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The one hundred and thirty-seventh chapter ten refusal

    On August 28th, the national finals contest of "Singing China" ended.

    Beijing Satellite TV's first reality show program was successfully completed in the first quarter, with Program Viewership Ratings 6.87% that night.

    Although it has not been able to break the 7% record, Beijing Satellite TV has been very satisfied, not only scheduled to produce in the second quarter of next year, but also revealed a surprising news on the official blog.

    That is the first season's champion will be the second season's judges, and thus form the convention!

    The champion of the first season of "Singing China" is Lu Chen.

    This news has brought Lu Chen a huge increase in the number of fans in the Inspur blog, which also brought him substantial benefits.

    Lu Chen studio received an inquiry from two performers and an advertising company. A Manager Corporation that had contacted before had once again come to the door to buy a song.

    As for the news of Music, we asked Lu Chen for an interview!

    Therefore, Lu Chen not only did not idle because of the end of "Singing China", but became more busy.

    But before dealing with these businesses, Lu Chen first had to receive a very important guest.

    Lin Zhijie, famous Musician, Music Director of Fei Shi Records.

    It is also one of the four judges of "Singing China".

    And he came on behalf of the flying stone record.

    In the Lanting Café on the top floor of the Jinghua Hotel adjacent to the Blue Sky Pioneer Park, Lu Chen and Lu Xi hosted the guest, along with his two assistants.

    "Lu Chen, do you really want to think about it again?"

    Lin Zhijie asked seriously, his attitude is very serious: "This opportunity, it is a pity to miss it!"

    The Music Director is over forty years old. His thin and tall looks are cold and he doesn't like to laugh.

    In the popular Musical World of Domestic. Lin Zhijie's reputation outside the circle is not big, but almost everyone in the circle knows.

    He used to be an excellent singer. Later, he became a behind-the-scenes player to join Fei Shi Records, making a number of big-selling albums for many Celebrity big-name knives. He is known for his ability and rigorous work attitude.

    Lu Chen met with Lin Zhijie because of "Singing China". Lin Zhijie appreciated Lu Chen's talent in creation, so he personally came to invite Lu Chen to join his company.

    In Lin Zhijie's view, Lu Chen signed a flying stone record, which is a very good thing for both parties.

    However, Lu Chen refused politely.

    Lu Chen refused at the same time, and there are 4 million new star breeding gold!

    "Singing China" champion bonus Gundam 5 million, but divided into 1 million cash and 4 million new star breeding gold.

    One million of the after-tax bonuses are provided by Beijing Satellite TV, plus six PK winners and Beijing vocal bonuses. Lu Chen won a total of 1.4 million in total prize money through this draft competition.

    And all are after taxes!

    Beijing Satellite TV can be described as a huge amount of money, but compared to their advertising revenue, it is only a small one.

    The champion's 4 million new star nurturing gold is even more amazing. The payer is not Beijing Satellite TV. It is the flying stone record!

    But this is not the real money that can be directly obtained, which belongs to the whole set of artist training, packaging and promotion costs. And first of all, we must sign an artist contract with Fei Shi Records.

    Fei Shi Records is the partner of Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China". This clause was stated at Program publicity, so there is no problem of bullying.

    If it is an ordinary newcomer, it doesn't matter at all. Being able to sign a flying stone record is simply a dream!

    Flying Stone is one of Domestic's most famous record companies, and the most glorious period is the dominant player in the recording industry.

    At that time, the company had a number of Heavenly King singers who joined the singers, and those albums that were sold in the 1980s and 1990s. At least one-third of it is produced by Fei Shi records.

    Its logo – the image of a golden yellow stone with white wings. Be familiar to countless people.

    However, after entering the new century, with the rise of a large number of emerging media. The maturity and widespread spread of digital music, coupled with the huge impact of online piracy, the golden age of the recording industry is gone forever!

    Since 2003, the operation of Fei Shi Records has suffered an unprecedented dilemma, and once faced the bankruptcy edge.

    Until 2007, Superstar Culture Media invested in Fei Shi Records, replacing the sturdy top management, following the trend of the times to expand the multi-party business, finally pulling the famous company back from the cliff.

    Today, the power of the flying stone record in the industry is far less than the most prosperous period, but it is also a first-class rank.

    This cooperation with Beijing Satellite TV shows the ambition of Fei Shi Records.

    It has successfully signed a number of strength singers, including Mu Xiaochu, who has a good relationship with Lu Chen.

    But Lin Zhijie believes that those who sign up for Singer can't add up to Lu Chen!

    So he came to make the final effort.

    Lu Chen is really touched by Lin Zhijie's sincere attitude. To know that the other party's position in the circle is not comparable to that of a Xiaoxiao newcomer, and neither Beijing Satellite TV nor Fei Shi records are in the game of "Singing China". Set the threshold of the hidden rules, so that he successfully won the championship.

    Many draft competitions have participated in the competition Manager Corporation to train newcomers. Once they find a good seed, they will first sign the contract. If the player does not sign or sign another company, then they want to stand out in the competition. Idiot said dreams!

    In the past, Shonan Satellite TV would play this trick most, and there were a lot of excellent players. Later, it was a lot of news that it was converged.

    Just moved and moved, Lu Chen’s determination to walk the independent artist was not shaken.

    His career is in its infancy, and it is time to develop vigorously. Then, the running stone record will start again. Even if there is a so-called 4 million new star, it will not be worth the candle.

    "Lin Director, I have considered it very clearly…"

    Lu Chen was very embarrassed to say: "I don't want to sign any records or Manager Corporation. I am sorry."

    "That's a shame."

    Lin Zhijie is very sorry, just like a big craftsman who sees the good quality and is not available.

    However, the Music Director is not pissed off, and his heart is not so narrow.

    It is Lin Zhijie's two assistants who are more or less revealing their disapproval.

    Is there any mistake? Such a good opportunity is not for you, what are you thinking about in your mind!

    I don’t know how many new people broke their heads and want to get in, let alone Lin Zhijie’s strength.

    If Lin Zhijie didn't say anything, the two assistants would like to teach Lu Chen how to be a qualified newcomer!

    Now the newcomer, I really don't know Immense World.

    "I am really sorry!"

    Lu Chen apologized again with his hands together.

    Lin Zhijie smiled openly and waved his hand and said: "It doesn't matter, there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future."

    Of course, he just said a polite word, and he was ready to leave when he finished.

    But Lu Chen listened, but his eyes lit up. He immediately said: "Lin Director, I really have a pen business that wants to cooperate with your company. Can you talk a little more with you?"

    Lin Zhijie had to get up. When he heard Lu Chen’s words, he re-supposed: "What business is coming to listen."

    The two assistants look at each other in dismay and can only sigh Lin Zhijie is really generous.

    Is Fei Shi’s record worse for him?

    In the case of the two rejections in front, Lin Zhijie not only did not leave his face, but also gave him a chance.

    There is really nothing to say.

    "Lin Director, that's it…"

    At this time, my sister’s turn is over, and I will tell Lin Zhijie the most important business of Lu Chen studio.

    After listening carefully, Lin Zhijie was very surprised: "Do you want to hand over Lu Chen's first album to our Flying Stone Records for distribution?"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Yes, because in this respect, the flying stone record is the best of Domestic, and Lu Chen has the honor to know Lin Director, which is also our luck."

    Although my sister's personality is a bit cold, but she will also say nice, and it is very nice.

    The importance of this album to Lu Chen is self-evident.

    In the popular Musical World, Singer wants to produce a record, Fei Shi record is undoubtedly the best channel, no one.

    Whether it is the influence of the industry or the resources of the people, it is a leader.

    Although the Entertainment Circle is now taking the idol route, it is only a matter of increasing the demand for the record, and it can also take the channel of online sales, and does not necessarily need to use a professional record company such as Fei Shi.

    However, there is still a demand in this area. Many people in the 1980s and 1990s have nostalgic plots. When they encounter the favorite Singer album, they buy a CD as a commemoration. When they are free, they listen to it.

    Therefore, Fei Shi Records has always had the business of making and distributing records, but the scale is far less than before.

    In other words, Lu Chen studio wants to cooperate with only a small business.

    Lin Zhijie is very curious: "Why do you want to make a record, isn't it good to go online? That cost will be much lower, don't worry about not being able to sell and lose money, now nine out of ten CDs are at a loss. ”

    Before Singer sold records to make money, now is the fan economy, starving to death by the record!

    Lu Xi said with confidence: "We are going to release the network and CD at the same time, mainly in the fans circle. If you can, I would like to visit your company's production department to talk in detail."

    “Just need your help to introduce it.”

    Compared with Fei Shi records, Lu Chen studio is simply weak, if no one is recommended to go directly to the door, I am afraid that the other party will not seriously pay attention, I do not know how much trouble.

    Lu Chen had already made an album sales plan, and had talked with Lu Xi in advance.

    Lu Xi is still very admired for his brother's thoughts.

    The two sisters are so confident that Lin Zhijie is secretly lamented.

    However, this small busy he is still very happy to help, let one's own assistant take a business card to Lu Xi.

    "You take my business card directly to the Yin Yin Yin manager of our company's marketing department, he will help you."

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other and said in unison: "Thank you Lin Director!"


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