Chapter 133 is a human being

    After the sea, forget the grass bar.

    Just after 7 o'clock in the evening, the bar is full of seats. The customers are sitting together in groups of three or five. They either whisper or laugh, or drink and play cards, so that the atmosphere of the night scene is lively and not obvious.


    The bartender David’s face showed an exaggerated expression and asked Lu Chen, who had just arrived at the front of the bar: “Little boss, is this beautiful lady your girlfriend tonight? Can you ask her name? ”

    His eyes stared at the woman who was next to Lu Chen, as if he had discovered something.

    Although David is not a real Westerner, he grew up abroad since he was a child. Therefore, there is not much difference between the way of thinking and the foreigner. If you see one's own, you can express it directly.

    If the other party is not brought by Lu Chen, he will immediately show his best efforts to please.

    Lu Chen sneered: "This is my sister. If you dare to move your mind, be careful, I will turn my face!"


    David quickly surrendered and made a pitiful look: "I don't know if this is your sister. Can I have two drinks with a tequila sunrise?"

    Lu Chen knows the nature of this guy very well and smiles: "How about a cup?" At least two cups! ”

    David said bitterly: "Well then…"

    After eating a boring bartender, I can only turn around and make cocktails.

    Lu Xi did not pissed off.

    For the first time, she was called "beautiful lady", but she felt that the bartender was very interesting.

    Curiously looking at the surrounding environment, she commented: "This bar is good."

    The decoration style of the Forgetting Grass Bar is still very good. It is a bit famous in the circle of Houhai, and the customers who come here often have great quality, and the atmosphere is different from ordinary places.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "We have 5% of the shares."

    This thing Lu Xi has known for a long time. And after Lu Chen’s introduction, she already knew Chen Jianhao.

    As Lu Chen's manager and studio manager. Lu Xi’s biggest problem is the lack of experience. She has not done the same job before. Although she can look up the information, the paper has come to an end.

    The hidden rules of the rules in many industries are not found by typing on the keyboard.

    And Chen Jianhao can help her understand the circle where Lu Chen is. He has always been a circle of people, and the network of contacts in the circle is very wide. The friends of the three religions have a lot of experience. The experience is very rich.

    Lu Chen didn't know the power of his own boss until he jumped out of the bar and realized that BOSS was very deep.

    So he asked Chen Jianhao to help point out his sister.

    Have encountered any problems. It is also very convenient for Lu Xi to call directly.

    Now Lu Xi and Chen Jianhao are half a mentor, but she is still the first time to forget the grass bar.

    Today's day is a bit special.

    "Little land!"

    Lu Chen listened to it and saw Chen Jianhao standing in front of the railing upstairs and waving to one's own: "Come up!"

    He quickly pulled Lu Xi upstairs.

    The above is also full, but the VIP seats are basically kept by convention, and one of them has already sat four people.

    Seeing Lu Chen and Lu Xi, they all got up and said, "Da Chen, Lu Xijie…"

    Li Feiyu, Chen Xiaomei, Chen Xiang and Chen Xin, the current members of Lu Chen studio gathered together.

    Together with Chen Jianhao, the honorary advisor.

    Lu Chen said: "Everyone is sitting down. Let's talk while drinking. ”

    Chen Jianhao frowned and asked: "What are you doing? All of them run over at night? ”

    The members of Lu Chen studio arrived at Qi, the band and the sister Na, all came. When he came over, I met many old customers in the bar below. When everyone was cold, they laughed mysteriously.

    As the old Jiang Hu, Chen Jianhao judged that there must be a conspiracy!

    Unfortunately, even David. Also close your mouth. No matter how strong he is, he does not speak.

    Lu Chen asked: "Jian Hao Ge, what day are you knowing today?"

    Chen Jianhao screamed: "What day?"

    He remembers today is Thursday, August 27. What is special?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You will know later!"

    He said to Lu Xi: "Sister, you are here to have fun with everyone, and the consumption at night is counted as me."

    Lu Xi nodded: "Well, go."

    Lu Chen said to Chen Jianhao: "Build Hao, let's go."

    Chen Jianhao was made by him in the fog, completely confused, and went downstairs to ask: "Where?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I went to the background to prepare for the show. So many old customers are coming, so let's accompany you!"

    Chen Jianhao really took him: "You finally know that there are many old customers who are looking forward to seeing you, don't forget that you have shares in the bar, and sing a few more at night!"

    Lu Chen left, the band went away, and Na sister also left. The group in the backstage, now only two or three old faces, and all others changed.

    Although the business of forgetting the grass is getting better and better, not the rest day is often full, but Chen Jianhao still misses the feeling of the past, including many old customers have the same view.

    It’s just that Era can't go back, the past has passed, and now Lu Chen they fly, Chen Jianhao is also very pleased.

    Lu Chen promised: "Good!"

    Left Chen Jianhao, he went to the background.

    The last time I sang in the grass, the time passed over a month.

    However, Lu Chen already has a strange feeling.

    The large room outside was refurbished and the new gum paint was painted on the walls, which looked clean.

    There are two more dressing tables for the Singers, but they are not crowded.

    There are quite a few people inside, but few of them are known by Lu Chen.

    "Lu Chen!"

    Lu Chen had just entered, and someone immediately called his name.

    Surprised, curious, surprised…

    At the scene, someone’s eyes were focused on him—this is Lu Chen?

    In the Singer circle of Houhai’s bar, Lu Chen is an out-and-out Legendary character.

    He crouched in the Forgetting Grass Bar in recent years. He was the first waiter to serve the tea, and then suddenly broke out with amazing talents and rushed into the Entertainment Circle. Become a rising star.

    Lu Chen’s three songs for the band were all on the original list, and “In the Spring” was the top of the list. Achieved the reputation of the band.

    The most talked about is that this song was actually exchanged for 5% of the Forgetful Grass Bar.

    Lu Chen's song can sell at least 200,000!

    And he's own one is also very strong, participating in "Singing China" all the way through, will now be the top 10 in the country!

    Such a striking figure, the Singers who were present, even if they have not seen it, are also famous.

    What is Lu Chen's realization, isn't it the dream of all of them?

    Lu Chen nodded: "Hello."

    The other party is Singer, who lives in the grass. It is a bit of an understanding, at least the name comes.

    At this time, other people reacted and greeted him.

    "Hello brother, hello!"Big morning! ""Hello there! ”

    A piece of eager and enthusiastic face. Lu Chen can't tell who is who.

    He smiled with both hands and responded: "Hello!"Hello everyone! ""Thank you! ”

    If he didn't participate in the tempering of the draft, he was really confused by such scenes.

    The minds of these Singers are understandable.

    They just want to get acquainted with one's own kits and even want to buy his songs.

    Recalling the time that one's own was ignored and despised in the bar, Lu Chen’s heart was really full of feelings.

    "Great morning!"

    At this time, Qin Hanyang, who came out from the small suite with heard a sound, solved the problem for him: "Come on!"

    Qin Hanyang came forward, and these Singer still dare to continue surrounding Lu Chen. Quickly give way to him.

    The current band is hot, and it is said that the commercial performances are all scheduled for next year. Qin Hanyang is the lead singer and Captain of the band. It is also a night of red, and is the idol of countless bars Singer worship.

    In the land of Houhai, he is an absolute big coffee!

    I can see the Qin Hanyang and the 彷徨 band in the grass of forgetting this evening. It is already a big Luck.

    And have to add Lu Chen.

    Lu Chendao apologized. Came to the small suite.

    The other four members of the band are here. And Zhang Nana is also Na sister.

    "Great morning!"

    Na sister was still so enthusiastic, and she gave Lu Chen a big hug on the spot.

    But now she is still Qin Hanyang. The name for him has changed.

    Originally Xiaolu, now it is Dachen.

    Because everyone has changed, the identity of each other is different.

    "Na sister…"

    Lu Chen said with a smile: "You are so beautiful now."

    The appearance of Sister Na is very ordinary, and with her age, she can even say that she is a bit ugly.

    But now, Lu Chen, who is seen by Lu Chen, has a delicate and exquisite look. The whole person's temperament is very different from the previous one. It has a bit more mature woman's charm and has also seen a lot.

    She strongly proved that the reason why women are dressed up in seven points is correct.

    Najie released her arms and said with a tiger's face: "What do you mean, I used to be ugly?"

    Lu Chen knew that she was joking and said with a smile: "It used to be beautiful, now it is more beautiful!"

    Na’s sister smiled and smiled: “It’s the sweetest mouth, is there any girl who has been cheated recently?”

    Lu Chen shook his head and smiled.

    Originally, he wanted to invite the leaves to come together. After the call, he knew that the other party had returned home half a month ago and would not return until the beginning of next month.

    Since this time, Lu Chen has been nervously participating in the competition. With Zhang Luo's studio and making albums, he has to take care of the network anchor, and the connection with the leaves is naturally very rare.

    The relationship between the two is therefore a bit cold.

    This is also a helpless thing, Lu Chen can not spend time talking about love.

    And he and the leaves have not really established a relationship, it is very normal to have such a situation.

    Even men and women in love will be alienated by separation.

    But tonight, Lu Chen does not want this.


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