Chapter 116

    Shonan Shacheng, Shonan Satellite TV.

    Although it is already 11 o'clock in the evening, the TV broadcasting building is still bright and bright, a busy scene.

    As the leading role in the local TV station, the Shonan Satellite TV, which has been developed for more than 20 years, is one of the overlords on the Domestic TV screen. In particular, the variety of sophisticated programming has emerged in an endless stream, guiding the industry trend for a long time.

    Therefore, in terms of advertising performance, in addition to the giant CCTV, Shonan Satellite TV is the most outstanding. With abundant funds and flexible system, the TV program of Satellite TV has repeatedly created a miracle of viewing.

    However, in recent years, Shonan Satellite TV has also been strongly challenged by peers such as East China Sea TV and Jiangning Satellite TV.

    Therefore, the major Programs of Satellite TV are facing various pressures.

    Located in the Program section on the 17th floor of the TV Tower, the conference room is full of seats and the atmosphere is tense.

    The projection screen hanging on the wall, the picture is in the Pause state, the display is the scene of the "strongest singer" Beijing singer sea selection, four judges are vividly in sight.

    One of them was sitting in the conference room, his expression was bleak and his expression was uneasy.

    For the well-known Host of Shonan Satellite TV, this evening is destined to be his shame day of Zhang Xiaoan.

    It’s not terrible to do something wrong. It’s a mistake and a mistake. If you make a mistake and you are wrong, you can make up for it. But if you let it be made public and let hundreds of millions of people see it, the result is not terrible, but horrible!

    It is only a trivial matter for Lu Chen to be eliminated by the "Most Strong Singer" Program group. A newcomer in the district wants to set off the storm, and Shonan Satellite TV can crush it without any effort.

    A few hours ago, Zhang Xiaoan thought so, he even proud of the blog post by one's own.

    The words are modest and sincere. Silently stepping into the mud, and Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao's tacit cooperation. I knocked a big nail directly on the coffin board of the little newcomer who didn't know Immense World.

    However, he or everyone can not imagine, just after more than an hour of time, things have been reversing, the blogger named the stray cat actually broke out the sea election video that Lu Chen was eliminated!

    According to the rules of the Program, should such recorded video be deleted and deleted at the first time?

    How could it be leaked out? How can it be taken by others!

    When Zhang Xiaoan first saw this video on the Internet, there were literally 10,000 horses in the heart, and his dignity was trampled on the skin – too shameful!

    The video, which was less than five minutes long, hardly peeled off the layer of sincerity and gentleness of his face, and let the netizens in the country see the essence of hypocrisy.

    Upon receiving an urgent notice from the Program group on the way to the conference room, he was embarrassed.

    Zhang Xiaoan knows. One's own This time the trouble is big.

    "You are in trouble!"

    The deputy director of Shonan Satellite TV, Ji Rui, who is in charge of the Program Department, screamed at the table and shouted: "Taiwan pays so much attention to you, how much resources are tilted for you, and you actually give such a big scorpion to Taili!"

    "You one's own said, what should I do now? Who will clean up this mess for you? ”

    There is no sound in the conference room, and a few unrelated people are vomiting and smoking, and the look is very ugly.

    Ji Rui was really mad.

    He also just knew this thing at night. I did not expect to have such serious consequences.

    The following group of people in the Program group can only bear the grievances of Ji Rui, the atmosphere in the TV station can not be formed in a day or two, even if his new younger generation wants to carry out reforms, they must not be busy.

    What he can't stand is that the Program Group, the "strongest singer" of the current variety ace, actually missed the bottom of one's own and was caught by such a large handle. Into a very unfavorable passive situation.

    Great disgrace ah!

    Ji Ruicai also knows that it is not the time to trace responsibility. The key is how to calm the storm to eliminate the impact.

    Shonan Satellite TV is too windy, and the development in recent years has been smooth and smooth. As the so-called tree is big, the Ming Dynasty does not know how many eyes are staring at it. It is such a scandal. It is a strange thing if no one is making waves.

    In particular, this "The Strongest Singer" set up the Beijing Division, and the "Singing China" of Beijing Satellite TV has started to collapse. It is impossible for Beijing Satellite TV to have no idea. Maybe the video outflow is related to them.

    However, there is no evidence to prove this. There are many possibilities for recording video streaming. Even if Shonan Satellite TV immediately investigates it, it is unlikely that it will come out in a short time.

    After all, the outflow is Beijing, not the base camp Shacheng.

    Therefore, Ji Rui will bring together relevant people and other emergency meetings, and the subject of discussion is not to pursue responsibility.

    The deputy director of the marketing department hesitated and said: "The Inspur blog has already been contacted. The other party promised to control the proliferation of the situation, but if you want to delete all the relevant blog posts, you can't do it."

    “There are also Sky Forums that are also in contact, and we strive to eliminate the negative impact to the greatest extent possible.”

    The marketing department of Shonan Satellite TV is in the forefront of the strengths and forces in many departments of TV stations. Once an accident occurs, the marketing department will carry out emergency public use and use the network resources of TV to solve it.

    Shonan Satellite TV and Inspur Blog have a long-term cooperative relationship. If things are not big, it is easy to suppress.

    But the situation this evening is obviously unusual.

    The deputy supervisor couldn't help but glance at Zhang Xiao'an, with an infinite resentment in his eyes.

    What is a pig teammate? This is it!

    He sent a few blog posts as long as he moved his fingers, and the marketing department wiped his buttocks. I don't know how much effort I have to pay!

    The deputy director of the marketing department will have Zhang Xiaoan’s heart.

    Ji Ruicai also wants Eat People, but as a senior leader in the TV station, he must start from the overall situation.

    "Now things are out, regret is too late, can only find a solution."

    "What you can do is to continue to do this Program seriously, and you can't make any more scorpions!"

    "The judges of the National Finals, don't let that Chen Zhenni go."

    "There is also Zhuang Hao, the notice is terminated."

    "As for the responsibility of anyone else, the meaning in Taiwan is not to pursue it for a while, you can count it in your heart."

    "In addition, Zhang Xiaoan…"

    Ji Rui’s icy eyes fixed on the culprit: “Take your blog account and password to the marketing department, and start your vacation today. When will you resume your work and wait for the notice?”

    Zhang Xiao'an's face instantly turned pale like paper.

    His lips twitched a few times, trying to justify a one's own, but finally fell down deeply.

    Zhang Xiaoan knows that one's own is really finished this time. Don't look at his reputation in the Variety Host. The competitors waiting for the upper level don't know how much, and he wants him to get out early.

    Take out such a big scorpion and still want to occupy the position, go dreaming!


    It is said that it is temporarily not held accountable, and the high-lifting butcher knife has also been cut down.

    Others look in the eyes, it is inevitable that a rabbit is dead and sorrowful, but how sympathy is also nonsense.

    As the director of Program, Ji Ruicai needs to explain whether it is right or wrong. Zhang Xiaoan is undoubtedly the best scapegoat. It is the best target for killing chickens and monkeys.

    He is not going to die, are you going to tie up with you?

    After setting the tone, Ji Rui took up the cup and drank the already cool tea.

    His left index finger slammed on the table and said with a deep heart: "Comrades, you must remember this lesson. The current situation of Shonan Satellite TV is hard to come by, and it really is bad!"

    After a while, he asked: "How much difference is there from our Viewership Ratings?"

    Ji Ruicai’s question was a bit confusing, but some people replied very quickly: “The previous program we were 3.75%, they were 3.49%, a difference of 0.26%.”

    Ji Rui nodded: "The difference is 0.26%. That is very close, and I don't know how much impact this incident will have. You have to go all out to make a new program, and you will make a fortune!"

    The last four words are very heavy, and can even be the conclusion of the "strongest singer" Program group members.

    You are all guilty, but you are not immediately convicted for the big picture!

    The appearance of many people has changed.

    Ji Ruicai did not feel that there was anything wrong with one's own. He had already understood the ins and outs of the incident before the meeting, and even read the video of Lu Chen's game.

    Such a talented singer, who was forced to opponent under the pressure of the party, is an unforgivable mistake and a crime against Shonan Satellite TV!

    Ji Ruicai also knows who the real initiator is, but the other person's network has a strong background and is inextricably linked to the TV station's top management. Even if he wants to move the other party, he will not be able to do so.

    Therefore, Ji Rui decided to temporarily hold back, because even if he did not speak, some people could not help it. Then there will be a good show, and he will not mind pushing it again when necessary!

    As for Zhang Xiaoan, who is said to have a relationship with a leader in Taiwan…

    As a newcomer, I want to erect the authority of one's own, how can I do a good job?

    Thinking of this, Ji Rui only put the cup on the table heavily: "Distracted!"


    When the emergency meeting of the Shonan Satellite TV Program was in the air, the battle in the Inspur blog was still in full swing!

    Thousands of Lu Chen's rice noodles, with Lu Jiajun as the core of their core, under the command of Li Mubai and Li Feiyu, launched a tidal attack on the selected targets.

    Inspur blogs naturally become the last and most important position.

    Don't beat back the humiliation that they have suffered before, they will never give up!


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