Chapter 174 is beyond doubt

    Lu Chen did not know Lu Zhengzhi, thinking that the other party was the upper leader in Beijing Satellite TV.

    Therefore, when Lu Zhengzhi vetoed his new song works, Lu Chen could not be completely indifferent.

    Or surprised, or shy, or resentful…

    But since you are standing on this stage and want to achieve a true superstar, you must learn to face any doubts, criticisms, and even smears. How can you see the rainbow without going through the storm?

    Therefore, he did not excite the defense, which not only did not help, but only left a bad impression.

    However, Lu Chen will never silently endure the injustice from others. He categorically proposed to sing another song.

    Isn't it enough to say that the main theme is not enough? Then come to the first real theme!

    There are countless pearls in his treasure trove of memories, and picking one out is enough to reverse the situation.

    Lu Chen is Luck's.

    First of all, he has wonderful works, and secondly Lu Zhengzhi is not the leader of Beijing Satellite TV.

    Lu Da Director is CCTV.

    The single-level level Lu Zhengzhi is undoubtedly the highest among the people in the place, but he can't be the master of Jingshi.

    Gao Zhixue and Gu Rui’s support gave Lu Chen a valuable opportunity.

    He did not hesitate to come up with one's own strongest strength.

    This truly melody-style "I Love You China" is definitely a classic in the dream world. Its original singer is a beautiful singing method, but as long as it has strong enough strength, it is no problem to switch to popular singing.

    Lu Chen’s interpretation of this song is a perfect combination of beautiful and popular.

    "The Lark flies from the blue sky, I love you China~"

The first lyrics, Lu Chen, lit up the voice of one's own, showing his talent in the treble to everyone present in a near-showful way. Instantly shocked the audience.

    For example, the sound of the first sound of the Qing dynasty for nine days, he used one's own song to destroy all the doubts.

    Many TV station staff sitting in the audience stood up straight. Some people even numb their scalp, they can't help but hold their breath, and listen to Lu Chen's singing.

    Intuition tells them that Lu Chen is moving the real thing this time, and he will definitely take out the heavy work again!

    Lu Chen did not disappoint.

    His tone is round and bright, bright and clear, and the notes of each word are controlled to the right, and the atmosphere is majestic, full of tenderness and affection, and all kinds of precision.

    Although it was the first time to sing. Although there is no accompaniment, it feels like I have sung thousands of times!

    The first few sentences are still very traditional singing methods, the sentences are quite satisfactory, and the style of the main melody is very clear.

    Then Lu Chen gradually added a little rock and roll, and the rhythm was a little faster, paving the way for the following paragraph.

    To the phrase "I love you Qingsong temperament", Lu Chen's voice changed. No longer round and bright, the rock and roll emotions are filled with passion, and people don't feel the blood in their bodies boil in the body!

    A few lines are more energetic and sultry than "I love you." Here he suddenly uses a false slap, and he can end so gentlely after Haomai. It is really amazing to say that he is only singing skills.

    And this is just the beginning.


I love you China. I love you China.

    I want to dedicate the most beautiful song to you, my mother, my motherland~

I love you China. I love you China,

I love you in the blue sea, I love you in the snowy Northland~

I love you in the forest, I love you mountains,

I love your little river, and the clear waves flow through my dreams.

    I love you China, I love you China,

I want to give you good youth, my mother, my motherland.


    I want to give you good youth, my mother, my motherland! ”

    This song "I Love You" uses the Chinese traditional word law "fu-xing" writing method, it is a chant three sigh, words concise, in the lyrics of the use of overlapping sentences, parallelism and other techniques, the spring seedlings of the motherland Autumn fruit, forest mountains, pastoral crops, etc. made an image and exquisite portrayal, expressed the fervent and sincere patriotic emotion to the motherland.

    The song consists of three parts. The first part is the music of the nature of the introduction. The rhythm is more free, the atmosphere is wide, the tone is bright and high, the melody is ups and downs, and the people are introduced into the art world of the singer overlooking the earth.

    The second part is the main part of the song, the rhythm is relatively flat, the melody rises layer by layer, euphemism, deep and intrinsic, spreading a magnificent picture of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, so that the theme of the works is deepening.

    The third part is the ending section. After the lyrics of the word "ah", the whole song is pushed to the climax!

    At the end of the last sentence, "My mother, my motherland" ended in the high-pitched area, and it contained blazing patriotism, which made people feel like they were drinking alcohol.

    Lu Chen sang in one go, he only sang it again!

    When the last sentence "My Motherland" was sung, Lu Chen's face was already flushed. This is the external performance of the breath applied to extreme, and it is also the expression of his inner passion.

    This song, in terms of singing skills, has completely reached his highest peak.

    Even Lu Chen's own feelings are a bit unbelievable, one's own can actually sing so well, and all the negative emotions squeezed in the heart are also completely vented through Singing, and the whole person seems to put down a heavy burden.

    Refreshing and relaxed!

    Regardless of whether or not I can only sing on the Beijing Satellite TV's National Day party, Lu Chen has no regrets.

    This is the pride of the singer!

    The Beijing Satellite TV T1 studio is quiet, as if it was being silent.

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    I don't know who was the first to slap the palm of my hand, and then everyone was driven in an instant.

    The TV station staff who acted as spectators stood up, one after the other, one row after another.

    They are not noisy, they are applauding, they are disorganized and disordered, and they soon become very neat.

    The judges sitting at the front also applauded.

    The most exciting is Gu Rui, his staring at Lu Chen is simply a pair of eyes. Just like discovering rare treasures!

    The fat on the face of Lu Zhengzhi was pumped, and he raised his palm and took it.

    Regardless of whether the Lu Da Director recognizes or does not recognize it. Lu Chen’s singing is extremely exciting.

    Fully qualified to stand on the big stage of Beijing Satellite TV!

    And his second song, "I Love You China," is 100% the main melody, and it is also a fine in its class.

    If Lu Zhengzhi wants to deny this, then he will really become Clown.

    Therefore, regardless of his reluctance, he would have to give applause to Lu Chen.

    Even a palm of a hand seems to be shot on one's own face.

    The overwhelming applause lasted for more than half a minute. If Gao Zhixue stood up and turned to signal that everyone was quiet, I am afraid it will continue.

    This situation was the first time in the afternoon rehearsal. Even if Chen Feier was on the scene, she did not win such enthusiastic applause from the staff of these TV stations.

    Do not understand Music. They all think this is the first real good song, the good song in the main theme!

    Gao Zhixue sat down again and smiled and asked Lu Zhengzhi: "Lv Director, can you see Lu Chen's song?"

    There is a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

    Although Lu Zhengzhi can't see it, he can understand the other's thoughts. If he says that he is not ashamed, it must be fake.

    But on the surface, he laughed as if nothing had happened: "Hmm. This song is very good, enough on CCTV! ”

    On CCTV!

    Gao Zhixue’s pupils shrank.

    He has forgotten that CCTV also has a National Day party, and the scale and lineup can be much stronger than Jingshi.

    Lu Chen's "I Love You China", although the lyrics are simple and unpretentious, but have a passionate passion, and the infinite affection of the motherland is fully vivid, letting people fully experience a strong emotion that sprang out.

    Such a song. It can be a classic. And it is still the classic in the main theme!

    As the director of the Beijing Eye Editor, it is also an expert in understanding Music. Gao Zhixue deeply understands how difficult it is to have a classic theme. This "I Love You China" will undoubtedly become a highlight of the National Day party.

    How can I get CCTV to steal?

    Gao Zhi learned to refuse.

    However, after Gao Zhixue is not an ordinary person, he swallowed it.

    Now, when CCTV's National Day rehearsal is much earlier than Jingshi, Lu Zhengzhi wants to push Lu Chen to the stage of CCTV, which is basically impossible.

    Staring at the Beijing-Vision party may be the people in the entertainment circle of Beijing, and the country that stares at the CCTV stage is the whole country!

    Lu Zhengzhi is just talking about being funny.

    Old fox!

    Gao Zhixue secretly sighed in his heart, but smiled: "If Lu Director is willing to recommend, I am very happy that Lu Chen can appear at the CCTV National Day party!"

    Lu Chen is the champion of "Singing China" and is the new star of Beijing Satellite TV!

    If Lu Zhengzhi really wants, he is really willing to recommend it.

    Lv Zhengzhi said with regret: "It’s a pity that the programs in our party in the evening are all full…"

    Of course, he does not really want Lu Chen, just to say that to save face.

    The two old foxes are intrigue, and the ancient sharps can't sit still!

    He refused to ask Gao Zhixue and said to the microphone: "Lu Chen, your work is more exciting, then use this song. When you rehearse on the 25th, can you bring the complete accompaniment?"

    Lu Chen said confidently: "No problem!"

    Of course, there is no problem. Even if he is working day and night, he will ask people to make arrangements and accompaniment.

    Gu Rui smiled and said: "That's it."

    His emotional intelligence is not too low, and then ask Gao Zhixue: "High Director, you see?"

    Gao Zhixue smiled and nodded: "Yes, then let's fix it."

    Thus, Lu Chen’s "I Love You China" was officially confirmed as one of the solo programs of the Beijing National Day Party!

    "Comrade Xiao Lu, wait a minute…"

    Just as Lu Chen was preparing to go off, Lu Zhengzhi suddenly stopped him.

    Lu Chen smashed.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Just listen to the CCTV Literature and Art Program Director and smiled and asked: “Do you want your work to appear on CCTV’s National Day party?”

——– —–

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