    "It's still a little more romantic."

    "No matter which original, we Lufei can win a lot, 甩凌晓萧三条街!"




Lu Chen was a tourist in the live broadcast of one's own, and felt the joy of the fans.

    Lu Chen is of course very happy, because this time the storm, he is undoubtedly one of the biggest winners.

    But Lu Chen is also very awake at the same time.

    Whether it is the support of Beijing Satellite TV, or the strength of Tan Hong and Chen Feier, it is actually virtual, like a castle built on the beach, a wave can come and fall apart.

    As an independent singer, Lu Chen can really rely on his own strength.

    On this road full of thorns and flowers, he wants to go further and still needs to be serious.

    Work harder!


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    PS: There is still a third in the evening. (To be continued~^~)

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