Chapter 170 New song Express

    what? !

    Seeing Lu Chen said that his work is still in his head, Gu Rui feels that one's own head must first explode!

    This damn is a pothole!

    Forgive the gentle and docile Music Director in his heart, he was really angry with Lu Chen.

    As the Senior in the circle, Gu Rui has always had a good impression on Lu Chen, and he appreciates the talent of the latter.

    Lu Chen is young and handsome, and his talent in singing is extremely high. It is rare that there is no arrogance and emptiness of new artists. Modest peace and enthusiasm are definitely one of the most outstanding newcomers to Musical World in recent years.

    If the daughter is too young to still be in junior high school, otherwise Gu Rui is really happy to introduce to Lu Chen.

    Therefore, after learning about Wang Bin’s accident, his first reaction was to let Lu Chen make up.

    Originally, Lu Chen’s solo was changed into a chorus. Gu Rui was very disapproved. He felt that Lu Chen was so ill-treated, and he violated the agreement between the two parties, so that he was embarrassed to see the rising star.

    The situation in the TV station is very complicated, and the interests of all aspects are extremely deep. As a Music Director, Gurui’s right to speak is not high. Even if he wants to help Lu Chen, he is powerless.

    This time, Wang Bin’s accident was an excellent opportunity, so he strongly recommended Lu Chen to Chen Qi.

    Chen Qi also appreciated Lu Chen, so he called Lu Chen.

    According to Gu Rui’s idea, Lu Chen took over the famous works of Wang Bin who sang a main theme.

    I can’t think of Lu Chen’s initiative to propose that new works are available. Guru is simply a surprise.

    Unexpectedly, Lu Chen’s so-called new song has not yet been written.

    How can the ancient director not be annoyed?

    Chen Qi, the deputy director of the National Day party, the pilot, etc. are all there, and his face can’t be hanged!

    Colleagues on several TV stations showed their disapproval.

    And seeing Gu Rui's face is red, Lu Chen quickly explained: "Ancient Teacher. Give me ten minutes of time, I will play the score first. There is an hour, a simple accompaniment, I can get it. ”

    "You look at the spectrum first. If you are not satisfied with my work, then you can do it!"

    When it comes to the last sentence, his eyes are shining with confidence.

    It is this self-confidence and based on the good impression of Lu Chen that the anger that Guru is about to explode has subsided.

    He couldn't help but look at Chen Qi.

    The BOSS who has the power to decide this thing.

    Chen Qi said with a smile: "Young people are aggressive, then give you ten minutes!"

    To be honest, Chen Qi’s heart was a little annoyed when he heard Lu Chen’s “crazy words”.

    Young people now. I don't know Immense World anymore.

    It’s just that his city is very deep and will not easily reveal his inner feelings, even a little joke.

    After all, it is Gu Rui who is quite strong in Lu Chen.

    Now hearing Lu Chen’s explanation, the deputy director has been provoked a strong curiosity.

    The young man is so confident?

    Then give you a 10 minute performance opportunity, performance is good for you to pass, if the performance is not good…

    Kungfu, the deputy director of face-smacking, is not blowing.

    "Thank you, Mr. Chen, thank you for the ancient Director…"

    Lu Chen asked: "Ancient Teacher. Can you lend me a computer, it is best to have "Sing Master". ”

    "Sing Master" is an artifact created by Music. It combines the functions of song creation, arrangement, synthesis, output, etc. It has a huge online cloud material library, professional but easy to operate, whether it is ordinary lovers. Still a senior Musician, you can use this software to create original.

    And "Singing Master" can also be directly connected to the "Greater China Music Library." It is very convenient to apply for registration of copyright.

    All of Lu Chen's works are done through "Singing Master". He originally studied computer science, and he has already played this software very well. Out of 10 minutes, a simple accompaniment in 1 hour is not a boast.

    Now it’s just the first rehearsal. After the work has passed the review, it’s completely time to go back and re-arrange.

    Gu Rui did not sigh with a finger at the desk next to him and said, "My computer borrows from you, and the printer also has it."

    This office is ancient.

    The computer is loaned to Lu Chen, and the opportunity is given to him, if the chain is gone…

    Ancient Director directly pulled him into the blacklist!

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen did not have much politeness. He immediately ran to his desk and sat down to turn on the computer.

    The ancient computer configuration is very high, and there are a lot of professional Music software installed in the System. There are also some "Singing Master", which is the familiar Advanced version of Lu Chen.

    Double-click the icon of "Sing Master". In the gap between the software, Lu Chen took a deep breath.


    The secondhand smoke that was almost dispersed in the room was dying!

    Ok, not pretentious, he rushed to search for memory and transferred the appropriate work.

    In "Singing Master", Lu Chen is familiar with the operation, and his fingers quickly type in a series of characters.

    Seeing that Lu Chen started working, Chen Qi and Gu Rui and others continued to talk about things, but the content was not related to work.

    After all, there are outsiders present, a lot of things can not be said, this sensitivity is theirs.

    The topic that several people talked about was Wang Bin who had just been arrested.

    The impact of this incident is really too bad.

    Celebrity artists have been arrested for breaking the law. It has long been a news. The people are also very knowledgeable. The Entertainment Circle is not afraid of itching. Anyway, a gust of wind has blown away, and the sun will rise tomorrow.

    However, Wang Bin’s coffee table is too high, and the original image has always been very good. Now that such a big thing has happened, his career is completely finished. After coming out, there is no chance to make a comeback.

    Because the national superior department has strict regulations on this, at least 10 years must be blocked!

    The album can't be published, the notice can't be published, the program can't be on, the publicity is not hyped…Don't say 10 years of time, it will be basically abolished in a few years, and the price is absolutely terrible.

    Even with Beijing Satellite TV, you must follow the passive. After all, you have not used Wang Bin to play the exhibition.

    "The impact is too bad…"

    Chen Qi frowned and said: "It is simply sitting at home, and the disaster comes from heaven."

    The deputy director smothered the cigarette butt in the ashtray, which was full of filter cigarettes.

    Although said in this matter. Beijing Satellite TV is also a victim, but it seems to be unlucky for outsiders.

    That is the National Day party. The special guest who made such a big scandal is undoubtedly discrediting the TV station.

    As the actual leader of this National Day party, Chen Qi is really a bit passive.

    Previously, Halo, brought about by the success of "Singing China", was instantly stripped more than half!


    Gu Rui took out a cigarette and handed it to Chen Qi: "The most important thing now is to eliminate the impact."

    He and Chen Qi are old colleagues and understand the latter's mind.

    People are not too cold in the heights. In a complex structure such as a TV station, the official is actually very tired.

    Maybe it’s because of a small thing, and somehow it’s inferior.

    Chen Qi took over the main points of the smoke, and suddenly there was a hot wind and a mechanical noise.


    Both of them are stunned, and they are looking at it.

    I saw a laser printer resting on a shelf next to my desk. I am spitting out a piece of paper.

    I can see that the characters are printed on it.

    So fast!

    Gu Rui could not help but feel awesome.

    Just now Lu Chen said that he would give him 10 minutes to sing. Gu Rui is not convinced. Even if there is already a mature idea in his head, it will take time to produce it – unless it is a detail-free job.

    Therefore, he is going to give Lu Chen more time. After all, he is still generous and tolerant to young people.

    The current popular Musical World is too short for a good newcomer like Lu Chen.

    As a result, he and Chen Qi had just finished smoking a cigarette. Lu Chen actually finished the spectrum print out!

    Gu Rui does not know what to say – what are you doing so urgently?

    The complaint was blamed, and the ancient action was still very fast. Immediately, he straightened up and reached for the print.

    He thought about it in his heart. If this work does not meet the requirements, then he will criticize Lu Chen for a meal.

    Sometimes criticism is also a spur to help new people get rid of impetuous mentality.

    Seeing Gu Rui’s movement, Chen Qi “ha”. Smiled and shook his head.

    The paper is still hot. Even a little hot, Gu Rui does not care. Look at the black and white notes and lyrics on the paper.

    The temporary spectrum is of course a notation, but it does not matter. Gu Rui mainly looks at the melody, style and lyrics of the song.

    At the beginning, he frowned and he was not very satisfied.

    But the brow quickly spread out, and gradually revealed the expression of excitement, as if to find the treasure.

    The Music Director's lips twitched, and it was silently sang.

    "it is good!"

    Suddenly, Gu Rui slammed heavily on the coffee table and excitedly shouted: "Good song!"

    He couldn't help but use Strength, and he turned the ashtray over.

The vice director sitting next to Gu Rui was shocked, and the cigarette in his mouth suddenly fell, and the result fell on his trousers, and he was instinctively jumped up and beat him with his hands.

    "Old, what are you doing!"

    Gu Rui woke up and quickly apologized: "Oh, Old Wang is really sorry, look at me…"

    Director dumbfounded with the trousers being burnt out of the hole: "Are you so excited?"

    Gu Ruibao handed the printing paper to the other party: "Old Wang, you can understand this song."

    The deputy Director also knows Music, and reading the notation is completely ok, and naturally he can understand his mood.

    The Deputy Director took the letter and took the picture.

    Is there such an exaggeration?

    Give up the score, Gu Rui's gaze revisited Lu Chen.

    He was suddenly angry.

    "You see what we are doing, don't hurry to make the accompaniment, it will go to the stage at 3:30!"

    The Music Director of Beijing Satellite TV has already left all the thoughts of Lu Chen on the back.

    This song is completely worthy of his support for Lu Chen!


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