Chapter 132—Special Gifts

    "Maybe one day, I have nothing to do, please leave me there, in Era!"

    "If one day, I am quietly leaving, please bury me in this In the Spring."

    "In the Spring ~"

When the singer of the band, Qin Hanyang, sang "In the Spring," the audience was boiling!

    This rock and roll work by Lu Chen original, after the interpretation of the band and Qin Hanyang will become a classic, it is circulating in the streets, in the bar, in the square, in the underground passage…Covered by quite a few Singer.

    But no matter how wonderful the cover is, it doesn't match the original Charm.

    In the Forgotten Grass Bar tonight, there are a large number of guests gathered. In addition to the frequent customers who come to visit, there are many peers from other bars. Everyone is rushed over with news.

    Even if it affects the work, they don't care if they make money.

    Like a pilgrimage!

    I like this song most, and it’s the easiest thing to be impressed by it. It’s not the ordinary people who like pop music. It’s these Singer who wander around and sneak in the bottom.

    Because "In the Spring" sings their experience, their heart and desire!

    Some people even think that being able to hear this song and sing this song is one's own great Luck.

    So tonight, at the Forgetting Grass Bar, I saw the scene of the band and saw the singing of Qin Hanyang. Everyone was excited and excited, and hated one's own on the stage.

    They have nowhere to vent their emotions, and they are expressed through universal applause and cheers!


    After a few minutes of time, the bar finally calmed down.

    "Thank you!"

    Qin Hanyang said to the microphone: "Thank you for so many friends at night, listen to us singing."

    "I would like to thank Jian Haoge, our boss Chen Jianhao, for his support to me and the band. Without him there would be no band! ”

    He raised his fist toward Chen Jianhao, who was leaning against the bar, and then slammed it on one's own chest.

    Qin Hanyang is paying homage to one's own.

    Chen Jianhao raised his glass to retaliate.

    The applause sounded again. Warm and sincere.

    Chen Jianhao exchanged the copyright of "In the Spring" with 5% of the Forgetting Bars and gave it to the band as a farewell gift. It has already become a Legendary story in Houhai.

    Now mention his name, who does not raise his thumbs and praise it?

    There are a lot of Singers who are breaking their heads and want to squeeze into the forgetful grass bar, even if you can sing Singer!

    It is luck to be able to keep up with such a boss.

    Qin Hanyang continued: "Then I would like to thank, our music talent Lu Chen, I want to thank him for writing the first good song for the band, a really good song!"

    He also made a fist and paid tribute to Lu Chen, who stood on the edge of the stage.

    Lu Chen is dumb. Hold the fist back.

    The applause that has not yet subsided has become more and more fierce, setting off a new storm!

    Lu Chen, who doesn't know how talented he is, a first original work is so good.

    It was he who made the band, and now one's own has also gone to the awkward Avenue of Stars.

    "Please have Lu Chen below, sing for everyone!"

    Qin Hanyang’s voice just fell, and the atmosphere at the scene reached its climax. Good voices come and go.

    Lu Chen took the stage with a smile.

    At this time, the two waiters pushed the piano placed in the corner of the stage.

    When I saw such a situation, everyone was stunned.

    Is Lu Chen playing the piano?

    Whether it is a new guest or an old customer, you have never seen Lu Chen playing the piano.

    Just listen to Lu Chen and say: "Today is a very special day…"

    "Like Hanyang, I am here first to thank Jian Hao Ge, our boss, and thank him for taking me in the most difficult time of my life. Gave me a job that can satisfy the needs of food and clothing. Thank you! ”

    He thanked Chen Jianhao deeply.

    Chen Jianhao's cup of wine shook out, he did not expect Lu Chen will give one's own such a move.

    The old Jiang Hu is a bit overwhelmed.

    Lu Chen continued: "I thank you again. The old customers who came to the bar tonight are your support. Let me stick to it and give me the courage to work hard. Thank you! ”

    He is screaming at the guests again.

    Everyone is still applauding. Although the applause is not so fierce, it is incomparable sincerity.

    A few sentimental female guests even reddened their eyes.

    Because they know that it is not easy for Lu Chen to have it today, and many of his hard work are in his eyes.

    Lu Chen straightened up and said: "So, I want to send a song, an original new song to Jianhaoge, and to all the friends present here. I hope that the grass will always belong to our hearts. Harbour."

    "The name of this song is called the forget-me-not, which is done by me and Hanyang brother and the band!"

    People immediately became excited, and no one could think that Lu Chen would actually sing new works, and he would cooperate with the band.

    Forget the grass!

    Lu Chen sat down in front of the newly placed piano. He said to the microphone: "I originally wanted to learn the piano because I didn't want to show it to everyone, so I didn't want to laugh."

    Everyone laughed.

    The next moment, the soft piano prelude sounded, and the scene was quieted in an instant.

    Lu Chen’s voice immediately drifted into everyone’s ears.

    "Let the weak we know how cruel,

He faces every cold in life.

    Reluctantly loved,

Often there is no point.

    Who is really taking it seriously?

Who is worried about who,

Who is the only one who is.

    Scarred innocent soul,

I have long refused to recognize any gods.

    Beautiful, kind-hearted person,

Heartache, heartache,

Too small,

Come and meet you, I meet,

It’s better to meet each other than to smile.


    In all fairness, Lu Chen's piano level is very ordinary and ordinary. Normally, those children who have passed the amateur level four or five can easily kill him in seconds, which is completely incomparable with his guitar fingering level.

    But this song does not require any complicated piano playing skills, Lu Chen played very seriously. Did not play the wrong note, even if he re-touched the piano a few days ago. Still playing the rhythm and melody.

    This is enough, because what really touches people is the song itself, the emotion that he is integrated into the song.

    This is a warm and passionate work. The whole song begins with the cruel and sad situation originally constructed, and finally constructs a “poetic” life optimism – “forgetting the grass” life. Completed the journey from simple to complex to simple.


Forget the grass, forget it,

How much do you know in your dreams?

    Somewhere in the sea,

a small island,

A certain hug on a certain day of the month.

    Grass on the Qingqing River.

    Quiet and so old!


    After Lu Chen sang the first time, Qin Hanyang and the pipa band followed the chorus: "Let the weak we know how to be cruel, and in the face of every cold life, reluctantly loved people, often have no fate!"

    Their songs are deep and powerful, pushing the mood of the song to a new level.

    Then Lu Chen continued: "Whoever is really serious, who is hurting." Who is the only one who…"

    Everyone present was listening carefully, they smiled, they were moved, and they realized.

    Life is impermanent, years are ruthless, but we still have Music to comfort one's own!

    The entire bar is enveloped in a very special atmosphere.

    Until Lu Chen finished singing. No one has spoken for a long time.

    Chen Jianhao was the first applause.

    Everyone wakes up like a dream. Followed by the palm of his hand, no joy to call and whistle. Only neat applause.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen stood up and thanked everyone.

    He picked up the microphone on the piano and said, "This is a forgotten grass. I will transfer the copyright to our bar for free forever. It is a special gift I gave to Jianhao tonight."

    The applause is louder and louder.

    Lu Chen raised his hand to signal everyone to calm down. He continued: "I think everyone must feel very strange? Then listen to the song below to know! ”

    Re-plug the microphone and Lu Chen sat down again.

    The lights in the bar are extinguished instantly!

    I haven't waited for everyone to exclaim, and the piano playing sounds again.

    In the exclamation, there was a surprise call.

    The next moment, the orange candlelight dispelled the darkness, only to see Na sister push the car out of the background.

    On the frame is a huge multi-layered cake with a colorful candle!

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…"

    I don't know who opened the head. Everyone followed Lu Chen's piano accompaniment and sang this happy birthday song in unison.

    The car was pushed to the face of Chen Jianhao.

    Ms. Na smiled and said: "Jian Hao, I wish you a happy birthday!"

    Her smile is beautiful and moving under the illumination of the candlelight – this beauty has nothing to do with appearance.

    Today is Chen Jianhao’s 40th birthday.

    Chen Jianhao was completely stunned.

    He finally understood why Lu Chen and the band of the band would run over at night, why those old customers who saw one's own are mysterious and hidden.

    It turned out that they had already colluded.

    Today is Chen Jianhao’s 40th birthday, he has forgotten one's own!

    But someone remembers it.

    He stared at the sister Na, who stood in front of one's own, and said very hard: "Thank you, Nana."

    There is no one else except sister Na.

    In the eyes, tears fell in an instant, and Na sister smiled and said: "Make a wish to blow the candles, everyone is waiting!"

    Chen Jianhao nodded.

    He closed his eyes and made a wish, then took a deep breath and blown out all the candles!

    In the past, Chen Jianhao thought that this was very naive.

    boom! boom! boom!

    The lights in the bar are fully open.

    Along with the huge cheers, a colorful spray was unscrewed, and countless colorful strips were hit into the air, and they immediately fell down in a row, adding a lot of festive atmosphere to the scene.

    The cheerful Music followed, making the Forgotten Grass Bar a sea of ​​joy.

    No sleep tonight!


Note: "Forget the grass" lyrics: Chen did / composer: Yu De Jingzi

PS: The third one is sent, and the ticket is Ahhhhhh. (To be continued~^~)

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