Chapter 139, Lu Chen’s thoughts

    "Specifically talk about your thoughts…"

    Lin Zhijie asked Lu Chen: "What is your idea about the release of this album?"

    In the studio, he listened to the 7 songs in Lu Chen’s debut album, and pointed a lot to Wang Jing and Wang Hui. In the end, he still said nothing, and took Lu Chen to the reception room and asked questions about the issue. .

    Originally, Lin Zhijie met with Lu Chen, and wanted to persuade him to join the Fei Shi record, but did not achieve the goal.

    In order to bring in new ideas, he did not mind to help Lu Chen a little busy.

    It was completely temporary, and Lin Zhijie suddenly became interested in the album that Lu Chen was making, so he went to the small studio to audition, and he listened to it as soon as he heard it!

    As the Music Director of Fei Shi Records, Lin Zhijie is also the old Jiang Hu of the industry. He is keenly aware that Lu Chen's album is very uniform and distinctive in addition to the quality of the work itself. The main theme is nostalgia.

    It is completely different from the most popular fast songs of the moment. The fans of Lu Chen are obviously not the teenage boys and girls, but the popular Music lovers born in the 1970s and early 1990s.

    This is a huge group!

    Domestic's popular Music has had countless glory in the 1980s and 1990s. After entering the new century, it was influenced by the popular trend of Japanese and Korean in Europe and America, and finally formed the current pattern.

    What is popular nowadays? Is a new idol, new emerging artist, fast dance, rap divine song …The young people of New Generation are pursuing fashion worship Celebrity, rebellious and full of dislikes of the traditional tradition.

    The parents of these boys and girls are the backbone of society. Most of them are in good economic condition, so they are willing to spend money to chase stars and like to buy peripheral products of Celebrity idols. It’s not a matter of spending hundreds of thousands of concerts.

    Therefore, the entertainment media company of Domestic is desperately trying to cater to their tastes and introducing the European and American Japanese and Korean collections to localize. By the fans, the economy earned a lot of money.

    The competition between entertainment companies is fierce. The artists are trained in a large number of products like the assembly line, and they are doing their best to consume the huge market brought by young fans.

    But what about those people in 70 or 80 years?

    Their perhaps will passively accept the new Music, and may like new idols. However, there are still many, many people who miss and appreciate the classics of the past.

    The most typical example is Tan Hong. He is almost in a state of retreat. He opened a concert at the National Gymnasium in Beijing last year, and tens of thousands of tickets sold out in three days!

    why? Because Tan Hong has thousands of fans who like him, their perhaps are no longer young, but the Strength they have is still strong. It’s just that young people are not willing to spend money on idols.

    Lu Chen's album, all the 7 songs that have been completed are folk songs, with a strong nostalgic taste, the talent and intentions he showed in it, let Lin Zhijie move!

    Therefore, Lin Zhijie would like to help Lu Chen in the sales and release, so that the album will not be dusty.

    It deserves the honor it deserves!

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other. The latter indicated that he was still one's own to answer Lin Zhijie's question.

    Lu Chen thought about it. Said: "Lin Teacher, it is like this…"

    Lu Chen's idea is to use one of the first albums of one's own, including CDs and USB flash drives, to separate the three versions of Ordinary Version, Collector's Edition and Deluxe Edition, and use fans to order the quantity.

    Also in other words fans how much to order, how much to do here, to minimize the risk.

    Fei Shi records are not only processed. Also release the album through their channels.

    This channel is the Xinhua Bookstore with branches all over the country!

    Xinhua Bookstore is a large state-owned book publishing company. The establishment of the time has been 70 years, it is affiliated to the National Publicity Department and the China Publishing Group. It has 15,000 sales outlets in Gundam and is headquartered in Beijing.

    In the past, when people bought books, basically everyone went to Xinhua Bookstore to buy them, especially textbooks. The country also issued through Xinhua Bookstore, so the annual sales were extremely amazing.

    However, in the new century, the state has fully liberalized the restrictions on publishing. In addition to the rise of online shopping, the dominance of Xinhua Bookstore has been greatly affected, and the profit rate has declined year after year.

    Many branches in remote places rely on rental stores to maintain their operations, and they can't make much money in selling books.

    The difficulties faced by Xinhua Book Company are quite the same as those of Fei Shi Records. In recent years, the senior officials of the book bureau are also seeking new ways to expand and expand their business, and make full use of the advantages of one's own.

    For example, before the Xinhua Bookstore sold tapes and CDs, there is no interest in the elimination and the decline of these things. The bookstore has worked closely with Entertainment Manager Corporation to sell a variety of peripheral products for Celebrity idols, and even tickets for concerts.

    Since the influence of Xinhua Bookstore is genuine, Entertainment Manager Corporation is also happy to use this channel to expand the fans group, so it has formed a very mature operation process very early.

    Fei Shi Records is one of the partners of Xinhua Book Company.

    Lin Zhijie understands: "Do you want to pre-sell online first, then put it in Xinhua Bookstore to ship it?"

    This kind of sales method has been around for a long time. Fans order Celebrity's peripheral products on the official website, get the corresponding authentication code, and then take the cell phone to the local Xinhua Bookstore sales outlets to sweep it, then they can get things.

    For Entertainment Manager Corporation, this sales method has greatly reduced their pressure, just handing over all the manufactured products to Xinhua Book Company, using the latter's powerful logistics system and huge sales network to ship.

    Together with the direct sales of the website, a perfect sales system has been formed and the cost has been reduced to a reasonable level.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes!"

    He actually has a different sales plan from others, which is inspired by the dream world.

    It’s just that it’s not good to talk to Lin Zhijie for the time being.

    Lin Zhijie nodded and accepted.

    Lu Chen apparently did a lot of homework in advance. I have a basic understanding of the distribution process. Choosing a flying stone record for cooperation is definitely not a temporary idea. It is obviously well thought out.

    But this does not mean that Lin Zhijie is very optimistic about the record sales prospects of this album.

    After all, Lu Chen is still a newcomer who has just debuted. Although he has won a lot of popularity in "Singing China", but it is not a simple matter to turn popularity into real benefits.

    Lu Chen's biggest problem is that he does not have a complete and experienced team behind the scenes, lack of network resources, and relying solely on the impulse consumption of a few fans, is destined to be far away.

    Lin Zhijie really does not want to splash the cold water of Lu Chen, and it is not purely a bad thing for young people to suffer some setbacks.

    So he didn't say anything more.

    "Then you will finish the album soon. I should be able to help you when I am on the fly."

    Lu Chen grateful: "Thank you Lin Teacher!"

    With the Music Director of the flying stone record to help, it is really easy to put the album there.

    Lin Zhijie said seriously: "Remember to pay attention to quality, the details can not be sloppy, and another…"

    He asked: "Your arrangement is for Wang Jing to do?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Yes."

    Lin Zhijie indulged, reminding: "You must strengthen in this respect, with your talent, only one's own participation in the arrangement, in order to maximize the essence of the work."

    A really good singer can often write songs and arrange songs. Of course, it is not that composing music must be very well-organized, but both have undoubtedly greatly improved the works.

    After all, others may not be able to fully understand the creators' intentions, and there are obstacles to communication.

    Lu Chen is not a professional, and the ability to arrange music is very normal.

    Lin Zhijie hopes that he can make up for the shortcomings in this regard.

    Lu Chen said: "I thought about it, I thought of Jingyin or Beiyin to listen to the class, but I heard that the hearing is difficult."

    This idea has already existed in the morning, but he asked Wang Jing that knowing whether it is Jingyin or Beiyin, the hearings are very difficult to handle. The college is very strict in control, and only a small number of them are handled in one year. .

    As for other private organizations that spend money on it…Still save the province.

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "There is a good learning spirit. I know two professors of Jingyin. Perhaps can help you with the hearings, but you can't guarantee it."

    Even if it is not guaranteed, it is already a surprise!

    Lu Chen quickly said: "Thank you Lin Teacher!"

    "You have thanked you many times today…"

    Lin Zhijie waved his hand and said: "Since you call me Teacher, it is also our fate. I can help if I can help."

    "The key is that you have one's own effort!"

    As long as it does not affect the interests of himself and the company, Lin Zhijie is willing to help the prospective young man. What he sees in Lu Chen is a different quality from others.

    Help a little busy to make a good relationship, why not?

    Lu Chen nodded hard.

    He knows that this person is really owed, and he will have to return to it in the future.

    Lu Chen is undoubtedly Luck. On this way to success, he has encountered the roadblockers like Zhao Deping, Jin Hongwei and Zhuang Hao, and also encountered guides such as Chen Jianhao, Tan Hong and Lin Zhijie!

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi sent away Lin Zhijie and his party.

    Back to one's own studio, Lu Xi turned out the notepad and said to him: "At 2 o'clock this afternoon, you have to go to the EMI Culture Manager Corporation. I have already told the manager of the manager department, Wen Zhiyuan, who will arrange the artist. See you for the interview."

    Lu Chen said without thinking: "Okay."

    He wants to make money and make a lot of money!


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