The 179th crowdfunding online

    Since the 17th Wang Bin was arrested, until the short three days of the 20th, the Domestic Entertainment Circle experienced a storm baptism, several Celebrity artists were taken out to participate in the Senior party, and some even He was taken away by the police to assist in the investigation, and his reputation and future were completely destroyed.

    In a time circle, the sound of the wind is everywhere, and even the various publicity hype has stopped a lot.

    Inspur blogs are simply a group of magical dances, all the big V small V and speculators make waves, Eight Trigrams rumors and even rumors flying, leading to many artists innocent shots.

    Beijing Satellite TV Although not an entertainer, Celebrity, but also a shot.

    In fact, the gun in Jingshi is not too embarrassing, because as early as half a month ago, the official revealed that the invitation to Wang Bin and Chen Feier and other big names Celebrity to participate in the National Day party, even in the Program to Wang Bin made an interview .

    As a result, who can think of it, Wang Bin actually made such a big leak!

    Although Beijing Satellite TV official V quickly announced that it would cancel all cooperation with Wang Bin and replace his performance program, the impact has already been caused.

    Because the media broke the news, Wang Bin was not a day or two, and it started a long time ago.

    As the capital of the capital, Beijing Satellite TV really knows nothing about this?

    Knowing that the situation also invited Wang Bin to participate in such an important party, is it a bad atmosphere in the support circle?

    Some people even accused Beijing Satellite TV of falling down on Wang Bin.

    Most of these doubts and accusations are untenable, but this is the case on the Internet. It is also unreasonable to stir up three points, not to mention the intentional and targeted wave of making people, so that Beijing Satellite TV is somewhat passive.

    However, Beijing Satellite TV is not a vegetarian, and soon launched a counterattack in public opinion.

    First, the official refuted the false rumors on the blog. In addition, it also advocates Celebrity self-discipline in the entertainment industry.

    At 8 o'clock on the 21st, when the storm caused by Wang Bin gradually began to calm down. Beijing Satellite TV official V released a video of the official vent on his wave blog.

    The content of the video is very interesting. It is the rehearsal of the National Day party at the TV station T1 in the afternoon of the 17th.

    And the protagonist of the video, it is exactly Lu Chen!

    Officer V intercepted two of the rehearsal live video, Lu Chen sang two songs "I Love You China", and launched a prize voting campaign for all blog users in the post.

    The content of the vote is very simple – two main melody works of the same title, which one do you prefer?

    Finally, the official V said that the audience's choice will determine the song that Lu Chen sang at the National Day party!

    Everyone knows that this blog post is definitely part of the Beijing Satellite TV crisis public relations. The purpose is to let everyone shift their attention away from Wang Bin, at least not to be involved in Beijing.

    But this way of diverting sight is not objectionable. And very interesting.

    Lu Chen’s two works have thus attracted a lot of people’s curiosity and attention, and the number of clicks and comments has risen rapidly.

    At 8:24, Chen Feier forwarded the blog post and commented that she voted for the second song!

    In addition to Chen Feier, the industry in the other circles also forwarded comments in a few, plus the official push to help, the results soon to stir up the topic. By 10 pm, the number of votes actually exceeded 200,000+!

    The most exciting is the fans of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen's blog post-help group – Lu Jiajun's group V, the comment area has been smashed.

    Fans who support Lu Chen are all good at the Beijing Satellite TV's official video!

    "Lu Chen greatly forformable might!"

    "The morning of our family is getting more and more powerful. Both songs are very good. I can't think he can write the main theme!"

    "The first one is not the main theme? The popularity is obvious. The second one has nothing to say. Impressed! ”

    "Chen Feier said that she likes the second one, and I like it too."

    "Lu Chen will not replace Wang Bin to play? Beijing Satellite TV's National Day party must see! ”

    "Must see +1!"

    "What is Beijing Satellite TV? Lu Chen will definitely be on the CCTV Spring Festival in the future! ”

    “Looking forward to CCTV Spring Festival.”

    Compared with ordinary fans, many people in the industry circle have a lot of professional evaluation.

    Chen Guodong, who once wrote the wonderful blog post "The Most People in Silence" for Lu Chen's "The Same Table" album, praised in the blog: "Lu Chen's achievements in the original folk songs are well known, and he is not expected. I can still write such a wonderful theme, and the richness of the melody is really admirable."

    "It’s really awkward for me to vote on Jingshi. I haven’t chosen it for a long time.”

    “If the second song is undoubtedly the first one from the characteristics of the main melody work, the first work combines the main theme with the popular music, full of bold innovation!”

    He said: "I like both of Lu Chen's works. I like it very much. If I can, I hope that I can stage it at the same time, but it is obviously impossible, so I have no choice in the two capitals."

    Chen Guodong did not choose, but more people voted for the song on the blog.

    The result is the second song "I Love You China" by Lu Chen, who defeated the first "I Love You China" with a disparity ratio of 72.89% to 27.11% in the 2-day scheduled voting time.

    His creative talent and singing strength have been praised by most people. With the publicity of Beijing Satellite TV, the number of blog fans exceeds 6.5 million!

    Lu Chen’s reputation outside the circle has also made a big step forward!

    Taking advantage of this shareholder's style, Lu Chen has launched an album crowdfunding plan that has been delayed for more than half a month in the Inspur blog.

    Crowdfunding network is online for operation!

    In addition to a few people, the term crowdfunding is unfamiliar to people all over the world. Therefore, Lu Chen specifically explained what is called crowdfunding mode in the blog post and attached a URL.

    Click on the URL to log in directly to Crowdfunding.

    For Lu Chen's fans, they may not care what is called crowdfunding, or the meaning contained in this vocabulary, and do not want to know the meaning and market value of the crowdfunding model.

    Really arouse the interest of fans, or Lu Chen finally has to launch a CD record!

    Although after entering the new century, Domestic, including the international recording industry, has been a year less than a year.

    Up to now, online sales have become the focus of the album release. Even the evaluation criteria of [Golden Record] [Platinum Record] include the sales data of the Music website, but the meaning of the real record is quite different.

    It's easy to get a web album or single, and it's not easy to get a CD.

    The first is the production cost. The CD is much higher than the audio data without cost. The cost and difficulty of the sales release is higher than that of the website. In addition to the big coffee Celebrity, it is difficult to earn back the cost.

    There are a lot of Singer in order to brush the grid, but the CD is released, the sales data is often very bleak, it is completely lost money, even swollen face fat.

    A lot of CD albums are sold in half or half, or as gifts to the fans, but also in the hands.

    So even though there are countless Singers who dream of producing a CD record and get the achievements of [Golden Record] or even [Platinum Record], there are only a few people who can really do it.

    For Entertainment Manager Corporation, unless you are an artist at any cost, you will never easily dig a hole in one's own. The more companies with strict cost control, the more so.

    But this market still exists!

    The CD record is a plan that Lu Chen had long thought of. He didn't want to play a swollen face and fill the fat man. He tried to force hundreds of thousands of people to go down, so the crowdfunding mode is the best choice.

    The success of the online sales of the album "You at the same table" also greatly boosted Lu Chen’s confidence.

    The fundraising goal of this album is 500,000 yuan!

    There are a total of 4 support options.

    The first item: ¥1 (10,000), Lottery produces 1 grand prize winner, prize laptop.

    The second item: ¥15 (no limit), supporters can get a genuine CD of the same table.

    The third item: ¥100 (1000), supporters can get a CD and Lu Chen signature to commemorate the poster, Lu Jiajun support group to order 16G U disk and key chain, metal nameplate limited edition set.

    The fourth item: ¥188 (1000), supporters can get 2 CDs and Lu Chen signature commemorative poster, Lu Jiajun support group to order 64G U disk and Notepad, keychain, metal nameplate limited edition set.

    Because it was the first crowdfunding, Lu Chen did not make the project too complicated, only four support options.

    To be honest, he didn't have the bottom of the album's crowdfunding. He didn't know if he could succeed, and he reached the pre-target of 500,000, and then successfully launched his first CD.

    However, the arrow had to be sent on the string, and the crowdfunding network could see the first crowdfunding project with a shot.

    In order to achieve the best promotion effect, in addition to the live broadcast, the post, and the publicity of the Fetion group, Lu Chen also has a well-known V number of one's own, such as Tan Hong and Chen Feier. and many more.

    Luck's is that Lu Chen's fans are still very interested in the album crowdfunding project. After he officially launched crowdfunding network, the number of visits and membership registrations of the website began to increase gradually, and more and more.

    Then the first supporter appeared, he chose the first item, first supported 1 yuan!

    1 yuan, this is the first money harvested by crowdfunding network.

    Although it looks very pitiful, it foreshadows a new business financing model, officially on the big stage of the Internet!

    Just start with an album record.

    Whether the final result is success or failure, Lu Chen has a feeling of creating history.


Second, send it, ask for subscription and monthly ticket support, and ask for a monthly pass!

    PS: The new book is on the shelf. The first month is about to pass. Here, the author expresses heartfelt thanks to all the readers who support this book and subscribe to the voting. It is because of the love of everyone that the author always has Ample code word power, thank you all! (To be continued~^~)

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