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    Golden Crown dealer KTV, box 158.

    Music just turned off, Lu Chen was silently watching Chen Feier, who was leaning on one's own shoulder.

    The sweet song squinted at the head, the dark blue silk fell on the sofa, and the pretty face was half-closed.

    Lu Chen can smell the lightness of her exhalation.

    Chen Feier was drunk.

    Lu Chen was at her insistence and sang in the chain KTV on the top floor of the Merchant Shop. They ordered half a box of Budweiser beer and a lot of snacks.

    Chat, drink, sing, guess scorpion…Chen Feier had a great time.

    Lu Chen is the same.

    He hasn't been so relaxed for a long time, he doesn't have to think about anything, and he is completely following one's own mood.

    And playing with him is still a real song!

    12 330ml small bottles of beer, Chen Feier drank 5, if not for Lu Chen, it is estimated to be more.

    As a result, now that she is up, she is drunk by Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is speechless, this sweet song is too much to believe in one's own character, right?

    If he wants to do something bad…

    Lu Chen’s gaze fell on Chen Fei’s pretty face, and suddenly there was an evil thought.

    "Fisher sister, Philippine sister?"

    He whispered twice and unexpectedly did not get a response.

    Lu Chen’s mouth twitched with a smile of evil spirits, and quietly extended the sinful hand to Chen Feier in the drunkenness.

    It was lightly and lightly pinched on her cheek.

    "Chick, I finally fell into Uncle's hand today, and it's useless to call your throat."

    "First give this Uncle a laugh!"

    Lu Chenxiao smiled, but he quickly retracted his hand.

    Great satisfaction!

    He really wants to take a photo, and then with the "rich family and less KTV drunk Chen Feier. The headline of the poor generation of chastity is not guaranteed. The title is sent to the blog.

    Think about that picture, don't be too beautiful!

    Indulge in a moment. Ended the black-turned Lu Chen’s take action machine and called Chen Fei’s assistant.

    Chen Feier is drunk like this, and she must have her assistant help to send it back.

    Said the address to the other party, Lu Chen ended the call.

    As a result, just after putting down the cell phone, he got rid of it.

    I saw Chen Feier twisting her head, and her chin was on his shoulder, revealing a smile that could reverse the lives of all.

    Her eyes were blurred, and she whispered her lips and asked: "Uncle, is that funny?"

    Lu Chen can't wait to find a seam to drill in.

    It turns out that Chen Feier is not really drunk!

    He was caught on the spot, and he could only honestly admit his mistake: "Fei sister, I am wrong…"

    Chen Feier smiled. Said: "If you know the wrong, it is still a good boy, but you must punish if you do something wrong. You are required to write two songs for me. It must be very nice, otherwise…"

    She shook her fist and swayed to Lu Chen: "I learned Taekwondo!"

    Lu Chen was yelled: "There are no problems with the two songs!"

    Chen Feier proudly mentioned the bag and got up and said: "Let's go, go downstairs and wait for Zhang Jie."

    Zhang Jie is an assistant to Chen Feier.

    Going out to check out and buy a list. The two took the elevator down the stairs and saw Zhang Jie, who appeared at the door.

    She and other entourage must wait in the vicinity, so the call comes.

    Chen Feier turned and said to Lu Chen: "I will not send you, and you should not drive one's own, pay attention to safety."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Fei sister goodbye."

    Chen Feier’s eyes narrowed and she suddenly picked up her toes and kissed her on Lu Chen’s face.

    Lu Chen suddenly petrified.

    Zhang Jie, who stood at the door, saw this scene and was also stunned.

    Since the debut of Chen Feier. She has been with Chen Feier. More dear than Chen Feier’s relatives.

    But Zhang Jie has never seen Chen Feier, so close to other men!

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Thank you for being so happy with me. This is Xie Li, don't think too much! ”

    She waved her hand and turned away, sprinkling a string of silver bells.

    Lu Chenmu sent Chen Feier's figure to disappear into the night. After a moment, he touched the wet marks on his face.

    wry smile.

    If this scene is photographed by the entertainment paparazzi in Beijing, it is estimated that he can make a headline 100%!

    She is really not afraid!

    In fact, the next day, that is, September 18th, the real headline is that the man is Wang Bin.

    [Wang Bin was arrested, and the prisoner has added another strength superstar! 】

    [How is the good man Wang Bin fallen? 】

    [morning sun area people make new achievements, count the number of Entertainment Circle Celebrity caught this year! 】

    [The year of falling into the abyss without confusion – Wang Bin is destroyed! 】

    In the major magazines, the entertainment version of the portal, and even the homepage of the main version, all of them were published by Wang Bin because of the amazing disappearance of sucking/drugs. The media were caught in a collective carnival and began to dig into the dark curtain of Entertainment Circle.

    Although Wang Bin is not the top superstar, he debuted very early, belonged to the old Senior in the circle, and was also a film and television song amphibious artist. His image has always been very good, and he is known as a good man in the new era.

    However, the image of this good man in the eyes of the public was instantly destroyed, and an earthquake was triggered in the circle.

    Some media broke the news that Wang Bin is not only one's own, but also a gathering of people. At the same time, there are many friends in the circle who are caught, not even the first time, involving many artists!

    The media did not directly name the surname, and used L surname C to surname. The result caused numerous speculations on the blog, so that many innocent Celebrity artists were lying and could only make public statements to blame.

    A lot of cows and ghosts have come out at a time, and the number of visits to the Inspur blog has increased several times!

    But these ups and downs have little to do with Lu Chen.

    Related to Lu Chen, his first solo album "You at the same table" in the 10 days of the news on the Music network on the shelf, sales reached 347,202, close to 350,000, in the future, the breakthrough of 500,000 achievements of platinum is basically no suspense .

    For a new Singer who has just debuted, such a result is simply against the sky, and it is entirely worth celebrating a grand celebration.

    Most importantly, the success of "You at the Same Table" has greatly inspired the local original Strength of the popular Musical World, which has made many songwriters and singers discover that the original nostalgic folks are still extremely The market potential can be tapped.

    [Campus Folk] This folk song category initiated by Lu Chen began to be popular and quietly popular. Many entertainment companies and entertainers Singer are rushing to withdraw from the same type of work, with the intention of taking a share in this market.

    And more people are directly eyeing Lu Chen, and more and more calls to Lu Chen studio and Lu Xi!

    “There are currently seven entertainment record companies that have invited you to the song. I have all given the offer and I have not responded yet.”

    In the general manager's office, Lu Xi held a stack of printing papers to Lu Chen to report on the recent business situation: "Two of them are sincere and should be able to talk about it, mainly in terms of price and copyright."

    "You at the same table" sold, Lu Chen let Lu Xi raise the price of one's own works to 350,000, and also retain some copyright, such as the important cover rights and foreign copyrights.

    This price has reached the level of the industry's first-class and even top-level authors. It seems to be a big lion in the eyes of outsiders, and it is sure to scare off many units that are interested in cooperation.

    However, Lu Chen will never write songs easily, and the so-called things are rare. His memory has countless classics and fine works, and he still has to worry about selling for the price.

    On the one hand, Lu Chen does not want to wholesale these works from the dream world as cabbage, and he also has to erect one's own in the circle of the industry – it is so expensive, buy or not!

    Today, Lu Chen has such confidence and confidence. The huge debt of the family has already lost a quarter of his back, the pressure has been greatly reduced, and if the plan of the crowdfunding network is implemented smoothly, it will pay off all the debts. Debt is not a problem at all.

    Under such a situation, Lu Chen naturally kept the bottom line.

    And in the foreseeable future, his location for the works owned by one's own will only get higher and higher!

    350,000? Just the beginning!

    Lu Chen said without thinking: "The price has not been discussed, if copyright is required, then increase the price!"

    Lu Xi nodded unexpectedly. In this respect, Lu Chen’s insistence was correct.

    She opened a piece of paper in her hand and continued: "Advertising endorsement, there are currently three companies in talks, one of the silver horse advertising company proposed the Senqi sportswear endorsement contract, I feel very good, ready to promise you Come down."

    "Senchi sportswear?"

    Lu Chen’s eyes lit up: “How much are their offers?”

    Senqi is a new clothing brand on the market, focusing on the sports consumption market of young people. Therefore, there is a great advertising investment in all major media. It is not a strange thing to find Lu Chen.

    For most Celebrity artists, the advertising endorsement has always been the focus of making money.

    The top superstar big coffee can earn tens of millions or even over a hundred million in this year. Especially in recent years, the international and Domestic economic recovery has driven the growth of the consumer market. Celebrity's endorsement fee is naturally rising.

    Lu Xi said: "The endorsement contract provided by Yinmao Advertising Company is 800,000 a year, mainly for the publicity poster and a TV advertisement. If you need to be public, then the appearance fee will be counted separately."

    800 000!

    Compared to A-list Star's endorsement fee, this price is only a fraction, but it is already very good for newcomers, because shooting this poster and TV advertisement, but also the publicity of one's own!

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, you can do it for me."

    In the past, there were also advertisers who came to the door, but the endorsement contracts provided were very unreasonable, and they were rejected by Lu Xi.

    Senqi's brand location is mid-range, and the main sports are healthy, which is very suitable for his image.

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "I hope to add one million. If your reputation is bigger, it will be fine!"

    Lu Chen laughed haha.

    But whether it is Lu Chen or Lu Xi. Didn't think that just a few days later, his reputation really went up to the next level!


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