Chapter 118 begins and begins


    A precious Yixing teapot fell heavily on the ground, suddenly broken bones, and the fragments splashed.

    The enchanting female secretary sitting in the manager's room heard the movement and couldn't help but whispered her head. Through the door, she saw the angry face of one's own boss. The distorted look made her start to startle.

    The female secretary rushed back and was sitting in a hurry to pretend to be busy, so as not to be found to be lazy as a scapegoat.

    These days, it seems that the boss's mood is very bad.

    She has been squatted several times, feeling that the position under the butt is sitting still.

    This job is still very good, at least Celebrity can be seen every day.

    At this moment, Jin Hongwei, who is in the room, didn't know the company's new recruiting secretary.

    His anger was nowhere to vent, the blue veins on his forehead suddenly, his face rose red, obviously a sign of rising blood pressure, after falling off the teapot, it was finally slowed down.

    Living in the gas-moving body, sitting on the throne of the general manager of Juxing Manager Corporation for such a long time, Jin Hongwei has cast a deep city, and the mood is easy to be out of shape, and there are few times when there is such a big thunder. .

    But in the past two days, he has suffered unprecedented defeats. It feels worse than when Tan Hong and one's own went to court to cancel the contract!

    The cause of the incident is actually a Xiaoxiao newcomer Singer.

    Lu Chen!

    The name has been chewed many times in Jin Hongwei's mouth recently, and every time it is mentioned, it is a bite.

    Lu Chenxian refused his goodwill and refused to sign a contract at Juxing.

    After being eliminated by the "strongest singer", he once again ignored his recruiting and was barely strong.

    Such a newcomer, Jin Hongwei has seen fewer and fewer in recent years. Most of the newcomers, who know the strength of Juxing, no one dares to play personality in front of him. All are obediently pleading for a share.

    The fascinating, fame and fortune of the Entertainment Circle, few young people can withstand the temptation to enter.

    Jin Hongwei's strength and connections have made him almost unprofitable in digging people!

    However, it was touched twice in the morning on Lu Chen.

    When hitting the wall and hitting the wall, Jin Hongwei didn't pay much attention to it. Anyway, he was considered to be revengeful. The three-legged cockroaches were not easy to find. In Beijing, the two-legged handsome guys everywhere climbed everywhere!

    Jin Hongwei quickly discovered Ling Xiaoxiao. After the latter signed the company, he would hold him up in a blink of an eye.

    Jin Hongwei sometimes thinks if Lu Chen knows that he has lost a shortcut to fame. Will it be very regrettable, will you want to go back and ask for one's own forgiveness, and give him a chance?

    As a result, he found that one's own was wrong, and it was a big mistake.

    After Lu Chen was eliminated by "The Strongest Singer", not only did he disappear from it, but he stood out in Beijing Satellite TV's "Singing China" competition, and won the top position of Beijing 16 by outstanding original works.

    More than that. The three songs written by Lu Chen to the band have all appeared on the Chinese original Music list, and the "In the Spring" is the top two consecutive weeks!

    Such an outstanding talent, really can sing Xiao Xiao Xiao San Street!

    Ling Xiaoxiao was brought out by Jin Hongwei. What is his fineness? Jin Hongwei naturally knows clearly.

    When Jin Hongwei began to regret it, his black hand against Lu Chen was unexpectedly broke!

    The insider exposure that appeared on the Inspur blog. Let Jin Hongwei feel the nakedness/body exposed in broad daylight. The outflow of the sea election video was more like a blue sky, which shocked him.

    How did such a thing leak out?

    The intuition of years of training experience tells Jin Hongwei. One's own seems to be caught in a trap.

    Otherwise there is such a coincidence!

    But who is laying this trap, Jin Hongwei has no clue.

    Because he has too many enemies.

    Then Shonan Satellite TV and the "strongest singer" Program group apologized to Lu Chen, admitted the mistake, and punish the relevant people, Zhang Xiaoan was removed from the post Pause work, Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao all out!

    These three are all Jin Hongwei's relationship, and it can be said that he was pitted.

    Of course, Jin Hongwei is a bit embarrassed. It was originally a deadly testimony. Who can think that the recorded video will be stolen and scattered outside, causing the storm to appear?

    Jin Hongwei's one's own has been in great trouble.

    Shonan Satellite TV's attitude towards him became cold. Several senior leaders refused to answer his call. The partner Orange Field Entertainment was very dissatisfied. Even the company had a discordant voice inside.

    Although the situation has not reached its worst point, with his connections, the relationship of destruction always has a way to recover, and everything will be the same as before.

    But he must pay a high price, and the reputation in the circle has a great impact.

    Just now, Zhang Xiaoan called the phone and asked him to give an explanation.

    What can he give to this drowning dog, of course, is a push of three or five, and the result is torn by the latter.

    How can Jin Hongwei's mood be better?

    He has hated Lu Chen in his bones.

    This matter is not so easy to end, if you can't find it back, what other faces will he mix in the circle.


    After thinking about it, Jin Hongwei picked up the phone and found a long-lasting contact number in the address book.


    叮 铃铃~

Sitting in the morning on the second floor of the KFC restaurant, the cell phone in the outlet bag is connected.

    In the afternoon, Yanggu shines through his glass window on his right arm, which has a burning sensation.

    Calling Lu Chen to call is Wang Jing of Nirvana Studio. The latter asks for his opinion on the arrangement style of the song. After all, this is Lu Chen’s own album, first of all to respect his opinion.

    Lu Chen's debut album has been intensely produced in Nirvana studio. Recently, he almost ran to Nirvana studio every day to help complete the recording of the soundtrack and singing.

    An excellent album needs to be polished with care and time.

    After ending the conversation with Wang Jing, Lu Chen saw a familiar face as soon as he looked up.

    "Chen Xin!"

    This KFC restaurant is where Lu Chen used to work. And Chen Xin is his colleague.

    "Lu Chen, I just heard Little Zhang saying that you are back…"

    Chen Xin, who is wearing a restaurant uniform, is very happy: "I saw you on TV last Friday. You took part in the song that was sung in that draft game, and several colleagues saw it. ”

    Chen Xin’s face has a long-lasting joy of reunion, but nothing else.

    She once had a good impression on Lu Chen, but there was no embarrassing relationship between the two, and with Lu Chen’s resignation leaving, the feeling of nothingness disappeared with time.

    Seeing Lu Chen on TV, Chen Xin knows that the two belong to different worlds, and there is no possibility of intersection.

    So goodbye to Lu Chen, she feels like she is seeing a friend who has been separated for a long time.

    "How come you come back here?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I came to you specifically…"


    Chen Xin’s heart jumped and couldn’t help but sat down opposite Lu Chen: “What are you looking for?”

    This time point in the afternoon. There are no guests at the weekend, so she can talk to Lu Chen a few words, but the time can not be too long, otherwise the store manager will find that the salary will be deducted.

    "Things are like this…"

    Lu Chen said: "I just opened a studio recently and asked my sister to come and help. She wants to find a job assistant. I don't know if you are willing to go to work on my side?"

    Lu Xi had already mentioned it to Lu Chen. Need to ask an assistant and office clerk, she asks that the other party must be a woman, to be young but not the kind of beautiful, good character can eat hard and will learn the best.

    At that time, Lu Chen immediately thought of Chen Xin.

    Lu Chen and Chen Xin had a colleague for almost a year. I knew that the girl from Sichuan and Chongqing had a low academic qualification, but her character was good and she would suffer hard. I don’t have much gossip with others.

    Very in line with Lu Xi's requirements.

    The only thing that made Lu Chen feel a little embarrassed. It is Chen Xin’s affection for one's own.

    At the time of his resignation, Chen Xin’s story was still fresh in his memory. So don't want to get into trouble.

    This time I happened to buy something to pass this KFC, thinking about him still coming in.

    Goodbye to Chen Xin, the other person’s expression made Lu Chen understand that the girl had really let go of her mind.

    Then there is no problem.

    For the invitation of Lu Chen, Chen Xin was very surprised: "Please be my assistant?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, it is my sister's assistant, she is also the studio manager and my manager."

    Chen Xin understands it, a little embarrassed: "I have never studied at university, can I do it?"

    Lu Chen said seriously: "I don't know how to learn. In fact, my sister is also learning, even me."

    "As long as I am willing to study hard, I think there is no problem!"

    Chen Xin is still a bit less confident: "I am willing to learn, I am afraid I will not learn well."

    Lu Chen said: "I am willing to learn, the salary is 3,000 yuan, the payment of five insurance and one gold, the bonuses and benefits are calculated separately, the subsidy for food and accommodation is five hundred."

    Lu Chen’s salary for her is also based on KFC’s standard, which is basically the same except for bonus benefits.

    The high salary of Lu Chen is not open, but it is not necessary.

    If Chen Xin does not want to, it does not matter.

    Chen Xin bit his lip and said with resoluteness: "Then I will try it!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You don't have to agree to it so quickly. It's not too late to think about it before you tell me."

    Chen Xin shook her head and said, "No, I have already thought about it. I don't want to do this job anymore."

    Lu Chen was a little surprised, and immediately relieved: "Thank you to join Lu Chen studio!"

    He extended his hand to Chen Xin.

    Chen Xin Hee Hee smiled and shook his hand and quickly let go.

    The two still shake hands for the first time.


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