Chapter 173, love again

    The rise and fall of the main theme song of Domestic is to beat with the pulse of the times.

    The main melody songs first flourished in the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, the country was renewed in Vientiane. The whole society was full of vigor and vitality. The works reflecting the style of the times emerged endlessly, and many classics were born.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, China achieved great unity, reform and opening up to prosperity and prosperity, and the material life of the people has been greatly improved. The main melody songs follow the pace of the times, and a large number of famous young Singing families have emerged. Still active in the mainstream.

    After entering the new century, the main melody songs are the same as the national songs and pop songs. The classics are less and less, the styles are the same, the melody is old and the old ones are gradually losing their original status.

    However, on the political level, the vitality of the main melody songs is still extremely tenacious. Many of the major festivals of Domestic, such as National Day, Army Day, Victory Day, etc., have always been the main theme of the main melody works.

    Like the Beijing Satellite TV 2015 National Day Gala, there are as many as 15 programs in the song and dance category, accounting for 70% of the total, and there are 11 main melody works.

    This party does not need to consider the issue of Viewership Ratings.

    Lu Chen was temporarily replaced by a solo singer, so when Gu Rui intended to let him sing the main melody song, he immediately thought of many classic melody works from the dream world in one's own memory.

    There are so many tracks to choose from, just take one out and get enough to the town.

    Don't say anything else, there are two versions of "I Love You China". In addition to this version that Lu Chen just sang, the other version is actually more classic and is the real theme.

    However, after careful consideration, Lu Chen chose the version currently used.

    the reason is simple. The problem of creating and singing styles.

    The other version is classic and more in line with the requirements. But it is quite different from his previous work style, including melody including lyrics, including the way of singing.

    At present, this version of "I Love You China" melody rhythm and emotional expression is still very good, it adopts the method of first raising and then suppressing, expressing the gratitude, attachment, love and blessing of the motherland.

    Although the accompaniment made temporarily was rough, Lu Chen incorporated the sincere emotions during the singing.

    "I love you China's beloved mother, I am crying for you and I am proud of you!"These two lyrics sang back and forth 10 times, more intense than once!

    For the "audience" on the scene, first of all, their feelings are very fresh.

    Such a main melody work has never been heard before!

    Lu Chen’s "I Love You China". Obviously not pure, or the familiar style of the main melody, it is more popular, blending a lot of light rock and roll characteristics, refreshing.

    And the emotions expressed in Lu Chen’s songs make them move!

    There is no doubt that this is a good song.

    At least Gao Zhixue is very fascinated. Ignore the shortcomings of the accompaniment completely, nodding with the melody.

    I don’t even know when Gu Rui appeared at his side.

    Until Lu Chen finished singing.

    In the studio, there was a warm applause.

    Although there were only a hundred people on the scene, the atmosphere created was not bad, and many people even stood up and applauded.

    "High Director, how do you feel about this song?"

    Gu Rui asked with a smile, a little proud.

    He risked the recommendation of Lu Chen. Lu Chen did not make him shameful. Really give him a long face!

    Gao Zhixue returned to God and saw Gu Rui. Suddenly smiled: "Yes, this song is not Lu Chen one's own original? I have never heard of it before. ”

    If such a work is not newly created, he cannot possibly have never heard of it.

    Gu Rui nodded and replied: "Yes."

    Gao Zhixue lamented: "Now the young people are really not allowed, the generation is stronger than the first generation!"

    When Gao said this sentence, he did not notice the face of Lu Zhengzhi, who was sitting on his right.

    Lu Zheng straightened his brow and suddenly reached out and patted the microphone placed on the table in front of the seat.

    puff! puff!

    He asked: "This little comrade, this song was written by you one's own?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Yes."

    There was a soft humming sound in the audience, everyone was admiring Lu Chen’s talent.

    Lv Zhengzhi moved his buttocks a little uneasy. He straightened his waist and said very seriously: "This little comrade, your lyrics are ok, the talent for creation is worthy of recognition, but the style is not very harmonious with the National Day party. Need to reconsider."


    Gao Zhixue, Gu Rui and the staff of the Beijing Satellite TV scene were stunned.

    This song is not very harmonious with the National Day party? What is this saying?

    Lu Zhengzhi probably realized that one's own was not clear enough, and added: "In other words, the characteristics of the main melody are not reflected, too much like ordinary pop songs."

    This reason…

    Gao Zhixue is a bit speechless. Is it a bone in the egg?

    Gu Rui suddenly rushed, his face rose red in an instant, and said: "This…"

    The Music Director of Beijing Satellite TV appreciates Lu Chen and also appreciates Lu Chen’s "I Love You China".

    Although as a main melody, this song seems a bit deviant, but both the melody and the lyrics are excellent, and it really should be regarded as a unique innovation.

    The main melody works from glory to decline, too much need such innovation, should be strongly encouraged and supported.

    How can you kill such a stick!

    When the ancient character is inconsistent, he immediately wants to argue with Lu Zhengzhi.

    However, Gao Zhixue responded extremely quickly, and immediately stopped Gu Rui, and said to Lu Zhengzhi: "We will consider this song again, or change the head more appropriate."

    Gu Rui is not good, he is happy in his heart!

    Lu Zhengzhi's level is higher than him. Lu Zhengzhi is the leader of CCTV instead of Jingshi. The more veto of the veto program, the suspicion of face-smacking on the spot.

    However, in name, CCTV has a guiding role in Beijing in many respects. Lu Zhengzhi is here for this reason. His reasons cannot be said to be completely wrong. At least Guru should not and cannot directly conflict with him.

    Lu Zhengzhi smiled and leaned back into the seat comfortably.

    Since he has come, he must not be a clay Buddha. It is necessary to send out a voice.

    Everyone's eyes returned to the stage – Lu Chen still stood there!

    Many staff members who act as spectators show a sympathetic look. Any newcomer who is knocked on this stick, I am afraid it will be extremely depressed. The embarrassment is certain.

    What everyone did not think was that Lu Chen’s expression did not change at all because of Lu Zhengzhi’s negation.

    He slightly indulged and said to the microphone: "Ancient Director, two leaders, in fact, I still have a work that may be more suitable, can I let me sing again?"


    Sing another song?

    Lu Zhengzhi could not help but stunned.

    He turned his head and looked at Gao Zhixue. His look was a bit uncomfortable.

    If it is CCTV's evening rehearsal, Lu Zhengzhi is absolutely impossible to promise such a request.

    It’s awkward. If everyone wants to give another chance, isn’t it all messed up?

    And Lu Chen still has enough suspicion of respecting leadership.

    But here is Beijing Satellite TV. The rehearsal is the evening program of Beijing Satellite TV. He has already taken action once, and then he has to make a self-proclaimed one. It’s too much to give Gao Zhixue a face–when the Chief Editor is a director. of?

    Therefore, Lu Zhengzhi used his complexion to indicate that Gao Zhixue had one's own decision.

    Gao Zhixue’s heart seems to have tens of thousands of grass mud horses running by.

    The Chief Editor is really not muddy, and the clay man still has three points of fire. He thinks a little and bluntly says: "Lu Chen, then you will sing another song!"

    In fact, this is not a rule, but Gao Zhixue does not want to be eaten at the home of one's own.

    So many people in the station are watching!

    Where is his face left?

    Gu Rui looked like a hi, and quickly asked: "Lu Chen, do you want to go ahead and prepare?"

    The ancient Director was worried that Lu Chen’s temporary song change was not fully prepared. If he sang again, it would be really finished.

    He is very reluctant to see Lu Chen lose the opportunity to go to the stage.

    Lu Chen smiled confidently: "Thank you for the two leaders. Thank you, Ancient Director. I can sing this song."

    His smile was infected with Gu Rui, which made the latter inexplicably create a sense of trust and said: "That's alright."

    Lu Chen nodded.

    He took a deep breath and said to the microphone: "This song is also my original work, its name is – I love you China!"


    Everyone in the studio is skeptical that one's own is wrong!

    Lu Chen is not just singing the first "I love you China"? How can I sing now, I love you China.

    Love again, no, sing again?

    Lu Zhengzhi “ha”, and Gao Zhixue and Gu Rui’s expressions were frozen.

    Behind them, there was a burst of arguments.

    "I didn't get it wrong?"

    "Is he wrong, or am I getting it wrong? How is it that I love you China. ”

    "Is this Lu Chen not sing!"

    "Oh, a little bit interesting."

    However, no matter whether it is the face of TV Station Leaders or those who are not convinced, it has not caused any impact on Lu Chen.

    He opened the sound chamber and directly smashed another new song with the main theme!

    "Larks fly from the blue sky, I love you China~

I love you China, I love you China~

I love you spring sprouts, I love you the golden fruit of autumn,

I love you Qingsong temperament, I love you red plum character,

I love the sweet cane in your hometown, it seems that the milk nourishes my heart.


    When Lu Chen sang the first lyrics with a bright and pure voice…

    The audience is awesome!


Note: "I love you China" lyrics: 瞿琮 / composition: Zheng Qiufeng

PS: The second one is sent, for subscription and monthly ticket support, the code word is really hard (┬_┬) (to be continued~^~)

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