The 176th chapter takes the day to go shopping

    The sky gradually darkened, and the street lights on both sides of the street all lit up, and the night was coming.

    Lu Chen drove one's own that Chinese X7 city, and traveled at a speed of no more than 10 yards.

    Although a few years ago, Beijing took off the hat of "blocking the city", but by the end of the night, the roads of the Beijing Second Ring Road and the Third Ring Road were still very crowded, and there was often a blockage, which made people helpless.

    "Everyone, listen to your friends, here is Beijing Music radio station.."

    "The following song is a happy angel from Chen Feier, I wish you all a wonderful night!"

    Listening to the FM radio from the car radio, Lu Chen couldn't help but turn his head and look to the right.

    In the co-pilot position, a woman wearing a T-shirt denim is sitting.

    The white T-shirt, which is as big as a bat shirt, is printed with the English letters of Xiaoxiao. Under the multiple colors of the ink-jet style, it is full of exaggeration of post-modernism. It is the style that fashionable young people like today.

    The black-blue jeans are very thin, and the surface is torn open to reveal a white skin like jade.

    She wore a fluffy pony tail, her face was covered with thick purple eyeshadow, a pair of colored framed glasses frames on the delicate nose, red lips as fire and shock, and the long left and right earlobe hung with long purple gold filaments. The ring, shining from the lights that flashed from time to time.

    This style is very common in the personal space of Fetion Group and Fetion Group. It basically comes from the 90-year-old girls who are crazy about self-love. They chase fashion and color and like personalized decoration.

    Even if it looks very exaggerated.

    But this…

    Lu Chen is really speechless, he can't think of dreams, Chen Feier can actually dress like this!

    If you let the entertainment record to the shape of Chen Feier. And I left all the assistants and accompanying people in the house, and went out to go shopping with one's own. It is estimated that tomorrow will be able to occupy a headline position.

    The image is completely destroyed!

    Is there a sweet song in the days? Jade girl Sect Master people? Is there a goddess that is highly eye-catching?

    All must be disillusioned!

    Lu Chen feels that one's own grain egg hurts, and the pressure is big.

    How did he agree?

    Well, Lu Chen had to admit that the temptation to go shopping with a day later made him unable to refuse.

    Chen Feier was obviously not the first time to play like this. He had previously taken the Mercedes-Benz business car and only waited for more than half an hour outside. He saw that the day had completely changed.

    Even if it is openly walking on the bustling streets, no one can tell her true identity!

    Chen Feier noticed Lu Chen’s gaze, as if he knew his thoughts and said softly: “People like us do not have one's own life. It feels like being alive for others, the surface is bright and beautiful, and I really don't know how much pressure I have to bear in the back. ”

    "When Wang Bin’s elder brother has an accident, I am not surprised at all because he started to do that very early and could not control it.”

    "I don't want to use the kind of ruin one's own way to relieve stress, so I have the opportunity to run out as an ordinary person. Go shopping, buy clothes, go to eat things that you don’t dare to eat, go to the playground to play roller coaster, go to the video game city to play the game…"

    She tells the story of one's own, mixed with the songs that belong to her in the radio station.

    Lu Chen silently.

    After a moment, he curiously asked: "Finan sister, you ran out with me like this. is not it…"

    Chen Feier is not afraid not to worry? After all, one's own is a young and strong man!

    Really let her suffer a loss. It is estimated that only one's own can swallow.

    "What do you want?"

    Chen Feier glanced at him with a sigh of relief and said: "I am a younger brother. My brother is as big as you! ”

    She grinned and said: "If I can be ten years younger, I can really consider you."

    Chen Feier never boasted about the age of one's own. She is 30 years old and 8 years older than Lu Chen.

    She is very fond of Lu Chen, appreciates his talents and believes in his character.

    Lu Chen smiled and licked his nose, and he was speechless.

    Chen Feier blinked and asked: "Lu Chen, you still have no girlfriend?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, there is no such thought in the moment."

    Chen Feier sighed: "Also, our artists fall in love with ordinary people, and they will always be exposed to the flashlight, and they usually gather less and more, always split."

    She suddenly said: "Xiaochu likes you very much, you don't think about it?" She is a very cute girl! ”


    Lu Chen stunned and quickly understood that Chen Feier was talking about Mu Xiaochu.

    He shook his head: "I was a younger sister."

    When I heard Lu Chen’s answer, Chen Feier suddenly smiled – she just said that Lu Chen is a younger brother!

    This sweet song is very beautiful after a long time, even if it is thick makeup can not cover.

    The atmosphere inside the cabin becomes warm and harmonious.

    The stagnation of the traffic flow has followed.

    When Lu Chen parked his car in the parking lot near Shichahai, it was already dark.

    In the evening, Chen Feier was invited to eat, but she did not want to go to the luxury restaurant five-star hotel, but to eat the special snacks of the old Beijing, so she ran to Shichahai.

    Shichahai's snack street is famous throughout Beijing, and it has gathered dozens of centuries-old brands such as Yueshengzhai, Fengfufeng, Tea Soup Li, Rice Cake Money, Cheese Wei, Sheep Head Horse, Tofu Brain White and so on.

    The original Shichahai snack street is hidden in the Xiaoyou Hutong, next to the former residence of Soong Ching Ling. It is a four-square square courtyard, and it can only accommodate hundreds of customers at the same time.

    Later, because the business was so hot, the government re-planned and built Old Hu with the new pedestrian street, joined more gourmet snacks from all over the country and even abroad, and combined with the surrounding modern shopping malls to form a combination of eating, drinking and shopping. pattern.

    Every day here is a business explosion, especially at six or seven o'clock, people do not need it.

    "I want to eat belly, rice cake, tofu brain…"

    Chen Feier was very ignorant of the outside, holding Lu Chen’s arm, as a few Jane said: "There are kebabs, sizzling, steamed bun, lemon juice!"

    Walking on the quaint old street, the two followed the crowd. It's like a couple of ordinary couples.

    Chen Feier's height is more than seven meters, even if he does not wear high heels. Accompanied by Lu Chen is also very close.

    Lu Chen was shocked: "Can you eat it?" Not afraid of fat? ”

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I am not afraid, I will eat one or two times in a few months."

    Lu Chen also let go: "If you are not afraid, then we will open our belly and have a good time. If you want to eat, eat!"

    Chen Feier is not afraid, what is he afraid of?

    "now it's right."

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "We come out to relax, then don't think too much, one's own happiness is the most important."

    In other words, it is wayward!

    So the two capricious people first ran to a stall selling kebabs, and Lu Chen asked the boss for 10 strings.

    "Add some spicy!"


    The boss counted the 10 mutton that had just been baked, and sprinkled the chili powder skillfully: "Receive you fifty."

    A string of mutton 5 yuan, Lu Chen took the lamb but did not give money.

    It is Chen Feier who is saving money.

    She is from the one's own that she has a maximum of 50 Kawaii bags. Pick up the banknote and hand it to the boss.

    "Take your favor!"

    When the boss took the banknote, he gave Lu Chen a contemptuous look.

    The tall, big and handsome boy, come out to play and eat, actually let the girl pay for it?

    Not a soft egg or a soft rice.

    White has a good look!

    Lu Chen dumbfounded.

    On the road, Chen Feier emphasized that he is responsible for buying things and taking things, she is responsible for paying.

    The result was despised by people.

    Chen Feier laughed at Hee Hee and took a few strings of lamb from Lu Chen’s hand and couldn’t wait to put it in his mouth.

    Just chewed a few mouthfuls of meat and swallowed it. She opened her mouth and tried to breathe: "It's so hot. It’s so hot! ”

    A face of bitterness.

    Lu Chen quickly bought freshly squeezed orange juice next to the mutton stall and handed it to Chen Feier.

    "It's so cool!"

    Chen Feier is obviously not very spicy, but after pouring a bite of juice, she continues to eat kebabs.

    This kind of spirit is not afraid of the spirit, so Lu Chen is very admired.

    It’s just that she is so unscrupulous and has no image of a lady’s style. If she is seen by the fans, I don’t know how many people will be heartbroken!

    Eating kebabs, the two continued I'm free to go, see what they want to eat and stop.

    Rice cake, tofu brain, sizzling, soup steamed bun …

    Go all the way to eat. No need to think about anything else. Just eat.

    As a result, the long snack street was only halfway through, and Chen Feier had already eaten her stomach and walked away!

    She is also very sorry: "There is a lot of delicious food behind."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Come and come back next time. Let's take a break on the pedestrian street. ”

    In front is the crossroads where the snack street and the pedestrian street cross each other.

    There are fewer pedestrians on the pedestrian street that leads directly to the mall, and there are open-air cafes and coffee shops on both sides.

    There are also benches for tourists to rest.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier sat down on the empty chair, tired is not tired, just a little support.

    Chen Feier was very greedy and had a lot of things. Then she tasted something and gave the rest to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen’s belly capacity is also limited.


    Chen Feier suddenly had a bright eye and rubbed her elbow with her elbow: "You listen!"

    Lu Chen heard it.

    "The brightest star in the night sky, can you hear it clearly, the person who looks up, the loneliness and sigh of the heart…"

    Singing is actually the "brightest star in the night sky"!

    He couldn't help but turn his head and look in the direction of the song.

    I saw a place a dozen meters away, in the middle of the pedestrian street, a street Singer is playing.

    Sing the song of Lu Chen.

    "The brightest star in the night sky, can you remember, walked with me, disappeared into the wind!"

    Lu Chen smiled helplessly.


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