Chapter 110, In the Spring, the storm

    On the early morning of Monday, the office workers started fighting.

    Wang Jiashi is like a mad warrior who is in charge of the battle. He has taken a heavy and powerful step and grabbed the elevator before many competitive opponents, and firmly occupied the best position in the middle.

    The poor elevator car was trembled by his weight of more than 100KG, and the hanging cable on the top of the car made a sizzling sound, and finally managed to withstand the difficult test.

    It’s just that other people in the elevator are a little scared and have some bad associations.

    The businessman who was behind the step of the business man just stepped in and the buzzing sound suddenly sounded!

    Under the gaze of everyone's cold eyes, he could only retreat back, staring at Wang Jiashi with infinite resentment.

    If the goods are not there, at least two of them can come in!

    Wang Jiashi has already exercised a defensive +10 face, completely ignoring the gaze of the eyes, waiting for the elevator door to close.

    On the 10th floor, he was the first to rush out.

    When Wang Jiashi rushed into the company to finish the card, the LCD clock hanging on the punch card machine showed exactly 9 o'clock.

    On the first day of returning to work on vacation, he was not late!

    Wang Da Fatzi wiped the sweat on his forehead with a lingering sorrow, and there was a feeling of escape from death.

    Half a year ago, his new Tianyi company changed its major shareholder, and the new CEO of the successor took up three fires. He formulated very strict rules and regulations. Once he was late, he had to deduct the full attendance award and deduct the performance gold twice.

    Wang Jiashi was fat and snooze, and the half-month biological clock was not adjusted in time, so he almost went too late to sleep, but fortunately he stuck the card successfully.

    "Old Wang, are you back?"

    "Wang brother. Is Phuket fun? See you are tan. ”

    "Wang Editor, your worksheet I have placed on your desk. Two sheets of paper. ”

    "Two o'clock in the afternoon…"

    Colleagues arrived early, they all started working, and Wang Jiashi greeted them.

    The 32-year-old Wang Jiashi is also a veteran of Xintianyi. His character is very good, and he has real talents. Therefore, the popularity relationship among colleagues is good.

    But at work time, my colleagues only greeted him with a few words, but I was afraid that I would have been around for a long time to ask him how to play, have you ever encountered an affair, and where are the gifts for everyone?

    Wang Jiashi answered a few words with a smile. I also didn't distribute the small gifts in my handbag, and I got into one's own office before the BOSS appeared.

    The office of about 5 square meters can barely accommodate the next small computer desk, and all the space that can be used is fully utilized. The bookcases are fixed on the wall and filled with various books.

    Although the place is too small, Wang Jiashi is already very satisfied.

    Because as long as the door is closed. Here is his independent world. It is no problem to smoke cigarettes. It is a special care of the senior employee + old smoker.

    Wang Jiashi is the editor of the "Popular Color" of Xintianyi Company. "Popular Color" belongs to the new media network magazine. The APP developed by the company is in the same kind of software in the field of smart machines, and the market share has remained top three, so in the industry. It is quite famous. Advertisement income can be counted.

    "Popular Color" focuses on the international action flow of Domestic. Covering fashion elements such as movies, TV, Music and popular brands, the target group is mainly young people in the city.

    Wang Jiashi is the editor of the popular Music section. He has been engaged in the same work for ten years, and his pen name "Stone Man" is widely known in the circle. His written review articles often appear on the front page.

    Pushing open the window ventilation, Wang Jiashi used to locate the roots of the boat, and the right hand held the mouse to open the browser and landed on the official website of the Chinese original Music list.

    He wants to look at the song rankings in recent weeks.

    The result page just opened, Wang Jiashi saw the "In the Spring" at the top of the list!

    Wang Jiashi, the song title of this song, is a bit of an impression. I remember that it was famous on the list of the leaderboard before his vacation, but he was hanging at the end of the list. There is no time to pay attention.

    In just over half a month, I rushed to the top of the list.

    Wang Jiashi feels a little unbelievable. You know that the singer and the band are unknown in the popular Musical World. They have never heard of it before. How can their new works get so fast?

    This must be awkward!

    Wang Jiashi bit the cigarette filter and turned it to the previous week.

    "In the Spring" is still the top!

    This made Wang Jiashi immediately have a strong interest. If there is a luck component in the top of the week, then the continuous bullying will be a factor of strength. Although the fairness of the original sound list is often questioned in the past two years, in the current Domestic There is no more authoritative list than it is.

    He clicked on the excellent web link behind "In the Spring."

    The partners of the China Original Music list include online new media such as Fetion Music, EasyMusic, popular radio station and UTV, so the songs on the list have corresponding URL links.

    Vision's online links are all MVs, so it is more enjoyable.

    He clicked into a video page titled [rock and roll new Strength, 彷徨In the Spring].

    The time of this video upload was more than a month ago, and the traffic was actually Gundam 1.7 billion+!

    Such an amazing number of clicks, Wang Jiashi could not help but shook his head.

    Nowadays, the new media on the Internet is too fond of making a big fuss in the data. One click can be blown into ten or even one hundred, and the irrigation can be filled to the point where people are speechless, not only the excellent screen, but also the Music and Music. The flow is no exception. It is tens of millions of Over a hundred million hits or viewers, using big data to boost the advertising value.

    In addition, there are endless ways to promote the promotion of hype, and it is difficult to distinguish clearly.

    This more or less ruined the feeling of Wang Jiashi listening to the songs, he clicked the play button.

    After 15 seconds of advertising, the MV begins.

    Soon, the hoarse, full of vicissitudes of Strength began to reverberate in Xiaoxiao's room.

    “I still remember the spring many years ago, when I didn’t cut my long hair, I didn’t have a credit card and didn’t have her, and I didn’t have a 24-hour hot water home.”

    "I was so happy at the beginning, although there was only a broken acoustic guitar, singing in the street, under the bridge, in the field, singing the songs that nobody cares about!…"

    After 5 minutes, the MV playback ends.

    Wang Jiashi squatted on the chair, and the cigarettes contained in his mouth were almost burned out. The half of the ash fell on his body and he was unaware of it. His eyes were filled with the complex look that was deeply shocked.

    Such a song, how did he hear it now?

    The lips moved a few times, Wang Jiashi felt one's own to say something, and there was a passion in the chest.

    The result has not been said yet, but the cigarette in my mouth has fallen.

    Just fell on his crotch!


    The thin fat shorts were immediately burned in a hole, and almost burned to the vital parts. Wang Jiashi suddenly woke up, and he jumped up suddenly, and the thigh hit the keyboard bracket heavily.

    I almost turned over the computer desk.

    Wang Jiashi really wants to cry without tears, and will quickly reach out and slap the butt that sticks to the shorts.

    After a while, he sat down again.

    The music video has already been played, and there is still a lost adult drama, but Wang Jiashi’s feelings have not been disturbed, and his mood is still in a state of turmoil.

    After ten years in the capital, this super-large city is still unfamiliar to him. The passions and ideals that have been there have already passed away with the years, just to survive and survive.

    Wang Jiashi has no house in Beijing because he can't afford it;

He also has no girlfriend because no good girl likes him;

The most extravagant thing he has ever experienced in his life is the half-month holiday that he has just spent abroad!

    Now listening to this "In the Spring", watching the story of the joys and sorrows in the MV, Wang Jiashi found that his self-righteous strength is actually vulnerable.

    He was deeply moved and moved!

    Deeply sucking his mouth, Wang Jiashi licked some sour eyes and re-entered the roots.

    Wang Jiashi is going to write an article for this song and put it in the new recommendation of "Popular Color". In course, he first needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the song, such as the singer, the band, and the songwriter.

    However, Wang Jiashi soon discovered a very interesting thing, that is, the 彷徨 band has a total of three songs on the list, in addition to the top of the list "In the Spring", ranked seventh "strong reason" and ranked 12th "I want to have a home", actually all from the same person.

    Lu Chen!

    Wang Jiashi is very strange to this name, certainly not a well-known songwriter in the industry.

    Ordinary listeners usually don't care much about who the author of the song is, just like ordering food in the restaurant. Everyone thinks that a dish is delicious. It is enough to remember the name of the dish and the name of the restaurant. The chef who does not ask the cooking is Who.

    But Wang Jiashi is not an ordinary person.

    As the Editor of the Music section of "Popular Color", he is more interested in the story hidden behind the song. In addition to the singer and the band, the author of Lu Chen also has a strong inquiry.

    What kind of character can you write such a great rock and roll?

    In the mind of Wang Jiashi, a middle-aged man with a vicissitudes of life and a firm face was constructed.

    He drifted all over the world, he experienced the wind and frost, he was born with no talent, he sang in the wind with his guitar. "If one day, I quietly leave, please bury me, this In the Spring!"

    Wang Jiashi knocked in the browser search bar: In the Spring + Lu Chen.

    Enter is OK, the search engine immediately searches for a lot of information about or not at all.

    And the one in the first place is a post in the Sky Forum.

    [The name is not the real "the strongest singer", the first instinct "In the Spring" author Lu Chen was eliminated insider! 】

    Keywords: the strongest singer, In the Spring, Lu Chen.


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