Chapter 119 I want to make a lot of money

    "There is a request below, 007 player Lu Chen playing!"

    With the enthusiasm of the host Host, Lu Chen stepped onto the already familiar stage.

    The Beijing Satellite TV's studio was re-arranged to give a refreshing feeling. The 1,500 spectators were packed, and Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie and Yan Zhen's four heavyweight judges were all present.

    On the last day of July, the "Singing China" Beijing singing area 16 into the top 10 competition was held here on time.

    This is also the final final of the Beijing singing area. The top ten players selected this evening will depart from the capital at the beginning of next month and travel to the major singers to tour PK and decide the top ten in the country.

    Therefore, this game is extremely important, and it is also attracting attention!

    "Four judges, good evening, everyone, friends, hello!"

    Standing in front of the microphone, Lu Chen first bowed to the judges seat, and then gave a greeting to the audience on the left and right sides: "I am Lu Hao, 007!"

    The order of the top 16 players in the Beijing singing area was generated by computer ranking. There were already 6 players on the front of Lu Chen, and their singing was quite wonderful.

    I don't know if it was because of Lu Chen's influence. Two of the players also took out the original works of one's own!

    In most of the Reality Programs, especially the Singing Class, the original work will always be higher than the cover, and will get a lot of points.

    Encourage originality is the mainstream attitude, and the majority of the audience also need a sense of freshness, even if it is a cover, many Singer also like to re-arrange the original, and even deliberately increase the difficulty to improve the gold content of the concert.

    But there is a premise here. That is the quality of the original works can not be too bad, otherwise it will only be self-defeating!

    Talent is higher than singing. Singing is higher than the appearance, and being able to rank among the top 16 in the Beijing singing area is not weak.

    Zhang Junhua's "Love Ocean" by No. 002 player, Zuo Qiuqing's "Remembrance Day" of No. 005, is a very good work. They all got high scores from judges and on-court audiences.

    Currently, they are ranked 1st and 2nd in the top 16 rankings respectively!

    Unlike the 16-into-10 promotion, the final of the Beijing vocal zone is a live live broadcast, so the real-time scoring method is used, and the player can get one's own score immediately after singing.

    For the contestants, the change in the scoring method tests their psychological quality to a considerable extent.

    They need to work harder in singing and can't make a mistake.

    And Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing have excellent performance. Undoubtedly, it puts a lot of pressure on the 7th appearance of Lu Chen.

    If in the qualifier, Lu Chen's "Singing and Singing" is a good performance, then a "32 at the top of the table" in the "16 at the same table" undoubtedly let him out of the limelight.

    The four judges had three out of 10 points, with a total score of 39 points, and finally won the top 16 position. There is no objection to the name.

    Then there was a debate in the Sky Forum and the Inspur blog. It is to push Lu Chen to the top of the cusp. His name is known by more people and even regarded as a singer in New Generation.

    Not satisfied? Then you also write the classic "In the Spring" and try it!

    As the so-called big tree, although Lu Chen won the honor and fame, he has become the object of envy and hate for many people. He did not know how many people stared at the final of the Beijing singing area!

    No one thinks that Lu Chen will lose the Beijing Top 10, but if he sings well enough. Or you can't get enough originals. Then some people have something to say.

    Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing in front are the best weapons of attack.

    So everyone can imagine. Once Lu Chen’s performance problems, then evaluations such as “Jiang Lang’s talent”, “following the power” and even “skilled poor” will undoubtedly be dumped on his head like a rainstorm.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen was brought up by Beijing Satellite TV and played by Xiao Xiaoxiao, who was promoted by Shonan Satellite TV. The performance of both sides will affect the Viewership Ratings of the two draft programs to a certain extent.

    If Lu Chen’s performance is poor, it’s a strange thing that Shunnan Satellite TV doesn’t do any articles in the back!

    Is the face of this local TV station overlord so good?

    As a result, the pressure on Lu Chen to play is even greater.

    "Sing China" official post bar inside, already have a lot of passers-by powder in Lu Chen worry.

    At the same time, there is no controversy.

    "Lu Chen is playing, I am looking forward to his new song!"

    "Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing are very strong. This time he wants to take the top spot again, I am afraid it is a little overhang!"

    "How do you know that he wants to sing new song upstairs, maybe he is singing someone else's work?"

    "cut! How can it be? Chen Feier said that she would like to listen to Lu Chen’s new song, even if it’s a cockroach! ”

    "Do you say that Lu Chen’s song is really written by one's own? so amazing. ”

    “It’s not impossible to buy a song. Many people do it.”

    "Don't tease, Lu Chen will only sell songs to others. He needs to buy songs from others?" joke! ”

    "That is, we will never lose to anyone in Lu Chen."

    "Hahaha, cover someone else's song? Do you know how many original works are there in Lu Chen? ”

    "how many?"

    "Let's go!"

    The time for the official slogan of "Singing China" is not long, but it already has 2 million+ attention.

    Thanks to the good interactivity of the post and the live broadcast of the web, thousands of Lu Jiajun members have come here to support him since Lu Chen entered the competition.

    Up to now, the official slogan "Singing China" has almost become the base of Lu Jiajun. The number of active fans in it is quite amazing, and it has affected a large number of passers-by.

    Seeing that others are worried about even questioning the strength of Lu Chen, many Lu powder have laughed.

    Lu Chen will not be able to produce good original works?

    It's a big joke!

    Last time [Whale TV] PK theme show, Lu Chen took out seven or eight original works in one breath, finally won the runner-up of PK, the whole live broadcast video is still hanging in the forum of [Whale TV]. !

    These works are the first nice, and there are also classics. Only the circle of the live broadcast of the network is relatively closed, and Lu Chen does not have any hype promotion. So outsiders don't know much, otherwise they don't need to question his ability.

    This time, "Singing China" Beijing singing area finals, Lu Chen has a choice of works.

    The only question is which song does he choose?

    Lu Chen's fans certainly support Lu Chen, but there must be black in the powder. The posts have always been mixed with fish and dragons. Seeing that the land powders are so confident and arrogant, it is inevitable that some people will look at them with cynicism.

    "Lu powder will blow!"

    "Brocketing and not paying taxes, what are you afraid of?" Ha ha. ”

    "Now jump up, wait a minute!"

    "Since I have written a lot of songs. It’s so powerful, why haven’t you heard it before? ”

    "Ha ha…"

    The sunspots started to spray, and the land powders were certainly not to be outdone. The two sides fought on the spot.

    It’s just that the Internet post is so fierce that it doesn’t affect the live broadcast of “Singing China”.

    "Hello, hello, we met again…"

    The first thing to say hello to Lu Chen is Chen Feier. She smiled and said: "What song have you prepared for everyone today?"

    Lu Chen replied: "I prepared for everyone today. Or my one's own original work, this song is also my personal favorite, I hope everyone can like it, please also ask four judges Teacher for more guidance. ”

    "it is good!"

    Chen Feier raised her arms and slammed her palm: "We are all looking forward to it!"

    The audience at the scene gave a lot of face and followed the applause.

    Lin Zhijie said: "Lu Chen, now everyone has heard of your several works, very good. Then please ask. What made you take the road of Music? ”

    Unlike the previous qualifying tournament, the finalists were cut in half. So Program time is relatively plentiful, and there are more opportunities for interaction between judges and players.

    Therefore, according to the requirements of the Program group guide, the judges need to ask the players before the players sing.

    And in order to ensure the authenticity of the Program, the judges problem is prepared in advance, but the player is not informed in advance.

    Therefore, the language and responsiveness of the players are particularly important at this time.

    Lu Chen thought about it and replied: "I used to like Music very much. I also learned piano and sang after learning piano. But at that time, I learned Music more to chase girls…"


    When I heard Lu Chen’s answer, several judges and many live audiences laughed.


    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Do you still need to actively chase girls? I think few girls can refuse you? ”

    Lu Chen is handsome and talented, and such a person should have a lot of girls to take the initiative to chase!

    I really asked: "So you are not professionally learning Music?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Yes, I graduated from the Computer Science Department of Jianghai University."

    Learn computer!

    His answer surprised everyone, and the scene was screaming.

    Many people think that Lu Chenxue is a Music major, so he can create such a great work.

    I didn't expect that what he learned had little to do with Music.

    I really admire: "That's amazing!"

    At this time, Tan Hong spoke up: "So what is it that prompts you to participate in the Chinese competition?"

    Lu Chen hesitated and replied: "Make money, I want to make a lot of money."

    This answer is once again beyond everyone's expectations.

    Many people think that Lu Chen will answer that it is to realize one's own Music dream or wish, because several players have answered the same question in the past, and their answers are similar.

    Only Lu Chen said that he is trying to make money!

    Who wants to make money? But is it not so good to say it directly, is it not detrimental to the image?

    But think about it from another angle, at least Lu Chen is honest!

    Tan Hong and Chen Feier looked at each other. The latter said: "Then start your performance, keep it up!"

    Lu Chen nodded and smiled.


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