Chapter 114 is unbearable

    As the saying goes, ginger is old and spicy.

    Lu Chen called Chen Jianhao a little bit to ask the sin of the teacher, and the result was first educated by the other party.

    He knows that the time of the message is a bit late.

    Although it is said that for Lu Chen, it is late to know that one's own is not affected by black, but in the future he will become a real Celebrity. If the reaction is still so slow, it is hard to suffer!

    Because a Celebrity's every move, words and deeds are often exposed to the public's attention, encountering unfavorable situations, the faster the response, the better the processing.

    In the final analysis, it is mainly that Lu Chen does not rely on it. Since he chooses to develop independently, he must establish a strong team to support behind the scenes, otherwise it will not go long.

    Chen Jianhao said: "Are you not setting up studio? Hurry and recruit a few useful people to come over. ”

    The former BOSS experience, Lu Chen must be heard in the ears, but he will not be easily taken away from the rhythm, forget the most important thing: "Jian Hao Ge, people I have been recruited, we It’s just about business.”

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "Of course I know what you want to ask, yes, the stray cat's post is that I asked him to send it. His material is also for me. Are you satisfied?"

    Sure enough!

    Lu Chen, who got the real answer, didn't pissed off because he believed that Chen Jianhao would not harm one's own.

    Lu Chen’s curiosity is the other’s network: “Is this a friend with you?”

    The stray cat is a small V in the wave blog, the famous ID in the sky forum, and is best at exploding the material in the Entertainment Circle.

    As a bar owner, Chen Jianhao is very familiar with this.

    Lu Chen could not help but ask more questions, maybe when will be in the future. I can ask the great god to take action to help.

    "You don't think about it…"

    Chen Jianhao said: "I am not familiar with this, he lives abroad. There are also friends to help. ”

    "In any case, you don't have to worry about it now. It's not finished yet. As for the blog, you don't have to do anything. Keeping silent is enough. Wait and watch the show!"

    Chen Jianhao seems to have a trump card, so he said a few words.

    Lu Chen chose to trust and said: "Well, I will wait to see the fun!"

    Ending the call with Chen Jianhao, he said to Li Feiyu, who is full of expectations: "Don't worry."

    The little brother Fei Fei, who was full of blood, suddenly felt like a deflated ball.

    Lu Chen patted his shoulder and said with relief: "We are not admitting defeat. Now let's do one's own work. ”

    The voice just fell, and there was a loud knock on the door.

    It was Lu Chen's earlier office furniture, counters and sofas. In addition to the large items, there were two installation workers from the factory, which were assembled directly on site.

    In order to speed up efficiency, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu worked together to help.

    Busy until noon, all the tables and chairs are in place.

    The layout of the studio's front desk, reception room and office area was basically completed. Although there is no luxury and exquisite decoration, it is also clean and tidy, showing a bit of new weather.

    It’s a takeaway lunch, and you’ll have to install a computer, printer, and distribution network in the afternoon.

    When Lu Chen was busy with Zhang Luo’s office, the storm caused by the stray cat blog post in the wave blog not only did not rest because of the silence of the parties. Instead, there are signs of more and more intense.

    Ling Xiaoxiao's fans have been continually killed in Lu Chen's blog. In addition, there are a lot of passers-by, and his comment area is a mess. In addition to cynicism or cursed, some people even intentionally sent out some bad information to pollute the layout, which led to official managers who came out to seal a lot of accounts.

    Originally, Lu Chen and Ling Xiaoxiao did not know each other. Lu Chen did not say anything to Ling Xiaoxiao. The two are like two parallel lines, and there is no possibility of intersection.

    A blog post of the stray cat pushed Lu Chen to the top of the cusp of the night. He finally took Ling Xiaoxiao out and compared it with Lu Chen. As a result, Lu Chen was innocently lying and turned into a Ling Xiaoxiao rice powder. The goal.

    However, it is very abnormal to make such a degree. After all, things are not picked up by Lu Chen. Now it seems that he seems to be the culprit. The object of tens of thousands of people’s resentment, the discerning person can see the problems.

    There is no doubt that behind this incident, some people are pushing for help, and speculating Ling Xiaoxiao while suppressing Lu Chen!

    Is Shonan Satellite TV so irritating?

    Lu Chen also has a lot of fans in the Inspur blog. Seeing such a situation must be rebutted, but their counterattack lacks strength and organization, and it is not an opponent of the large group of Xiaoxiao.

    Lu Chen did not respond, Beijing Satellite TV did not respond, and the stray cat as the cause of the incident seemed to be dumb, and letting others indiscriminately indiscriminately no longer speak out, it is inevitable that people feel that the breaking expert is not true. The guilty conscience did not dare to speak out.

    At 7 o'clock in the evening, a judges of "The Strongest Singer" spoke on the blog.

    This judges is the variety show host of Xiaonan Satellite TV, Zhang Xiaoan, who is also a celebrity in the circle. The blog fans 5 million+ participated in the selection of the sea election and the preliminary competition, but the later promotion did not show his face.

    He admitted in the blog that one's own is one of the judges who eliminated Lu Chen in the sea election. The reason is that Lu Chen's performance at the time was not good, the lack of professionalism in playing, and the original original was basically semi-finished.

    In contrast, when Lu Chen arrived at the "Singing China" 32-in-16, the performance was much better, and the work was greatly improved. If even the same half of the standard was at the time, he would pass it. It is.

    Zhang Xiao'an's blog post is undoubtedly clearing responsibility for one's own and for "the strongest singer" – not that we don't want it, but that Lu Chen's performance is too bad!

    Zhang Xiaoan’s hand is very clever in black and white, because there is a video of Lu Chen’s playing in “Singing China” in the blog post of the stray cat, plus the songwriter of “In the Spring”, saying that he has no talent. Insulting others' IQ.

    Moreover, Zhang Xiaoan finally made two sentences in the blog post, suggesting that Lu Chen was using the "strongest singer" intentionally hyped.

    Maybe Lu Chen is out of the "strongest singer" sea election, it is the pre-planned speculation!

    I have to admit that the black coffee of this variety is very good, which has aroused the resonance of many fans.

    The number of people who ran to Lu Chen’s blog suddenly increased!

    At 7:20, Chen Jenny, another judge of "The Strongest Singer," also sent a blog post.

    Compared with Zhang Xiao'an's concealed suggestion, the returnee Celebrity's remarks are very popular. She bluntly said that Lu Chen was eliminated. In addition to the reasons for the works, the main thing is that Lu Chen does not respect Senior, in the sea election. Judges are not inferior!

    Chen Zhenni wrote in Bowen: As a newcomer, respecting Senior is the basic quality, Sorry, I can't see this kind of literacy in this body. Perhaps he is very respectful in the face of superstar, but this will only make me more resentful. If I choose again, I will still press the red light!

    At the end of the blog post, Chen Zhenni Zhuang Hao, the third judges in the sea election.

    At that time, Lu Chen had been able to top up Zhuang Hao and could not step down.

    Zhuang Hao quickly replied: Young people, always give opportunities, his songs are still good.

    The two sang together and tied a big hat that "disrespects Senior" firmly to Lu Chen’s head.

    And also give the fans a strong hint – Lu Chen is the kind of newcomer who loves to play big cards and don't know Immense World. Don't look at his modest appearance in "Singing China", it is actually installed.

    Because the judges of "Singing China" is Chen Feier, it is Tan Hong!

    Which new person dared to face in front of these two big cafés?

    Well, Lu Chen’s head has a hat named “Two Faces and Three Knives”.

    Zhang Xiaoan, Chen Zhenni and Zhuang Hao teamed up with three famous figures in the circle. Together with the three blog posts issued by the previous Program group, Lu Chen’s image became extremely unsatisfactory in the eyes of unidentified fans.

    In addition to continuing to attack Lu Chen and stray cats, some people even went to Chen Feier and Tan Hong’s blog to let the two big coffees compete in the finals of the "Singing China" Beijing singing area, which is the 16th Top 10 Lu Chen was eliminated in the game, the reason is that his character is too bad!

    Chen Feier and Tan Hong did not reply and did not comment.

    The two have not experienced any storms in the circle, how they may be fooled, and they will not decline their status.

    The more troublesome things are, Lu Lu is famous on the blog this time.

    It is a pity that it is notorious.

    At 8 o'clock in the evening, Li Bai was Li Mubai calling Lu Chen.

    "Lu Shuai, what is going on? You are being blacked out on your blog! ”

    He was very annoyed, and even swearing came out: "We are all bombing in the Lujiajun group. Little Brother Fei keeps everyone calm, but everyone can't help it. We can't eat such a loss in vain! ”

    Lu Chen just finished finishing the studio, and he was tired and sweaty.

    Hearing the snoring of Li Mubai, he smiled and said: "You don't want to worry, because now is not a chance to fight back, let's wait."

    "Are you waiting?"

    Li Mubai said dissatisfiedly: "I have been trampled on the head and pissed, I can't help it!"

    Lu Chen didn't want to endure it, but Chen Jianhao hadn't moved yet. He had no weapons even if he counterattacked.

    However, Lu Chen couldn't be cold-blooded by Li Mubai and Lu Jiajun. He thought about it: "Let's do it, give me another hour of time. You will organize everyone to prepare, and then we will join us!"

    If the stray cat is still silent before 9 o'clock, then Lu Chen will issue one's own Voice.

    Even if the situation is not good, he will have to fight to the end.

    If you can't bear it, then you don't have to bear it!


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