Chapter 115 does not have to endure!

    If the selection of today's Inspur blog is better than the miserable king, Lu Chen recognizes the second, then the stray cat dares to call the first.

    Lu Chen’s recent blog post has 110,000+ comments, 90% of which are sprayed, and the stray cat’s blog post is more than three times his number, reaching 370,000+. As for the comments, Not to mention.

    The strength of rice noodles is undoubtedly terrible, especially when the brain is broken, it is simply to stop the gods and the Buddha to stop the Buddha.

    District kitten, directly gray!

    As a famous breaking expert in the Sky Forum, the performance of stray cats in the Inspur blog is very weak. After being madly sprayed, the cat has been dressed up as a tortoise, and it is like a guilty conscience.

    However, when everyone thought that this blog debate was like this, when the "Most Strong Singer" Program group and Ling Xiaoxiao had a big win, at 8:37 pm, the stray cat updated the blog again.

    He sent a new blog post with only two words in the blog post – hehe.

    After the huh, a video link was attached.

    Since the last blog post was published, the stray cat's blog fans have increased by 200,000. Of course, these are not real powders. They are basically black powder and road powder. Adding powder is nothing more than convenient to get the news at the first time.

    So when this blog post is updated, the amount of clicks and forwarding is amazing.

    Then many, many people browsed the video.

    The length of this video is only 4 minutes and 27 seconds. The scenes in the video are very familiar to everyone. It is the scene of the official selection of "The Strongest Singer"!

    The video begins with a handsome young man holding the guitar and going to the stage.

    Facing the eyes of the four judges, I saw that the handsome guy was very calm and said: "You guys teacher is good, I am 0580 player Lu Chen, from Zhedong."

    After self-introduction. He gave a ceremony to the judges and straightened up and continued: "I am bringing this song to everyone today. Called you at the same table, please ask four friends. ”

    This is the swearing Lu Chen? This is his recorded video in the "The Strongest Singer" sea election?

    Everyone who saw this scene was embarrassed.

    This style is a bit wrong!

    Isn’t Chen Zhenni not slamming the morning and disrespecting Senior? I didn’t see it at all, he was very polite!

    There are also many people who wake up immediately – this video may be very interesting.

    Since it is uploaded by a stray cat, it is a strange thing to say that it is not his counterattack!

    But the question is, how did this get the live video recorded by Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer"? If the video is not good for Shonan Satellite TV, it should be cut off at the first time after the recording is completed.

    In addition to ordinary Internet users, there are many people in the circle who care about blogs.

    They watched this blog debate in the spirit of watching the lively and good-looking drama, and never expected to reverse after the reversal. Stray cats still have a large killing weapon like to be able to overturn.

    There are really big dramas to watch!

    Many people are excited at first, sitting in front of the computer or holding a cell phone and staring at the screen, for fear of missing a frame of wonderful details.

    In the video, a female judges smiled: "Get started, you have 2 minutes of time, sing well."

    This judges is Luya, a well-known female Singer. Everyone knows it.

    Looks like this blog fight, Lu Ya did not say anything.

    Lu Chen nodded and started playing with the guitar: "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday…"


    The harsh screams not only shocked Lu Chen on the scene, but even all the people watching the video were shocked.

    Did damn make a mistake? Just sing two sentences, you press the red light?

    Everyone is not a fool, it is a strange thing to say that there is no embarrassment!

    The judges who pressed the first red light were Zhang Xiaoan.

    Isn’t Zhang Xiaoan criticizing Lu Chen’s performance is not good enough, playing amateur, a work or a semi-finished product?

    Just after listening to two sentences, he can draw such a conclusion. It’s just too god!

    Many people who have ran into Lu Chen’s blog. There is a feeling of "lying trough", it looks like one's own is stupid!

    Lu Chen was not seriously disturbed by the first red light. He continued to sing: "…Do you still remember tomorrow, the one you ever loved to cry. ”


    The second red light is on!

    What the hell!

    If the first red light can still make people hold their noses, the second red light can't be tolerated.

    Lu Chen's performance is not as convincing as it is, even quite good, and even if there is any problem, then it is necessary to let people sing a few more words and then judge? How can you suddenly knock a stick and a stick?

    People who have watched the debate have easily thought of the suppression theory of stray cats.

    Lu Chen, who is offending someone?

    Otherwise, how can it be targeted by two judges, all to the point of red/naked nude!

    According to the second red light, it is precisely Chen Zhenni who does not know how to respect Senior in the morning.

    Such a Senior seems to have no need to respect.

    What is surprising is that Lu Chen, who has been smashed by two red lights in a row, can still maintain his status. He continues to sing and sings, and finally sings to the end.

    "Thank you!"

    He thanked the judges with his guitar.

    Seeing this scene, those who were originally disgusted with Lu Chen were silent.

    Ask yourself, if you change one's own to Lu Chen, can you still be polite in the face of such a situation?

    It is funny to say that he does not respect Senior!

    Next is the judges review.

    Zhang Xiaoan said: "The style is too old, the melody is average, and we must continue to work hard."

    Chen Zhenni commented: "Your guitar is playing well, but we have chosen the strongest singer, so we can only say Sorry, I hope you will work hard next time."

    Lu Ya smiled and said: "Lu Chen, I think your work is very good…"


    Her words have not been finished, and the fourth judge sitting on the far left is lit with a red light.

    Zhuang Hao pressed the red light and eliminated Lu Chen!

    He said with a blank expression: "I agree with Zhang Xiao'an that your song style is too old, and the melody seems to have met. Lack of originality and too much amateur. So can't pass. ”

    There is a lot of disdain and jealousy in the words.

    Lu Chen is still very polite and said: "Thank you for the review of four judges…"

    Seeing this, many people have a little bit of it.

    They are embarrassed and embarrassed for Lu Chen, clearly playing well, but being devalued by others.

    How are these judges?

    Lu Chen has tolerated it and still maintains courtesy and respect for judges.

    It is precisely this courtesy and respect that makes people angry!

    At this time, I saw Lu Chen straight up and stood up, staring at Zhuang Hao and said: "But I don't agree with Zhuang Hao Teacher. My song has been registered in the Greater China Music Library very early. It does not exist. Any plagiarism or imitation. In addition, someone has 100,000 yuan to buy…"

    He is very confident: "But I didn't sell it."


    It should be like this!

    Lu Chen’s courteous response not only did not make people feel that his attitude was problematic, but instead he should.

    Is this what Chen Zhenni said that there is no newcomer quality and does not know how to respect Senior?

    I bought a block last year!

    Just the scene switched over and gave Zhuang Hao a big close-up.

    The editor and critics of the fashion magazine "Beautiful" turned red and his lips groaned.


    Many people are laughing – it should be!

    Lu Chen did not give Zhuang Hao a chance to fight back. He nodded at Luya and left the underground field.

    The camera faithfully recorded the scene.

    The video is not over yet.

    The next moment, Zhuang Hao shot the pen on the table. Anxiously swearing: "Now the young people are becoming less and less polite, not at all humbly, no wonder the popularity of the popular Musical World is getting worse and worse, what are they!"

    Zhang Xiaoan said with a calm face: "Yes, so we should strictly control it. If it is not good, it should be eliminated. Otherwise, it will make Xiangnan Satellite TV lose face in front of the people of the whole country."

    Chen Zhenni picked up her notebook and fanned her fan. He smiled and said: "This kind of temper. No wonder someone wants to give him a look at the color, I really don't know Immense World. When he is crying! ”

    This is the case! Actually it is like this!

    Everyone understands that if you don't understand it, you can only say that you should take the medicine.

    Lu Chen is being smashed, and the stray cat's breaking news is completely real. Shonan Satellite TV is eating jujube pills!

    The most chilling thing is these judges. Except for Luya, there are no problems. The other three judges are all squinting and talking. They joined forces to suppress Lu Chen and said that they are still upside down in the blog.

    Someone wants to give him a color look.

    Countless people feel that one's own is fooled!

    Zhang Xiaoan, Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao estimated that the video on the scene would be cut off, so they dared to be so unscrupulous. They would not dream of dreaming. One's own words and deeds were exploded.

    I don't know what they will say now!

    The new blog post forwarding volume of stray cats has increased dramatically in geometric numbers and has been quickly forwarded to forums and posts…

    More people have killed the blogs of Shonan Satellite TV and Zhang Xiao'an, Chen Zhenni, and Zhuang Hao.

    They want to be fair to one's own insulted feelings, and also seek justice for Lu Chen!

    At 8:49, Lu Chen, who was in front of the computer, read the blog post of the stray cat.

    He understands that this is the trump card that Chen Jianhao has hidden for a long time. The latter intentionally waits for the event to ferment, until a considerable number of people jump out and then make a fatal blow.

    This face is played, it is estimated that all the teeth of the person will fly off.

    Too scary!

    But I like it…

    Lu Chen’s lips evoke a smile, and he sent the video link to Li Mubai: “This is a counter-attack weapon!”

    Lu Chen doesn't care how this video came in. He knows it's time for one's own!

    Li Mubai quickly replied: "I understand, I will let them know that we are not muddy."

    "Old Hu is not angry, his mother is considered to be ill!"


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