Chapter 171

    T1 studio hall backstage.

    From time to time, Mu Xiaochu looked in the direction of the entrance and exit, and there was a trace of anxiety in his eyes.

    Lu Chen was called for an hour, and as a result, he still hasn't seen his figure yet, as if the world has evaporated, and the chorus of "Singing the Chinese", the singer of the "Singing and Singing", will soon go to go. On stage rehearsal!

    She didn't know what happened to Lu Chen, and there was a field staff who came over to ask about situation.

    How could this be?

    Mu Xiaochu is worried that Lu Chen’s delay in the time affects the Program arrangement and will definitely offend Beijing Satellite TV.

    That Lu Chen’s career prospects will definitely be greatly affected.

    However, it was clearly said that the person in Taich had called him away. It is reasonable to say that there should be nothing, but why not come back?

    Mu Xiaochu’s heart is really messy.

    Sitting next to Zhang Haohai in his eyes, he knew what Mu Xiaochu was worried about, and his heart was sour.

    "In the beginning, you don't care about others…"

    Zhang Haohai couldn't help but say: "We are going to play, but it is rehearsal. It doesn't matter if one less."

    Said, his face appeared a touch of color.

    Zhang Haohai is unfortunately unable to get on the stage, and it is best to be brushed down by Beijing Satellite TV.

    He believes that neither the appearance nor the talent is worse than Lu Chen, but the latter is mixed with the wind.

    Even Mu Xiaochu looked at Lu Chen and looked at one's own.

    Mu Xiaochu licked his mouth. She glanced at Zhang Haohai and said faintly: "This song was written by Lu Chen, and he still sang the Chinese champion. Without him, there would be no such program."

    Mu Xiaochu is a good character, but this does not mean that she has no temper.

    She is reminding Zhang Haohai. Lu Chen is the core of this chorus track, self-conduct can not forget this!

    Don't be self-righteous!

    Zhang Haohai’s face suddenly rose red.

    He belongs to someone who is very self-respecting. I can't stand the contempt of others, and I want to swear.

    As a result, Mu Xiaochu didn't pay any attention to him, but suddenly smiled. He got up and waved his arm and said loudly: "Lu Chen, senior, come on!"

    It turned out that Lu Chen appeared at this time!

    Zhang Haohai is preparing to say that if he goes out, he has to swallow back hard and his face is ugly.

    Lu Chen knows the episode that just happened because of one's own. He walked back to one's own position and smiled and asked Mu Xiaochu: "What?"

    Mu Xiaochu said with a smile: "We are going to play, are you ready for the senior?"

    Her smile is so sweet. Let Lu Chen look at the heartbeat and jump.

    He nodded and said, "Ready!"

    At this time, Lu Chen suddenly felt that the surrounding atmosphere became strange and suddenly he was quiet.

    Mu Xiaochu also had the same feeling. She and Lu Chen turned their heads in unison.

    what happened?

    I saw a beautiful woman wearing a neon feather coat, accompanied by several assistants accompanying the escort of the stars, came to the front of the two.

    She smiled and voluntarily greeted: "Lu Chen, Xiaochu. long time no see! ”

    The woman in Chinese costume is Chen Feier, the sweet Singer King in the music world, and the big coffee characters in the Entertainment Circle!

    There are a lot of Celebrity artists who came to the evening to rehearse at the party, but there is no higher level than the coffee.

    If Wang Bin is still there, perhaps can stand up against her.

    Unfortunately, this is now in the detention center.

    Chen Feier has debuted for more than ten years and is already 30 years old this year. But she is naturally beautiful and well maintained. It looks like it's in its early twenties, and it comes with an amazing gas field. Naturally, the scene was stopped.

    No one here dares to yell in front of her. Many people show the look of admiration and even awe.

    “Teacher Chen is good!”

    Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu replied vividly.

    Chen Feier is one of the four big judges of "Singing China". She appreciates Lu Chen and also likes Mu Xiaochu.

    “Teacher Chen is good…”

    The artists around the two, including the other three top five singers, will all get up and say hello.

    "Hello everyone."

    The sweet Singer King smiled and said: "Call my sister, and the teacher will call me old!"

    Mu Xiaochu said very well: "Feier sister."


    Chen Feier nodded and asked Mu Xiaochu’s little hand to ask: "What are you Program?"

    Under the eyes of the public, Mu Xiaochu was blushing with her intimate gestures and shyly replied: "Fei Erjie, our Program is a chorus, singing the head of Lu Chen’s head and singing."

    Chen Feier stunned: "The next program is you guys…"

    She turned her head and asked Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, I remember you promised to write a song for me? Have you written yet? Have you forgotten? ”

    After the sweet Singer King smiled, the stars were like water, and they couldn't tell the moving, even with a little girllike cute, letting people forget her true age.

    Lu Chen was a little dizzy. Fortunately, his strength was enough. He replied quickly: "I have already written it. When will you be sent by Feier, will I send it?"

    Chen Feier invited him to the song, but in the Program.

    Therefore, Lu Chen did not take it seriously, including Chen Feier’s invitation to invite him to be a guest of the concert. After all, the status of the two was too far apart, and they did not want to misunderstand him to intentionally climb the other side.

    I didn't expect Chen Feier to remember this thing, and it seems to be serious.

    Then of course he would not be stupid enough to say that he was not prepared.

    Chen Feier was surprised: "Really? That's great, thank you, I let the assistant contact you. ”

    Lu Chen said: "Okay."

    Those around who heard the conversation between the two people all cast their eyes on envious hatred.

    In their view, Lu Chen is too Luck, not only catching Chen Feier, but also writing songs for her.

    To know that it is qualified to cooperate with Chen Feier, is not a cadre in the industry circle, Lu Chen is just a new artist who just debuted, actually got the favor of Chen Feier.

    Isn't it a dog/good luck?

    Chen Feier noticed the strange eyes from all around, and she did not care. She smiled and said: "You are busy."

    After that, she took the assistant to the VIP room.

    After Chen Feier left, the atmosphere in the background quickly returned to its original state.

    Then there was a staff member who held the microphone to remind the next Program performer to play.

    It is the chorus of Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu.

    The five top five singers of "Singing China" will gather together in the waiting area and then perform together on stage.

    According to the arrangement of Beijing Satellite TV, today is the first rehearsal of the National Day party, No. 21 rearrangement, No. 25 rehearsal, No. 29 for live recording, October 1st night.

    The time is very tightly arranged, and if there is a problem with the Program, it needs to be added.

    The four major parties of Beijing Satellite TV, except for the New Year's Eve party, are recorded.

    Today's first rehearsal is very important for the artists who participate in the show, because if their performance is not good enough, they may be brushed down, not to say that the iron plate can be officially recorded.

    Therefore, whether it is Lu Chen, Mu Muchu, or Zhang Haohai, they are all very hard to go all out. Although the five singers will be the first cooperation, there is basically no big problem except for the cooperation.

    After all, the difficulty of this song is not high, and any one of the singing can be easily controlled.

    The Beijing Satellite TV T1 studio can accommodate 3,000 live audiences, but today is a rehearsal. There are certainly not so many audiences. At the scene, basically the TV station staff and related leaders, including the jury of the Program group.

    After singing, the judging panel of the TV station gave some advice and then let everyone go.

    Today their rehearsal is over.

    Back in the background, Mu Xiaochu asked: "Lu Chen, long, do you go back now?"

    The time of the artists is precious, especially those with more announcements. Although they are willing to squeeze out the time to participate in the rehearsal of the party, the TV station is still very reasonable.

    Therefore, you can leave after the rehearsal, and wait until the rehearsal on the 25th.

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "You go first, I still have a solo program to rehearse."

    There is also a solo program?

    The other singers will all be stunned and can't believe the ear of one's own.

    Especially Zhang Haohai, the chin was almost shocked.

    All three of them knew that this program was originally Shun Lu, and later changed to become a five-person chorus after the public relations operation of Beijing Satellite TV by their affiliated company.

    The only thing that doesn't understand the inside story is probably Mu Xiaochu.

    The trio felt gloating for Lu Chen’s encounter. Anyone who encounters such a thing will probably be depressed!

    But who had expected that Beijing Satellite TV actually gave Lu Chen a solo program.

    This is too much too much!

    Other Celebrity artists have only one Program. Lu Chen can actually get two, because he is a champion?

    They are indignant, they are bitter, they are depressed…

    Only Mu Xiaochu really feels happy for Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, you are so powerful!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Good luck."

    Zhang Haohai and others are in the heart of simultaneous quiet: what to install!

    No matter how blind they are, it does not affect the half-point of the morning.

    After bidding farewell to Mu Xiaochu, Lu Chen waited for nearly half an hour in the background, and then went on stage to go on stage again.

    This time he is playing alone.

    At this time, the program that has been rehearsed has passed most of the time. The people who appear in the auditorium of the studio are a lot more. The people sitting in the front two rows are very eye-catching.

    Lu Chen knows that these dozens are the top of Beijing Satellite TV, and there are two CCTV leaders.

    Everyone's eyes are all focused on him.

    Compared with the multi-person chorus in front, the pressure he alone bears is undoubtedly increasing exponentially!

    Standing in the middle of the stage, standing in front of the microphone, facing the eyes of a pair of double-view…

    Lu Chenxin is like a calm water.


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