Chapter 172 I Love You China

    With the sparse hair on his head, Lu Zheng twisted his waist and hips, so that one's own huge body fits more comfortably with the soft chair, and the seat is fed back with a soft and moderate package. Make him very comfortable.

    The little brothers of that year were shaking!

    The director of the CCTV Literature and Art Program secretly sighs in his heart. It is said that the seat under his butt is worth more than 7,000 pieces and is an ergonomic technology product.

    In the Beijing Satellite TV T1 studio, there are 2,999 soft chairs!

    The newly-launched studio is known as the largest and most advanced facility in the Domestic, and even Lu Zhengzhi is a bit secretive – CCTV's largest studio can accommodate up to 2,000 spectators.

    As a middle and high-level figure of CCTV, Lu Zhengzhi ran to Beijing Satellite TV today to see the first rehearsal of the National Day party. Of course, it was not a painful egg, but a duty.

    Lu Zhengzhi's CCTV, also known as China Central Television, is the most important news media organization of Domestic. It is one of the most important ideological and cultural positions and the most competitive mainstream media. It has the dissemination of news, social education, culture and entertainment, and information services. And many other features.

    Founded in 1955, CCTV is the main channel for the public to obtain information from the whole country. It is also an important window for China to understand the world and the world to understand China. It has a wide international influence.

    The predecessor of CCTV was precisely Beijing TV Station. Later, after restructuring, CCTV and Jingshi were separated.

    The so-called broken bones are still linked to the ribs. The complex relationship between CCTV and Jingshi is enough to write a thick book. Many of Beijing's top executives are from CCTV. The latter also has direct responsibility for the former.

    This effect is all-encompassing.

    The reason why Beijing Satellite TV made its first reality show program this year has a lot to do with CCTV.

    Beijing Satellite TV relies to a certain extent on relying on CCTV. But not willing to be the latter's marionette.

    The great success of "Singing China" Viewership Ratings has inevitably made this CCTV little brother think a little bit.

    So Lu Zhengzhi ran over today. It’s not just a guide for Beijing’s National Day party!

    Thinking about things, Lu Zhengzhi is a little bit of a thought.

    Until he saw Lu Chen appearing on the stage, he turned his attention back to the program list in his hand.

    "This Program is…"

    Lu Zhengzhi stared at the text on the Program, and asked in confusion: "Wang Bin's new era of new China?"

    Although Lu Da Director is a little nearsighted, but on his nose is a high-end glasses worth thousands of pieces, not to see how the people on the stage are long – this is Wang Bin?

    Make me funny!

    Lu Zhengzhi and Wang Bin knew each other and had eaten together.

    Sitting next to him, Jingshi Chief Editor, Director Gao Zhixue coughed, and said very slyly: "Wang Bin…Wang Bin’s Program was temporarily removed. ”

    Wang Bin's Program changed? Put on such a young man?

    Lu Zhengzhi did not understand.

    It is not unusual for the program of the TV station to be replaced during the rehearsal. The reason is very complicated. Some are because the Program really doesn't work, and some of them have problems with the performers, or they may have been squeezed out by the latecomers.

    But what kind of person is Wang Bin? It is not a top-level big coffee. It is also a heavyweight guest for Beijing Satellite TV.

    Will he be squeezed out?

    Lv Zheng shook his head and asked, "Is it a problem with Wang Bin?"

    In a word!

    At this time his assistant came over and whispered a few words in his ear.

    Lu Zhengzhi’s assistant and Gao Zhixue have actually got the news. I just didn't talk to him. The former didn't think it was necessary. The latter didn't want to say it at all.

    Now Lu Zhengzhi took the initiative to ask, then his assistant could not be pretending to be dumb, otherwise it would be no leadership.

    Lu Zhengzhi listened to it.

    After a while, he turned his head and looked at Gao Zhixue. His eyes were very strange.

    Gao Zhixue had no choice but to smile.

    Lu Zhengzhi sighed: "Wang Bin is still good. I guess it’s a fascinating moment…Who is this? ”

    Can temporarily replace Wang Bin. Definitely not an ordinary artist.

    Gao Zhixue sighed with relief and quickly said: "This is Lu Chen. Sing the winner of the Chinese championship. ”

    "Lu Chen?"

    Lu Zhengzhi frowned and immediately stretched out: "I remembered, my son likes his song very much."

    He looked at Gao Zhixue with a smile and said: "The original Wang Bin sang the main melody works. You let this Lu Chen replace, what songs are you going to sing?"

    Whether it is CCTV or Beijing Vision, the program of the National Day party is first to talk about political correctness. The singer who accounts for a large proportion of Program is sure to be the main melody work, and the popular song is just a foil.

    There are already two programs in front of the popular works, and now I am the champion of a draft competition…

    Lu Da Director is less likely to pick and thorn, beat and beat.

    Gao Zhixue can only continue to smile: "It was arranged by Deputy Director Chen and the Director of Ancient, and they would not have no sense of the big picture."

    The Beijing-based Chief Editor, Director, also complained about one's own colleagues.

    If you sing the main melody song, there are too many people to choose from. How do you let Lu Chen come up?

    There is already a Chorus Program in front of Lu Chen.

    Lu Zhengzhi said with deep meaning: "I hope so."

    He thought about it. If the Program still sang popular songs, he would have to say it.

    At this time, I only listened to the party Program Host and said loudly: "The following program is a male soloist. The singer is Beijing Satellite TV and sings the first season winner of China, Lu Chen!"

    "The name of the song he brought us is…"

    "I love you China!"

    Host's voice just fell, and the audience whispered a whispering argument.

    The National Day party rehearsed for the first time, and the audience in the studio was filled by the staff of the TV station.

    They all know that Wang Bin was caught, and the program replacement is the result of the doom, but no one thought that it would be Lu Chen to replace the veteran of the song.

    Lu Zhengzhi screamed: "I love you China? The song title is good, how come it seems that I have never heard of this song. ”

    Gao Zhixue was relieved. But it also raised the heart.

    I love you China – this song name is the main theme, but in his memory. There is no such thing as the existence of this work at all. I really don't know that Gu Rui was found out from that corner.

    This old age, can you rely on it!

    Gao Zhixue’s depression is really needless to say.

    There are so many classics of the main melody. What do you mean by not finding the first one that you have not heard?

    Is it not good to sing "Happy China", "The Future of the Motherland is Better", "Red Flag" or "Chinese China"?

    Depressed and depressed, Gao Zhixue still has to bluntly explain: "It should be a very good song."

    Seeing pity, he never knew that there was this main melody.

    The next moment, the Music prelude sounded.

    Gao Zhixue was a little cold and his face was very ugly.

    This song has not been heard, and the accompaniment arrangement is very ordinary or even poor, like the rough work of temporary work!

    Gao Zhixue studied Music and also understood Music.

    He is only fortunate. Lu Zhengzhi did not understand, at least not immediately heard good or bad.

    However, Gao Zhixue’s expectation for this song dropped to a freezing point.

    Many of the TV station staff sitting behind are knowledgeable. They either tighten their faces or show a funny look, and some are very surprised.

    This level of solo Program. Can it be used to make up the number?

    Then everyone looked at Lu Chen and saw how he sang.

    Lu Chen holds the microphone and his head is lowered.

    Start singing with the accompaniment.

    "Whenever I feel pain, I want you to hold me tight,

Touch my soul like you have always done,

Whenever I am confused, you give me a warmth.

Just like someone's arm is close to my shoulder!

    Sometimes I will be lonely and helpless like a stone falling on a hillside.

But as long as I think of your name, I will always regain my confidence.

    Sometimes I lose my direction like a swallow in the sky.

    But as long as you think of your existence, you will no longer feel fear.


    Gao Zhixue listened and listened, and the brows were screwed into the word "chuan". The color of dissatisfaction is beyond words.

    If it wasn't for Lu Zhengzhi, he would probably come out on the spot.

    The Chief Editor has been able to determine that one's own has never heard of this song before. The previous melody and lyrics are not bright, the tunes are soothing and deep, and there is no excitement of the main melody.

    Lu Chen's singing is still very good. His voice is unique and has a high degree of recognition. His performance in the middle of the bass is worthy of the name of the champion of "Singing China".

    The most important thing is that this melody and lyrics are obviously popular styles – what about the main theme?

    Gao Zhixue really can't listen to it.

    He has already thought about it, this solo program must be re-removed, and can not continue to be willful by Gu Rui.

    At this time, Lu Chen, standing on the stage, looked up.

    His gaze looked straight ahead, his eyes filled with a firm Strength, and his voice suddenly became very high.


I love you China's beloved mother,

I am crying for you and I am proud of you!

    I love you China dear mother,

I am crying for you and I am proud of you!


    When the song containing the infinite emotion of Strength rushed into the ears of Gao Zhixue, he could not help but hit a spirit!

    This chorus part…

    Instantly sublimated the theme in front, and reached a very high height, incomparably sharp contrasts, but also made the climax part give people a strong feeling of deafening, as if a soft place in the heart was fierce Touching the ground, people are moved by it, and even the goose bumps come out!


One day this song will grow old like the buds on the old banyan tree.

But I will Singing it again and again like my life.

    Some people will slowly disappear and some emotions will gradually break down.

But you are always in my heart like an unparalleled sun.

    I love you China's beloved mother,

I am crying for you and I am proud of you!

    I love you China dear mother,

I am crying for you and I am proud of you!


    There was no sound in the entire studio, and all the arguments disappeared.

    Only Lu Chen’s singing is echoing, shocking, and beating…It seems like a wave in the sea.

    One wave after another, shocking everyone's heart!


Note: "I love you China" lyrics / composition: Wang Feng.

    PS: The first one is sent first, and there is still in the evening. (To be continued~^~)

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